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How to Make a Bitcoin Casino Without Typical Errors?

The gambling industry is accelerating, and the casino business should be adjusted to all the rapid changes in the modern slot game market. Cryptocurrencies are becoming widely used for online transactions; casino owners increasingly implement them into their establishments. 

How to make a bitcoin casino

The experts of the 2WinPower company are ready to share an essential advice one should know about the cryptocurrencies and answer the question: how to make a bitcoin casino?

Table of Contents:

1. Shedding Some Light on the Cryptocurrencies

2. Why Should You Consider Opening a Bitcoin Casino?

3. How to Benefit From a Bitcoin Casino?

4. How to Open a Bitcoin Casino

5. Starting a Bitcoin Casino From Scratch

6. 2WinPower‘s Expertise. Whom Should I Trust?

Shedding Some Light on the Cryptocurrencies

Before starting a bitcoin casino, let us take a closer look at the cryptocurrencies as such. A cryptocurrency is a currency, the value of which is not ensured by the particular country or government. This payment system is decentralised and does not require any financial institutions to operate it or verify the transactions. To confirm any transaction on the blockchain, the cryptography is used. The value of a cryptocurrency is defined by the number of people who use and accept it.

One of the principal and most popular cryptocurrencies today is the bitcoin. Lately, cryptocurrencies proved to be very effective. They give gamers great advantages and make the process of a bitcoin casino creation more attractive. They do not have any limitations caused by the financial regulators, cannot be a subject to inflation as they are independent in the field of taxation. In addition, there is no need to acquire a license to open a bitcoin casino, as it is not mentioned in the laws of any state.

What is the bitcoin?

The Bitcoin is a digital currency

The Bitcoin is a digital currency. It has a form of a virtual secret code in bitcoin wallet which must be opened during the registration on a website that supports cryptocurrencies. The Bitcoin is stored in a special form: a blockchain; it can be purchased by exchanging of this currency between all the owners.

Users are invited to register a wallet to manage bitcoins. For this, users will need to provide an email address and a secret code that is sent upon the registration. The actions with the bitcoin are very simple: users exchange them via email much like usual files.

The strong sides of the bitcoin cryptocurrency:

  1. An assurance of anonymity and confidentiality. Since a bitcoin holder needs only an email account and a secret code to use the cryptocurrency, nobody will be able to track his personal data.
  2. Decentralisation. All the operations are carried out without any intermediaries, avoiding financial regulators and payment services.
  3. A complete protection from the inflation. Bitcoin does not have a physical expression. It has a virtual form and therefore cannot be depreciated.
  4. The independence from tax authorities. Controlling and executive bodies are not able to see how many bitcoins are in the user's wallet, so they cannot be taxed.

Why Should You Consider Opening a Bitcoin Casino?

How to make a bitcoin casino

The above mentioned and many other advantages of the cryptocurrency make it the most desired option for owners of gambling businesses. Today, there are a lot of actual and potential gambling proprietors intending to open a bitcoin casino.

The players are attracted primarily by the fact that they may not disclose their personal data when making financial transactions.

Bitcoin casinos are becoming more and more popular in the gambling market today, and operating the cryptocurrency actually benefits the owners: it increases the traffic of websites and hence the income. More players mean more bets.

Many vendors of gambling equipment have been evaluating the cryptocurrency for a long time and started to work on the software for bitcoin casinos due to the fact that gaming software has a huge impact on the casino business development.

Like everything unusual in the financial sector, the bitcoin still causes some doubts both among the partners of bitcoin casinos and the players. However, those who have already integrated the bitcoin scenario into their websites note that they are winning by doing so in many ways.

Bitcoin casino software development

How to Benefit From a Bitcoin Casino?

Today, there are two popular methods of creating a bitcoin casino:

Integrating a bitcoin casino script into an existing software, which will immediately add more winning features to the website and allow your business to overtake the competitors.
Creating a bitcoin casino from scratch. This means carrying out financial transactions solely with the help of the cryptocurrency.

Both ways are actively attracting users and increasing the profitability of the establishment. Before you choose one of these options, we also recommend paying attention to other features which may influence your decision.

Below is the list of the main advantages of the bitcoin casinos:

  • Personal data protection. Bitcoin casinos guarantee the anonymity of all the players and protect them from confidentiality breaches. Transactions in such casinos will not require entering personal information, unlike other clubs do.
  • Users are assured of the safety of their money. Players’ accounts cannot be blocked since they are located on personal computers, and to manage them, knowing the secret code is needed.
  • Players who have bitcoins can make minimum bets. For example, a bet may be as large as 0.0003 dollars. Bitcoin casinos can accept a huge number of such bets, and it still will be profitable for them.
  • No commissions. No third party financial institutions or systems are involved in making transactions with bitcoin casino, that is why there is a minimal commission or not at all.
  • Geography. Bitcoin casinos can operate anywhere you want. The software for such gaming halls enables you to make financial operations from anywhere on the globe, including the jurisdictions where gambling is officially forbidden. Some traditional online casinos cannot operate in these countries; the controlling body can easily block them.

Opening a bitcoin casino is only the beginning of the journey: the real fun begins when you start developing it, because the market is constantly expanding, and no enterprise wants to lag behind the rest. With the bitcoin casino popularity, the competition in this niche is tightening, which creates a healthy environment and amplifies the abilities to attract more players. Online casinos are trying to win by introducing new original features and meeting the customers‘ expectations.

How to Open a Bitcoin Casino

Software for opening a bitcoin casino

Experienced casino market players already know how difficult it is to create a new gambling business from scratch. You have to get a license, find software and accomplish much more. The software can be ordered, or you may buy an online casino script from the vendor, paying attention to its quality and functionality. You should remember that many factors of your success depend on the software, as it is the engine of the entire gambling business.

Another option is to buy a turnkey bitcoin casino, which is a package that includes bitcoin games, payment services and all other components.

Before you purchase a bitcoin casino, it is best to check what kind of company is offering it. The manufacturer should already have a well-known brand, a positive experience, a portfolio and an excellent reputation. The company’s role in the market matters as well as the recognition by partners and industry experts.

These days, there is a large number of companies producing software for bitcoin casinos. They do more than help implementing the necessary products into the casino website and platform, they will also install the most popular bitcoin games, give valuable advice and complete the project from scratch.

Let us take a close look at some available options

  • A turnkey bitcoin casino

A turnkey bitcoin casino business

At the customer‘s request, the operator creates a complete online casino platform with all the important items for him, including the gambling license and payment systems. The operator is responsible for the launch and development processes. Frankly speaking, this is one of the main benefits of a turnkey bitcoin casino: the customer entrusts another company with all the developing activities without worrying about it. Besides, this process can go much faster than usual; the operator follows the sequence of steps of the provider, which is quite familiar to him, thus shortening the time needed to build a gambling institution.

  • A bitcoin casino script

A bitcoin casino script for sale

This is the most time and cost-effective option. The customer receives the code that needs to be integrated into the platform. However, he has to perform many other actions to open a casino: order a website, a payment system and obtain a license. Nevertheless, buying a bitcoin script may have a significant drawback: it may be nothing more than a raw piece of a code. You will have to spend an unlimited amount of time to make it bring the profit.

  • A White Label Casino

A White Label Casino software development

We are talking about purchasing a brandless bitcoin casino. A potential casino owner buys the product and further develops it in his own way. This scheme is well-known not only in the world of gambling but also in other industries. The advantages of the White Label include the fact that the enterprise’s owner develops his own brand and uses proven business processes. In this situation, the casino proprietor relies on the parent company: it is necessary to comply with its terms and make monthly payments.

Starting a Bitcoin Casino From Scratch

Choosing this option, people who would like to run a casino go all the way to start the business on their own: they study the market, obtain a license, choose and order software and promote their business. The downside of this alternative is clear: if the owner has no background in the gambling business, it is difficult to come with a winning project. In the end, this project will be even more expensive than when ordering a bitcoin casino from the operator.

2WinPower‘s Expertise. Whom Should I Trust?

A bitcoin casino is a right choice to make in this new era of the gambling business. It is a guarantee of a high speed of financial transactions, which together with the personal data protection makes it the ideal solution in this area of entrepreneurship.

Before choosing the partner and operator to launch your bitcoin casino business, it makes sense to study the market and evaluate different possibilities. Today, 2WinPower is one of the top-leading companies among the bitcoin casino market players, which offers gambling programming from the world-famous vendors.

World-famous bitcoin casino vendors

In addition, its experts are developing high-quality software for bitcoin casinos, which is in high demand among the representatives of the gambling business. You can safely buy a turnkey bitcoin casino with a lifetime guarantee. 2WinPower is a team of professionals who have a solid background and expertise in bitcoin gambling and all other services necessary for the proper functioning of the business.

2WinPower offers:

  • The safety of financial transactions.
  • A high transaction speed.
  • A convenient conversion of the cryptocurrencies.
  • An individual configuration of the payment procedure.
  • A flexible virtual wallet in the bitcoin system.
  • A guarantee of anonymity and confidentiality of each customer.

2WinPower protects its reputation and security of potential and actual partners; it contributes to a fruitful and successful cooperation.

At 2WinPower, you can get an exceptional turnkey bitcoin casino. If you are not sure which option to choose, 2WinPower offers to take an advantage of a free demo version of the bitcoin casino to ensure that the product totally meets your expectations.

Date of publication: 22/08/2018
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