Gambling is becoming increasingly lucrative, and in these days online casinos are gaining huge popularity all around the world. This is the result of the increased demand, which happened after the massive banning of land-based establishments inside the residential territories. People simply became thirsty for this type of entertainment and had to either spend extra resources to commute to remote places or find a new source of their favourite pastime.

Gambling is profitable business

Apart from that, the development of modern digital means allowed not only people with plenty of resources to enjoy the beloved slots, card games, roulette, and other similar recreations. Internet technologies expanded this area, making it possible for ordinary people to try this type of entertainment if only they have the ability to access a proper website with the supporting device.

Also we shouldn’t forget about the other side of the technological development: new projects are born, innovative solutions are getting introduced, so today to launch your own casino means to start a new profitable business. 

Therefore, anybody willing to start their own successful career can now join the ranks of resourceful operators, working efficiently to satisfy the desires of their clients and earn significant amounts for themselves.

Attracting a huge number of players, online gaming projects nowadays make their owners rich. But to own a casino requires some knowledge and skills, as well as the definition of the workflow. In this article we will list not only the actions, but also give our recommendations, that will help you to run an online casino business

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Acquisition of Software 

In order to own a casino that can work properly it is required to have a special online casino software. Moreover, this software has to be high quality, safe and reliable in operation. Cheap software usually does not bring happiness to its owner, as there may appear delays in payments, viruses and so on. This is why experts recommend to buy software with high quality only and to contact an experienced provider. After all, the number of players who come to the site, its prestige and profitability depends on how online casino will operate. 

Buying a software for your own casino you should check the reputation of the provider taking into account the following factors: 

  • how many years he has been developing software?
  • what place in the ranking of providers does he take?
  • how many and what kind of games he offers?
  • who are his regular customers?
  • are there any negative comments about his work within clients who own a casino?

Creating an Online Casino Website 

The site on which you intend to run an online casino must meet all the requirements and wishes of its visitors. Here are its main features: 

  • understandable interface – everything on the website should be clear, e.g. where you can sign in, update your account, start the game or withdraw funds;
  • excellent functionality — all buttons and options must comply with their intended use;
  • high-quality design — the site should not have "flashy" color combinations, all pages should have the same style;
  • full-time professional assistance of specialists – this issue is also very important, because if the user has something to ask, he must get the most clear and specific answer. It is necessary if you want to own a casino. 

To create gaming site thus to start an online casino it is better to appeal to those programmers who have created similar sites before. Besides, of course, the owner of the online casino business may want to start a mobile version of his own casino, and it is better to take care of it at the stage of development of the site.

Acquisition of a License

It is possible to start an online casino only with the license which enables to conduct gambling activities. Expert recommends to buy a license in offshore countries where taxes on such activities are minimal (or none at all). It is quite troublesome to obtain gambling license independently, so the owner of the new online casino business will need to attract best professionals to do it for him. 

These are the most popular variants of licenses that new operators tend to choose:








$75,000 (annually)

No taxes

Short licensing period (from 14 days)

The Isle of Man


$43,000 (annually)

0.1-1.5% of income

Sports gambling is prioritized here



No renewal

5% of income

European coverage area

Costa Rica


$1,500 (monthly)

1-2% of income

Reliable anti-money laundering system



$2,200 (annually)

5% of income

Highly protected jurisdiction

Thus, as we see, every stage that is necessary when you start an online casino needs a help of professionals, this is why it will be easier to make use of services offered by some companies — software developers. Such service is called “casino on turnkey basis”. 

What is included in the casino on turnkey basis service?

  • development of casino games and software;
  • provision of the package with the most popular games;
  • creation of a site and its content;
  • integration of all necessary software (payment systems, technical support, etc.);
  • legal aid;
  • development of an advertising campaign.

How do I Start My Own Business Without Any Experience?

Getting into a new industry is difficult, even for new entrepreneurs. Since this sphere is relatively new, it may get even harder since some intricacies are quite well-hidden, meaning with no real experience or high-quality help there is little chance for success. With this in mind, it is always a decent idea to resort to professional companies, such as 2WinPower, for a few recommendations. Our responsive support team is always eager to give you a deep insight into any queries you might have. Moreover, a pretty convenient turnkey business solution will let you forget about any concerns related to the development process. All you need to do is to drop us a message in any suitable form, and our knowledgeable answer won’t be long in coming.

You may start online casino business with 2WinPower. Professionals in this company will help you to carry out all the above mentioned points and they will surely give you valuable advice about all matters of how to start an online casino.

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Don’t be afraid to start something new since it may eventually be an explosive start to your future career. Waiting for your orders!

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