How to Open Bitcoin Casinos in 2022: Effective Strategies

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Blockchain technology is gradually penetrating all business areas, including the wagering industry. Entrepreneurs appreciate the transparency and security of launching a crypto casino. The users also prefer Blockchain projects due to the high speed and safety of the operations.

Bitcoin casino: effective launch strategies

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Features of Crypto Technology

This method is a continuous “chain of blocks”. The allocated cells store information about trading operations — the ones that are already completed and future processes with references to smart contracts.

Unlike in traditional databases, it is impossible to modify, hack, or delete a chain of blocks. It cannot be performed in other ways that were not intended by the developers.

To add a new element to the cell or view information about any previous block, a user needs to have a private key. It is based on secure cryptographic algorithms like the technology itself.

Electronic currency settlements are allowed in 111 countries, including:

The founder of Blockchain is the programmer Satoshi Nakamoto. The solution was created in 2008 as an additional registry for the use of Bitcoin (BTC). Today, all types of digital money are based on this technology, including Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and others.

Blockchain Science: Impact on the iGaming Industry

The technology is actively used in the wagering sphere.

According to the online publication, at the beginning of 2021, there was such a situation:

  • The total value of the gaming cryptocurrency sector reached $161.83 million. Businessmen invest in turnkey Bitcoin casinos, the creation of security and identification programs, the development of payment solutions for wagering, and the release of BTC slots.
  • The iGaming industry uses 22 crypto units with a total market capitalisation of $150 million. The most common electronic currencies include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Tron.
  • The capitalisation of BTC is $35.7 million. This is the most valuable token for the gambling industry.
  • 30k+ gamers play in Bitcoin casinos every week. Access to wagering sites is open even in countries with strict currency regulations and gambling bans.

Thus, Blockchain is widely used in the gaming industry.

Entrepreneurs can:

  • launch a crypto casino;
  • organise a payment service for receiving and exchanging digital currencies;
  • release a collection of Bitcoin slots;
  • create a service to control crypto games.

Advantages of Developing a Blockchain Casino

Blockchain casino: advantages

The main reasons to launch a BTC platform in 2022:

Reliability and security

The casino site cannot be hacked, or deactivated, and the personal data of users is protected. All information is encrypted using SHA-256 class cryptographic tools.

Over the 14 years of the existence of Blockchain technology, it has not given a single failure, which confirms its high-level security


BTC algorithms work automatically. This excludes the intervention of states, tax authorities, and bank organisations in the work of operators

Cost optimisation

To organise a Bitcoin casino, entrepreneurs do not need to get a licence. This significantly reduces the cost and reduces the time to launch the project.

A businessman saves money on deductions to the tax service, fees for interbank account maintenance, and purchase of additional security software

Ease of payment transactions

An entrepreneur needs only to open 1 or more BTC wallets and make sure that gamers have them too. The operator may post brief instructions on how to create and manage Bitcoin accounts on the site

Engagement of gamblers

Users prefer to play in crypto casinos due to the high speed and anonymity of transfers, transparent work, and access to gambling services from anywhere in the world

Good prospects

Blockchain-based iGaming projects have a bright future. This segment of the online wagering market will continue to develop, bringing huge profits to businessmen

Creating a Profitable Bitcoin Casino

The most promising in terms of investment is "hybrid" solutions. They have a convenient and understandable interface, like in classic internet gambling, but also use Blockchain as a payment and security system.

The main components of a BTC casino:

  1. Financial gateway. One or more crypto wallets are ranked by date of creation and last changes, current balance. An entrepreneur and users can view all information about the site operations, including deposits, bets of gamers and their results, and the latest conclusions. Many financial modules offer a quick exchange of fiat money for Bitcoins, as well as the automatic creation of a wallet during the initial user registration.
  2. Gaming platform. This is BTC casino software that is responsible for developing and filling the front-end and admin panel. Operators can manage user gaming accounts, generate reports, and connect external components in the form of partner services or interactive chatbots.
  3. Catalogue of video entertainment. These are slot machines, cards, live content, bingo, and keno with support for Bitcoin payments. Operators can install products from trusted manufacturers (Microgaming, NetEnt, Habanero and others) or order the development of unique entertainment from 2WinPower.
  4. CRM service. This is a system of accumulative jackpots and multiplayer tournaments, in-game bonuses (free spins, risk rounds, random prizes), network campaigns and other activities to retain valuable players.

Improving iGaming Projects with BTC Transactions

Entrepreneurs can open a web casino with a settlement system in fiat money (dollars, euros, hryvnias, etc.) and transfers in cryptocurrency.

In this case, a businessman needs to:

  • issue a licence;
  • conclude agreements with banks for servicing transfers;
  • be registered with the tax authorities.

Adding digital money settlements is a great way to expand the client base of an already existing iGaming project with stable internet traffic. A businessman does not need to start all over again. It is enough to integrate a BTC wallet and connect new games that support electronic currencies.

Features of Bitcoin Casino Promotion

Bitcoin casino promotion: features

To attract a solvent audience to the site, operators can advertise the project on their own or collaborate with professional affiliates.

Companies or private webmasters “collect” online traffic on independent platforms (social networks, specialised web publications) and redirect it to the gambling site. The influx of a new audience is due to special affiliate links.

Well-known partner services for working with Blockchain projects:

  1. TruePlay. This is the first Bitcoin casino promotion program with built-in control of the honesty of operations. Settlements with webmasters are carried out according to the RevShare scheme — up to 60% of the income generated by them. Payments are made 2 times a week, in digital currency or US dollars. The resource provides many options for promoting BTC projects, including ready-made advertising materials, creative development, and statistical tools.
  2. Gambling Craft. The system offers 3 payout models: RevShare (up to 50% of the casino site's income), CPA (up to €300 for each referred gamer) and Hybrid (a combination of RevShare and CPA). The service is suitable for promoting crypto platforms. Earned money can be withdrawn in electronic currency.

The Main Things about Organising iGaming Blockchain Projects

The 2WinPower firm offers the sale of the script and the creation of a Bitcoin casino from scratch. We organise a quick launch of the product (1–1.5 months) with its full technical and legal support.

An entrepreneur receives a fully functional gaming platform with a built-in payment gateway, installed slots from the best manufacturers, and an attractive CRM system.

  • Blockchain technologies are actively used in the iGaming field. Ready-made solutions are distinguished by high transaction speed, impeccable security, and good response among users.
  • The launch of a Bitcoin casino significantly reduces the cost of the project. An operator does not spend money on licensing, tax duties, and deductions to interbank organisations.
  • A businessman can integrate BTC payments into an already running online casino. This will attract a new solvent audience to the gambling site.

To get a free demo version of a BTC platform, contact 2WinPower specialists.


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