How to Make a Bitcoin Gambling Website in Ten Days?

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In recent years, bitcoin casinos have taken the most of the traffic among online gaming clubs. It happened because cryptocurrency leaves no trace on the World Wide Web. Neither gamblers nor casinos know anything about each other. We have to admit that in the field of gambling, an opportunity to remain invisible to the law and banks runs the show.

Gambling business sphere

In this article, we will figure out how to make a bitcoin gambling website and what do you need for this. The information was prepared with the help of specialists from 2WinPower. To learn more about all the nuances of the development of an online casino solution, contact managers of the company.

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Steps of the Creation of a Bitcoin Gaming Site

Like any large project, the development of a bitcoin casino solution includes several important stages. Some of them can be entrusted to contractors, and some you can deal with on your own. In this article, we will focus only on the most significant points that cannot be ignored.

A step by step creation of the bitcoin casino:

  1. Conduct analysis of the market and define a potentially powerful niche.
  2. Register a company and obtain a permit for online gambling activities.
  3. Develop a website and provide a basis for the SEO promotion.
  4. Order the appropriate online casino software, which includes a platform, slots, etc.
  5. Integrate payment modules, including programs for receiving payments in bitcoins.
  6. Launch an advertising campaign.

Let us consider each stage in more detail.

Selection of a Promising Niche

This business requires a lean approach because we are talking about money and even more – about your regular income. Experienced entrepreneurs insist on the creation of a business plan.

The main advantage of a good and detailed project is an opportunity to see all mistakes and weak points of the plan even at the stage of preparation for the opening.

As for choosing a niche, here you will need to have a deep understanding of the needs of the audience. If you yourself are an experienced gambler, then it will not be difficult for you to understand what will be the most in-demand on the market at the moment. But still, it will be a good idea to ask for a piece of advice from a marketer with a strong background in the gambling industry.

The Registration of a Firm and its Licensing

Company registration and licensing

Unfortunately, beginning entrepreneurs sometimes believe that it is possible to work without permits and registration. It may seem that if you accept payments in bitcoins or another cryptocurrency, no one will be able to track the flow of funds. In this case, why is it necessary to register your business?

However, things are more pragmatic in reality. Supervisory bodies consist of people who have intimate knowledge of technologies and can find casino owners easily.

There are other, no less important reasons to work officially and legally:

  1. By accepting only cryptocurrencies, you close the doors of your casino for other players, who are unfamiliar with crypto technologies.
  2. Highrollers are very strict about licensing since they always deposit huge amounts of money. You can attract them to your website only if you have obtained a permit license and are working legally.
  3. Casinos that do not have licenses cannot have high-quality and certified slot machine software.
  4. If it is important in your country to file a real tax declaration, then the registration of a business will definitely be necessary.

Of course, registration and licensing are associated with a lot of paperwork, and it is also a time-consuming and meticulous work. But in the end, it gives you those advantages, which payback for all nerves and time that you have spent.

Bitcoin Casino Website

The site is both the easiest and one of the most difficult parts of the development of a casino. This stage can take from two or three weeks to several months since the creation of a successful bitcoin casino solution cannot be made quickly.

The process seems simple because almost every third person on the planet understands how to do it. On the Internet, there are a lot of educational resources and even platforms that allow you to create a website in a couple of hours. And if you have the right skills or intentions to spend some time on learning, you will be able to do it by yourself.

On the other hand, there are several security issues. You need to be a really great specialist to make the bitcoin casino website able to stand against attacks from intruders or dissatisfied customers.

A made-to-order website

2WinPower has a team of specialists who are engaged exclusively in the development of gaming sites. They say that today more and more people order bitcoin projects.

You can also these specialists for help as well. They have enough experience to make a website in accordance with all your ideas, and also make it according to "safety requirements" for gambling projects.

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Natural promotion

You should not forget about the SEO promotion, which brings results almost instantly – already in four or six months. However, if you do not have a high-quality SEO at the beginning, then you will have no reasons to hope for the growth of natural traffic. So, you will need to spend huge amounts of money on advertising very often.

2WinPower recommends operators to entrust this part of work to experienced SEO specialists. You can also order a turnkey online casino website, which will save your time and increase the chances of getting a good profit in the future.

Bitcoin Online Casino Software

Bitcoin Casino Software

Gambling software can be divided into several categories:

  • gambling platforms that are sometimes called gaming systems;
  • slots;
  • payment processors;
  • security systems;
  • feedback modules: chat, callback, and sending requests from the website.

You can purchase a casino program that you think is the most appropriate and install it. To do this, you need to study the issue, understand the functionality of the software and, of course, be able to customise it. In case some programs are not comparable, you must know how to overcome bugs.

Therefore, it is much more logical to acquire a complete bitcoin casino solution. Packaged offers have everything that is necessary for its launch. They consist of the necessary tested programs that are ready for a stable operation.

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Games for a crypto casino

Today it is almost impossible to find on the Internet those games, which were created for cryptocurrency gambling projects. In such casinos, you can find traditional slots with one additional feature: you can place bets in bitcoins.

But not all developers provide such an option in their slot machines. Therefore, the casino game development will still be necessary for you. Just do not forget that you do not need to create a slot from scratch – only to customise the acceptance of cryptocurrency.

This service can be ordered from companies that provide gambling software or offer operators to buy a turnkey online casino.

Installation of Payment Processors

The next stage is the connection and customisation of payment operators.

Here you will have to pay attention to two points:

  1. The chosen payment system should support payments in cryptocurrency.
  2. Systems may refuse to cooperate if you will not obtain a permit for operation.

In fact, this matter fully depends on the country, in which you are planning to work, and its laws.

But we can give you some general recommendations:

  1. Connect as many processors as you can. Each payment channel expands the audience automatically.
  2. Avoid unknown companies. It is about money, and you do not need partners with a bad name.
  3. Choose those operators who respond to requests of customers, casino owners, and gamblers quickly.
  4. Always test the new payment system before its launch. It will help your visitors to avoid unpleasant moments when they will deposit their funds.

And do not forget to pay attention to the size of a commission when you will be signing an agreement. Some operators get their share from each transaction, and others require payments to be made monthly. Choose the most profitable option for your business.

Bitcoin casino marketing

Gambling is one of the most competitive areas. And it would be very easy if you could just use a strong and perhaps even aggressive marketing. In this case, it would be possible to invest more money in advertising and thus outflank rivals.

But the main problem lies in the advertising legislation. Many countries prohibit the advertising of gambling projects in the daytime, do not allow operators to place banners on the streets of cities, and yes even check what was said in the advertisement.

Here are some methods that can be applied:

  • Promotion of a specific slot, not the whole gambling website.
  • Advertising of a casino blog if you have one.
  • Advertising through affiliate programs (by the way, it is the most effective method at the moment).
  • Focus on building relationships with loyal gamblers and creation of loyalty programs.
  • Use of social networks.

Unfortunately, today, even large advertising platforms on the Internet like Google and Facebook refuse to advertise online casinos directly. The solution to this problem is to entrust it to an experienced marketer who knows the laws of a particular country or a segment of the Internet audience.

How to Make a Bitcoin Gambling Website in Ten Days?

How to make a bitcoin casino website

The creation of a business is a long journey, which is full of new discoveries and new skills that you will get. But there is no time to spare, and everyone wants to start earning money as quickly as possible.

Fortunately, most of the work related to the creation of a bitcoin casino website can be entrusted to other people. It will be impossible for you to do everything alone but the teamwork can solve this problem in several days. Especially if experienced developers are involved.

The 2WinPower company is proud to have such experts in its team, who can deal with both very simple and the most complex gambling projects. We offer you to purchase a casino on a turnkey basis and start making your first profit in already ten days.

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With the help of 2WinPower, you can become the owner of a unique project that will have all the necessary characteristics for a rapid growth.

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