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How to Open an Internet Sweepstakes Cafe: A Simple Guide

If you are searching any information on how to open an internet sweepstakes cafe, you have chosen the right way. The gambling cafe can deliver today good profits to the owner.

Profits from opening an internet sweepstakes cafe

But when starting surfing the web to find the relevant information on this issue, you may face some difficulties to comprehend which the proposed solutions are to be chosen. The first and foremost thing is the software to be installed on the gaming machines.

2WinPower provides you with a chance to see the benefits which their customers are granted when ordering the software developed by the best internet sweepstakes cafe software companies.

Table of Contents:

1. Internet Sweepstakes Cafe Software Companies on the Market

2. Internet Sweepstakes Specifics

3. Top 5 Necessary Steps to Be Made to Open a Successful Internet Sweepstakes Cafe

  3.1. Planning

  3.2. Casino License

  3.3. Place

  3.4. Software for Slots

  3.5. Software Purchasing

Internet Sweepstakes Cafe Software Companies on the Market

There are a huge number of companies producing the gaming software. Each of them has its own approaches to creating the gaming software and making really high-quality and unique product.

The Best Internet Sweepstakes Software Companies in the Industry

The giants Novomatic, Playtech, Microgaming, and NetEnt are worth noticing more than the others.

  • Microgaming is distinguished for creating the first software for online slots and development of the progressive jackpot;
  • Novomatic company is well-known for their Book of Ra, the popular game, and their Gaminator slots are widely used all over the world;
  • Playtech is also popular with their slots, the software is considered as cutting-edge one, having the best technical and functional characteristics;
  • NetEnt is one of the leading gambling software developers, providing the wide range of the high-quality products.

These developers are presented to the customers of 2WinPower, which consultants are ready to provide the detailed advice for purchasing the best gaming software.

Internet Sweepstakes Specifics

The internet sweepstakes cafes have gone mainstream in the gambling business. However, there is a discussion whether they shall be considered as actually a matter of "gambling". The way they are often organized in constitutes a pre-paid service. The visitors pay for a time they are going to spend near a slot terminal which is thought to be functioning through the web facilities. Though, by nature, the sweepstakes cafe are perceived as present-day mini-casino in contrast with conventional gambling houses.

Conventional gambling houses

The internet sweepstakes cafes have some distinct advantages over casinos and online gaming platforms. The ease of gaming through the slot terminals with the simple interface is rather appreciated by inexperienced gamers who have not got deep insight into intrications of the roulette and some casino table games. At the same time, internet cafe gambling is a place where the gamers are used to go in. Sometimes they are struck by the immediate crazy idea to go somewhere in the neighbourhood and to a have a good time while playing amazing games, trying to hit the jackpot or make bets on sport.   

If you have finally made up your mind to open a gaming club, consider the steps you have to make in order to fulfil it in the best way.

Top 5 Necessary Steps to Be Made to Open a Successful Internet Sweepstakes Cafe:

  1. Planning.
  2. Obtaining a license.
  3. Choosing a place.
  4. Purchasing slots, terminals and tablets.
  5. Ordering software for slots.

Considering these steps in more detail provides a number of very important aspects you have to know.

1. Planning

Planning about how to open an internet sweepstakes cafe

Make necessary calculations and planning needed to make your enterprise really profitable. Engage a strategy to enter the market. Are there any unique gaming opportunities proposed by you to a potential client?

2. Casino License

Casino license for internet sweepstakes business

To start your business you have to obtain a license. There are different license requirements in different countries. To obtain a license for the gambling business, an applicant has to wait for some time. Furthermore, some countries impose prohibitions on this kind of business. If you are living in one of them, consider if you can start gambling on the online platform.

2WinPower provides this opportunity to its customers. You may have a platform running on a license belonging to an overseas jurisdiction as Costa Rica, Gibraltar or Curacao. When proposing such an option, 2WinPower specialists take into account which of possible jurisdictions permit gambling activities for non-residents only and which allow it for anyone.

3. Place

The internet sweepstakes cafe shall be located in high-density public place

The internet sweepstakes cafe shall be located in high-density public place. Gaming club in major urban cities near a metro station is the best solution as the great number of people will be passing it there daily.

4. Software for Slots

Software for Slots and gaming machines

The internet cafe shall be equipped with gaming machines, terminals and tablets. For slots, it is better to use the software developed by the leaders of the gaming industry. Their products are always technically reliable, contains enhanced graphics and sound, have a friendly interface and built-in systems for payment.

5. Software Purchasing

2WinPower specialists already know the best ways how to open an internet sweepstakes cafe. In order to purchase the software for your gambling cafe, contact 2WinPower specialists for consultancy and become a player in the gaming industry with the significant incomes it brings.

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Andrew Price

2WinPower Partner, owner of the gambling establishments network.


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