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How to Create Your Own Online Casino: Complete Manual From 2WinPower

1. Some Statistics

2. The Main Types of Gambling Websites

  2.1. Traditional Online Business

  2.2. Mobile Platforms

  2.3. Blockchain Casino

  2.4. Bitcoin Casino

3. About Ways to Start a Gambling Business

  3.1. Starting from Scratch

  3.2. Casino Script

  3.3. Launch on a Franchise Basis

  3.4. Turnkey Project

4. Conclusion

Gambling is a constant companion of mankind. With the development of the Global Network, the gambling industry has found a completely new format, becoming one of the most profitable types of business. Therefore, the request on how to create own online casino is one of the most popular in the search networks results. It discovers unique prospects for development and promises huge profits.

How to create an online casino

Some Statistics

According to the independent consulting agency H2 Gambling Capital, the total income of the global gambling industry by the end of 2018 exceeded 44.1 billion euros. According to experts, by 2022 the total revenue of online gambling will be about 56.8 billion euros. At the same time, the growth of the “white” market is clearly expressed: in just two years, the share of the “shadow” segment will not exceed 10% of all existing locations.

If to speak about the preferences of users by type of gambling, the situation in the international arena is as follows:

The most popular gambling directions in 2019

Game format

Percentage ratio

Amount of revenue

Betting industry (sports betting, artificially generated events)


19,5 billion euros

Online casino (slot games, live broadcasts, cards and table entertainments)


10,7 billion euros

Lottery draws (commercial and state draws)


3,5 billion euros

Poker (casino card games, tournament competitions)


2,5 billion euros

Skill and logical games


2 billion euros

Bingo and other online entertainment formats


4,5 billion euros

The Main Types of Gambling Websites

Before answering the question of how to create an online casino website in detail, we offer you a basic classification of existing gambling venues.

Traditional Online Business

The classic gambling project is a complex gaming platform with a set of individual user settings, internal control and administration systems of the service and a wide range of entertainment solutions.

Traditional websites can be presented in two versions:

  • Downloadable product. Access to the game solutions and other functionality of the platform is opened only after downloading and installing the product on a user device.
  • Browser service. The most practical and popular format that allows playing without prior manipulation. In order to launch slots, carry out transactions and participate in the promotional offers of the establishment, it is enough to simply have an access point to the Network.

Mobile Platforms

Mobile gambling is one of the most promising trends in the industry. According to statistics, this segment shows a stable annual growth of 17.3%. By the end of 2018, the market turnover reached 51.96 billion dollars. Experts say that by 2020 the volume of the mobile industry will exceed the amount of 59.79 billion dollars.

Gambling in mobile format attracts with the following features and benefits:

  1. Possibility to play from anywhere in the world. You can launch your favourite slots on the way to work, during country trips and travels.
  2. Access to the latest industry innovations. The leading developers reviewed the market prospects in time, and nowadays all the brightest gambling products are first released for mobile platforms and later adapted to traditional online platforms.
  3. High-quality picture. In order to create mobile entertainments, different cutting-edge technologies are used to maintain the brightness and clarity of visual elements, regardless of the screen settings.
  4. Unique gameplay. All mobile products are adapted to touch screens. Now the players can touch the machines and completely immerse themselves in the gameplay, making any entertainment even more exciting and atmospheric.
  5. A minimal amount of RAM. Mobile games almost do not use the memory of the device and perfectly displayed on all modern gadgets.
  6. Low battery drain. Nowadays, gambling can continue almost indefinitely: the duration of entertainment depends solely on the player’s desire and the basic characteristics of the gadget (mobile slots practically do not affect the charge level).

When it comes to the main types of mobile casinos, the websites can also be divided into downloadable and browser-based. The first is gaming applications with a set of entertainment content and related services. The second option is adapted versions of traditional casino websites with the same set of options and game offers.

Blockchain Casino

Blockchain casino as a profitable online business

According to statistics, by the end of 2018, the turnover of the cryptocurrency segment amounted to more than 1,286 billion dollars. According to experts, in five years, the electronic money will be accepted by every second platform. Therefore, the question of how to create a blockchain casino is more than relevant.

The blockchain platform is a unique gaming platform based on decentralization technology.

Internet business in the blockchain format attracts with the following advantages:

  • anonymity (no personal data is required for transactions, except the wallet number);
  • one hundred per cent security and transparency (all financial transactions are registered in the blocks of the system and remain unchanged);
  • reliability (transactions in bitcoins cannot be cancelled, just as now there is no technology to “freeze” the user’s virtual wallet);
  • the speed of the transaction (transfers are credited automatically in a few seconds);
  • no commission fees (bitcoin is a decentralized currency that does not belong to any banking institution in the world).

It is important to remember that the blockchain casino and bitcoin currency platform are somewhat different formats of online business.

If to speak about the blockchain casino, operators can use the following methods of organizing a start-up:

  1. Partial use of smart contracts (using unique and transparent algorithms to generate random numbers).
  2. Own business based exclusively on the blockchain platform (the platform is a complex decentralized application).
  3. Virtual platform with cryptocurrency services (more details are below in the article).

Bitcoin Casino

Bitcoin casino: why it is so popular

It can be a blockchain platform or a traditional mobile casino that accepts payments in virtual currency.

All existing gambling establishments can be classified as follows:

  • hybrid platforms (acceptance of traditional banknotes, availability of services for cryptocurrency settlement);
  • only on bitcoin basis (this type of establishments accepts bets and pays winnings exclusively in cryptocurrency).

Ask for a detailed free consultation with 2WinPower specialists, and we will not only answer the question of how to create a cryptocurrency casino with minimal costs but also choose the best set of solutions to launch the gambling business in record time.

The 2WinPower team presented the main types of online casinos, however, gambling websites can also be classified by the mass of other parameters, for example, by the format and number of payment services or the type of gaming offers (only slots, live broadcasts, hybrid services with sports betting options, etc.). For more detailed characteristics you can always contact our managers. We are waiting for your applications around the clock.

About Ways to Start a Gambling Business

There are several main options for entering the gambling market. Let us consider each of them separately.

Starting from Scratch

The most expensive option that requires a huge amount of knowledge and time.

The main actions that the operator must perform:

  • Market analysis (review of competitors’ offers, business strategy, search for a reliable team of developers).
  • Legalization of business (a mandatory stage that guarantees the stable operation of the website without unnecessary attention from the state authorities).
  • Website development (design, content filling, domain purchase, hosting, logo development).
  • Purchase of gaming software (platform with administrative and analytical tools, entertainment content).
  • Connection of payment services.
  • Organization of the technical support work (hiring of personnel, development of a strategy to interact with users, the connection of the feedback forms, ensuring the prompt solution of any issues).
  • Conclusion of partnership agreements.
  • Development and implementation of loyalty programs (seasonal and thematic promotions, bonuses in games, rewards for active actions on the website).
  • Marketing promotion (advertising in social networks, purchase of links, cooperation with third-party information services, e-mail newsletter, etc.)

As a rule, the implementation of such a volume of work takes from six months to several years.

When it comes to the financial side of the issue, the situation is as follows:

Costs for launching the gambling project from scratch

Basic parameters

Percentage ratio

Registration of the legal status of the enterprise


Project licensing




Reserve capital for other expenses


Expenses in the first year of the establishment operation

License fees


Software technical maintenance


Commission charges to gaming providers


Salaries of employees


Current expenses of the enterprise (for example, payment of utilities in the office, payments to partners, other)


Another important item of expenditure — marketing services. Appropriately arranged promotion program and the subsequent work of competent professionals will cost half of the estimated revenue of the establishment. At the same time, the total cost of starting on your own is about several hundred thousand dollars.

Casino Script

Compared to any other launch formats, this is the lowest cost method. Unfortunately, the cheapness of the script is the only advantage of this purchase. As a rule, the product is a “raw” code that requires complex revision and adaptation to the operator’s requests.

At the same time, the risk of running into unscrupulous sellers who offer, in fact, “a pig in a poke” is quite high.

If you still decided to opt for the script, do not chase the low price. A good product just cannot be cheap. We are ready to offer you proven and reliable casino engines with a full set of tools for successful and profitable work (contacts at the end of the article).

Launch on a Franchise Basis

It is a quite cost-effective and popular way to start a profitable business with limited start-up capital. As a rule, the launch of the project takes only from two to three weeks, and the amount of rent payment is many times lower than the cost of an independent start.

A few more advantages:

  • a complete product with a set of administrative tools and gaming content;
  • technical support of the project;
  • design services for the development of a personal logo;
  • no risk of large winnings (all jackpots and other large amounts remain in the responsibility of the corporate parent).

Among the drawbacks: complete dependence on the franchisor, a limited range of content without the ability to adjust it, regular commission fees for the use of the product.

Turnkey Project

Online casino: a turnkey project

Turnkey service is the best answer to the question of how to create a casino on the Internet at an affordable price and with minimal time expenses.

The offer from 2WinPower includes such services and products:

  1. Design implementation and development of an exclusive logo.
  2. Huge range of gaming content from leading suppliers (products from Microgaming, Playtech, Novomatic, NetEnt, Betsoft, Igrosoft, Mega Jack are available).
  3. The best gaming platforms with an adaptive set of statistical tools.
  4. Arrangement of technical support service.
  5. Connection of payment services (including bitcoin wallet integration service).
  6. Free software updates.
  7. Legal guidance (assistance in collecting documents for registration of legal status, legalization of business, the conclusion of partnership agreements, resolution of disputes).

As additional services on the 2WinPower website are presented: the development of mobile gaming applications, the creation of exclusive gaming content on the basis of HTML5 technology, comprehensive marketing promotion with a guarantee of full payback within 3-6 months after the start


We hope that our article has allowed you to become one step closer to your goal and choose the most convenient and practical way to create your own online casino. Leave a request to our managers and get a comprehensive consultation on any aspects of entering the world gambling stage.

2WinPower specialists are ready to answer any of your questions: how to create a bitcoin casino, how much it will cost to develop your own project, what “pitfalls” await beginners, how to make the promotion of gambling websites as effective as possible.

Cooperation with our team is the most convenient and promising way to conquer the market. You will be able to compete with the largest gambling websites in the world.

We are ready to assist in the development and launch of projects of any type and format: from traditional online casinos to mobile platforms with unique HTML5 games and exclusive hybrid services with options for lottery draws and sports betting.

Do not miss your chance to launch the most promising and profitable business of our time today. 2WinPower family is ready to embody your every desire!

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