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Slots have been and remain one of the most popular forms of gambling entertainment. Modern games are striking in their diversity, and they can be classified according to a number of parameters:

  • The value of game tokens. Bets of different sizes are available to players.
  • The number of basic components (reels and lines). As a rule, developers offer video slots with 3 or 5 reels, solutions with an even number of rotating elements are less common. If to speak about the number of columns, the more of them, the higher the probability of winning.
  • Game plot. It can be traditional analogues of “one-armed bandits” with fruit combinations or themed slot machines created on the basis of books, popular comics, famous historical facts and much more.
  • Slots in 3D format. Universal technology of three-dimensional reality allows making the game as spectacular and atmospheric as possible.

Online casino slots

When choosing gaming software, you should get acquainted with the current offers from the leading suppliers.

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Top 5 Providers According to 2WinPower


The era of virtual gambling development began with the creation of the Microgaming brand in 1994. The company has earned the status of a pioneer of the online gambling market. Nowadays, there are more than 850 exclusive solutions in the supplier’s collection.


This brand has launched a new solution that instantly became an exclusive and fashionable trend. It is Playtech that owns the first branded slot machines — games created on the basis of the famous Marvel comics.


The company, founded in 1996, entered the international market and in 2003 earned the loyalty of many users around the globe. The supplier offers about 200 products, which include entertainment based on the cult films Wild, Wild West, Aliens, Scarface and South Park.


The supplier is considered to be an innovator in the production of three-dimensional slots. Being focus not on quantity, but on quality, the company has launched a limited series of products, each of them can rightly be called a real masterpiece.


It is a well-known Australian brand founded in 1993. Each product from this company is an optimal combination of development quality, innovative technologies and full compliance with international standards. Amatic entertainment software has a set of unique gaming options and a high rate of refund — 10%.

Online casino games

There is nothing complicated in choosing casino games. As a start, you can contact the company that was the developer of your casino, because it has already been purchased a package of games together with the platform. However, with the passage of time, there are more and more modern and unique options, and ordering games for your resource is a matter of one day or even a few hours.

Choosing analogues of games on the manufacturers’ websites, pay attention to the newest and most modern. Thus, flash games have become very popular nowadays — customers prefer them and, fighting in them, spend a lot of time on the casino website. Therefore, before you order the games, check out all the manufacturer’s portfolio, select the best of them and agree on the producing —this order will be a sound investment.

There is a sure-fire way to purchase good gaming packages for your gaming website. In order to do this, you need to become a gamer for a while and try to play for free — it is offered everywhere, it can be said that the entire Internet is filled with such offers. Thus, having made the proper conclusions, you can order the games — exactly those ones that you like to play the most.

Then, choosing this product for the next order, it is necessary to pay attention to the simplicity of the process — all clients are people and have different tempers. Some of them do not like to delve into the depths of the rules, and they just leave the gaming website and immediately find another. Therefore, for all the beauty and attractiveness of the games, it is required the presence of simple, understandable ones, and most importantly — with short instructions. In a word, to order the games for online casino, you have to think a little.

Usually, manufacturers offer a product at a discount, but here you should not rush, as the low price is often nothing more than an indicator of poor quality. As a result, you can provide games with either a defect or with a simple storyline that few people prefer. Thus, having decided to order the games, pay attention to their quality.

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Right, the price should be considered, of course, but it is better to think big — as far as is known, you get what you pay for! Therefore, intending to replenish the collection of your casino, it is very advisable to order high-quality games.

Varieties of Online Entertainments

Among the rich diversity of gambling content, the following formats can be distinguished:

The most popular types of gaming content
Name Brief description
Slot machines This category includes both virtual analogues of land-based machines and exclusive developments with different themes. Despite the amazing number of plot solutions, the principle of the software remains unchanged and is based on the issuance of combinations that are calculated by a random number generator

The most popular variants of the card entertainments are:

  • solitaire;
  • baccarat;
  • blackjack;
  • poker

Virtual entertainment implies a rotating element (wheels with coloured pockets) and a table for external bets.

Electronic software is based on the rules of traditional land-based games and is presented in three main formats:

  • European roulette;
  • American roulette;
  • French roulette
Bingo The main goal is to fill the field with a set of numbers faster than rivals. As gaming elements can be used spinning reels, colourful balls with numbers and special cards with sets of random numbers
Dice There are quite a lot of entertainment formats, but the main goal remains unchanged — to guess the number or sum of numbers that fall on the sides of the dice
Scratch Original version with an instant win. All that is required from the player is to erase the protective covering on the card and find out the result of the draw
Lottery draws A striking example of a commercial lottery — Keno: the user receives a card with a set of numbers and marks several positions. When a player defines numbers, a special machine with coloured balls or any other graphical solution is launched, and a winning combination is displayed on the screen. If it matches the numbers in the ticket, the player receives a win, if not — the deposit burns
Lotto Virtual lotto has fully preserved rules of the traditional board entertainment. The only innovation that the software developers have allowed themselves — experiments with visual design and the ability to run single versions or command format

Characteristics of High-Quality Gaming Software

Top quality gaming software

When ordering gaming content for online platforms, we strongly recommend you to pay attention to the following aspects:

  1. Visual design. In 2019, substandard graphics is considered a bad taste. The picture should be not only bright and sophisticated to the last detail, but also be displayed on screens of any format without loss of quality.
  2. Quality certificate. Products of the world’s leading developers must be tested by regulatory authorities and independent laboratories. The presence of the certificate of excellence is the key to flawless operation of the software and a great way to increase the loyalty of the audience.
  3. Storyline. Traditional fruit mixes gradually recede into the past, giving way to atmospheric adventure stories, fantasy worlds and themes developed on the basis of cult blockbusters.
  4. Bonuses. It can be a set of special characters, additional rounds, free starts or unique themed locations that reveal only after certain actions.
  5. Demo mode. The free version is a mandatory attribute of the gambling platform. As a rule, this mode is present in any modern slot and can be used as a training course.

A few more words about bonuses and incentives. Progressive jackpots can be considered as an incentive to continue the game session. Who does not want to become the owner of fabulous wealth, enjoying a favourite hobby?!

Top-5 wins at online casinos
Name of slot Manufacturer Date of event The jackpot amount
Mega Moolah Microgaming October 2015 17 879 645 euros
Mega Fortune NetEnt January 2013 17 861 800 euros
Mega Fortune NetEnt September 2011 11 736 375 euros
Mega Fortune NetEnt November 2015 8 577 204 euros
Mega Moolah Mobile Microgaming August 2016 7,9 million euros

An important aspect while choosing software is the cross-platform nature of the product. Read more about the details further in the article.

HTML5 Games Are the Future

When ordering software for gambling services, it is necessary to settle on the content developed using HTML5 technology. This is one of the most popular and promising programming languages, which discovers completely new horizons for developers.

HTML5 content is distinguished due to the following advantages:

  1. Launch without the need to download and install additional software.
  2. The actual displaying of the picture on the screens of any format.
  3. Support of mobile platforms.
  4. A completely new visual quality threshold.
  5. Minimal requirements for technical parameters of devices for displaying.
  6. Low of battery discharge (for mobile entertainments).
  7. Minimal requirements for the amount of gadget RAM.


Purchasing software for gambling locations is a complex and diligent process that requires a lot of technical knowledge and some experience in the gambling market. We offer a convenient alternative — ordering products from the 2WinPower catalogue.

The range includes a lot of ready-made solutions for existing websites, comprehensive services for the development of turnkey gambling projects and the ability to order exclusive products based on your own sketches.

2WinPower team is ready to offer the best options for start-ups of any format: traditional slot machines, cards and table entertainments, software for lottery draws and bingo, live broadcasts and products for bookmaking.

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