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How to Open Online Slot Machines on the Internet in 2020

1. The Main Stages of Launching a Gambling Start-up

  1.1. Licensing

  1.2. Website and Mobile Application Development

  1.3. Marketing Strategy

2. Classification of Slot Machines for Online Establishments

  2.1. Classic Video Slots

  2.2. Multi-reeled Products

  2.3. Progressive Devices

  2.4. Three-Dimensional Slots

  2.5. Amusement with Prizes

  2.6. i-Slots

3. Summary

Legislative acts of many states strictly limit the gambling sector. Today, in most countries, it is possible to run a legal business only in the virtual space. Consequently, the question of how to open slot machines on the Internet is more than of current interest. We will try to answer it.

Casino slot machines

The Main Stages of Launching a Gambling Start-up

Preliminary Preparation and Collection of Information

Before launching a business based on slot machines, the operator will collect a lot of information. For instance, it is necessary to analyse the proposals of competitors, get acquainted with the statistics on the development of the industry, constantly monitor the latest news and look for opportunities for further development.

At the preparatory stage, the entrepreneur should make a detailed step-by-step strategy.

In working plan should be described such moments:

  • costs of developer services;
  • overview of competitive websites;
  • estimated budget;
  • comments to the design of the future online venue;
  • list of possible partners;
  • ways to promote in the gambling market and much more.

Preparing a strategy on your own requires a huge amount of knowledge in completely different industries. In order to solve this problem, it is necessary to hire third-party specialists who are able to develop a full working plan in accordance with current trends.


To start own business in the gambling industry, entrepreneurs necessarily need a license. We strongly recommend paying attention to the proposals of offshore zones.

Licensing a gambling start-up abroad is the best way to obtain access to the international market and protect your business from unauthorized influence from government agencies and law enforcement representatives.

Answering the question of how to open online slot machines on your own, we offer a list of the most popular jurisdictions:

Top 5 offshore areas for registration of gambling projects


Term of obtaining the document


Tax levy

Isle of Man

1-4 months

Application for consideration — 1 thousand pounds

The annual commission fees for the renewal of the service — 35 thousand pounds



1 month

Primary licensing — from 40 thousand dollars

Service extension — 15 thousand dollars



From 3 to 6 months

The basic package of services — from 27 thousand euros

Annual license renewal — 1,5 thousand euros


Costa Rica

1 month

Consideration of the petition and the primary license — from 40 thousand dollars

Extension — 10 thousand dollars



1 month

Basic service — from 40 thousand dollars

Annual renewal — 10 thousand dollars


Website and Mobile Application Development

The third stage of the project is the design of the gaming platform. A website with slot machines should be of high quality, reliable, simple and easy to navigate, visually pleasing.

How to Launch an Online Venue with Slot Machines: The Main Ways

A few options:

  1. Independent development. In this case, the operator is obliged to control the entire process — from planning to the conclusion of contracts with content developers. The price of the project, as a rule, is from 50 thousand dollars.
  2. Slot machines franchise. Convenient system for entrepreneurs with a limited budget. By signing a contract with the “parent” resource, the client receives a finished project with a full set of administrative tools. Cons: monthly fees for the use of the website and full dependence on the policy of the company that provided the product.
  3. Finished casino rent. An interesting system that allows you to try your hand. As a rule, the finished website can be used by paying a certain percentage to the lessor, besides, the operator receives the right to purchase the product.
  4. Turnkey website of slot machines. The simplest and most convenient decision. In this case, the entrepreneur becomes the owner of a completely ready-to-start resource. Also, the businessman receives a working support service, a license of a foreign offshore zone, his own unique brand and comprehensive legal guidance.

Online casino website

Particular attention should be paid to the mobile sector. According to statistics, nowadays, more than 60% of players prefer to visit Internet services from mobile devices. Accordingly, the presence of a resource for iOS and Android platforms is a perfect way to maximize the audience and multiply the web venue traffic.

The main thing to remember is the brevity and simplicity of the service.

Brian McSweeney (product specialist and user experience of the FanDuel corporation) once reasonably noticed: 

“Speed and a scanty interface will take over an app with a beautiful design and rich content that works like a turtle.”

Marketing Strategy

Promotion of Internet services pursues a single goal — to increase the traffic of the online venue. This factor is the main indicator of the establishment's income.

As the main tools for advertising and development of gambling portals are used:

  • SEO (optimization of resource in accordance with the querying of search engines);
  • SMM (promotion of the gambling web venue using social networks);
  • contextual and media advertising (banners, ads on postal services, entertainment platforms, information resources, sports and thematic websites);
  • affiliate programs (placement of advertising information on third-party resources for a certain percentage of the establishment income);
  • streaming (broadcasting of interaction with the operator’s products in order to attract a “live” audience).

This is not the whole set of marketing tools that can be used to promote gambling services. Of course, the issue can be sorted out on your own but then advertising the project will take a lot of time. We strongly recommend that you seek advice and assistance from professional marketers or order a comprehensive set of services from 2WinPower.

Classification of Slot Machines for Online Establishments

Among the widest variety of entertainments for money, the leading position is occupied by slot machines. Online gambling has gained immense popularity due to its unpredictability because winning depends solely on the will of the case, and it is impossible to predict it.

With the expansion and popularization of online resources, each developer strives to extend the list of current content. Today, the market offers a lot of interesting options:

Classic Video Slots

This is a virtual analogue of the “one-armed bandits", in the arsenal of which there are three reels and one game line. The only difference from the land-based devices is a variety of storylines (if earlier the gaming symbols were exclusively fruit mixes, today you can often find solutions in the style of fantasy, adventure and historical genres).

Multi-reeled Products

As a rule, the playing field displays an odd number of rotating elements — 5, 7 or 9. Solutions with an even number of reels are much rarer.

The most popular at the moment are the slot machines with five reels. These are themed products with a wide range of winning combinations and a large number of paylines (from 25 to 100).

Progressive Devices

As a rule, it is a network of devices, united by a common prize fund, to which interest is deducted from the burned bets. There are models, for winning in which the game is played exclusively at the maximum bets, although slots are becoming increasingly popular, charging the jackpot randomly without any conditions.

Three-Dimensional Slots

The use of 3D technology has discovered completely new horizons. A detailed drawing and complex multi-structured graphics using innovative technologies allowed to achieve maximum realism and make the gaming process even more exciting.

Amusement with Prizes

Its essence is entertainment with prizes. The slot machine is equipped with a set of additional functions that allow the gamer to hold or “push” the reels to a winning position. The idea came from Britain, where the in bars were machines without protective glass, and customers tried to “cheat”, holding the reels with their fingers.


Signature series products are available exclusively on websites powered by the software developed by Rival. When a certain set of pictures in the machines is matched, a completely new storyline is launched.

A separate type of entertainments for money can be considered as skill games. The new trend was caught up by developers from the sphere of computer games and is just beginning to “strike root” in the gambling market. Running such a machine, the gamblers must not only count on their own luck but also make a certain set of actions for the development of skills and gaming experience.


Independent work on a gambling project of any category is a long and labour-intensive process that requires a lot of knowledge and experience. Regular cash injections will also be required. At the same time, there are no guarantees of success. The perfect alternative is the conclusion of the contract with the intermediary company. Turning to 2WinPower, you will not only receive comprehensive information and answer to the question of how to launch slot machines on the Internet but also be able to acquire a full range of solutions at very nice prices.

There is a large selection of finished products from international first-rate suppliers. Also, you can always order the development of a turnkey casino and become the owner of an exclusive project created according to your personal sketches.

Do not miss your chance and become part of the 2WinPower family today!

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