Hurricane Sweepstakes Software Integration: Quite Easy Solution

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If you have ever studied the issue of opening your own internet sweepstakes cafe, you should know about the opportunities revealing to its owner. Made by the right hands, this business is rapidly growing, providing significant profits. The main thing required is the software used for hurricane gambling terminals.

Sweepstakes Software: hurricane sweepstakes software

Some relevant considerations on how to use this hurricane sweepstakes software are here presented.

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The gaming industry has started with the developments of some well-known companies producing corresponding software and gambling machines.

Frontier Sweepstakes Software

The Frontier company dedicated its activities to the creation of the high-quality gaming products. Having the team of professional developers and the proprietary Cobra technology, they have really succeeded in the gaming world since 1994. Planet Coaster and other their games are enjoyed by the players around the world.

Their products have become classic items for a gaming business. An internet cafe having no products like this can be hardly imagined.

Another quite traditional thing for a gaming club is the classic terminal slot. The gaming machine by Frontier or Hurricane is a good example of this.

Traditional Hurricane Terminals

Traditional hurricane terminals: gambling machines

The Hurricane terminals are well-known all over the world. The huge gambling machines, sparkling with their innovative technology and modern design. These cabinet terminals are fitted with a required set of the gambling software.

Traditional Hurricane has three reels. The credits number is limited to three credits per a gameplay.

Hurricane symbol replaces any other symbol in the line. To win the jackpot, one has to see the maximum credits number equal to 2500 credits. Winning jackpot requires three Hurricane symbols to be arranged on one line. After winning a jackpot, the slot can be reset back by pressing the dedicated button.

To make the impression brighter, the slot symbols are illuminated by LED. Special sounds are provided in order to make a gameplay more amusing.

In addition, the Hurricane machine has a number of technical features required for its proper operation. The cashbox is used to hold the cash inside it. The main door can be locked with a special locker. There is an option to print the cash tickets. The currency is checked by a validator device. SAS protocol support is provided for connecting additional devices.

Software Integration

2WinPower provides services on games integration into the different projects. Any software for slots can be easily integrated into your gambling terminals. This is required to make your machines fitted with the unique and original material.

Order Service

The best way to create a worthy line of game slots is engaging hurricane sweepstakes software developed by the gambling industry leaders.


Novomatic is the outstanding developer of the software

Novomatic is the outstanding developer of the software widely used in the gambling industry. It provides high-quality and reliable software products which have already become classic games used in any sweepstakes cafe and have a number of other important advantages.

Novomatic products advantages include:

  • accessible and user-friendly interface;
  • high security and lifetime;
  • minimum bets providing minimum risk;
  • trial versions available;
  • continuous replenishment of products.


This company provides not only games for hurricane sweepstakes software but also different related services to promote your gambling business.

NetEnt services include:

  • Technical support. All necessary technical issues can be easily addressed.
  • Business analytics. Real data analysis is provided for optimization of gambling software.
  • Marketing service. The company specialists facilitate to promote your business in the gambling industry.
  • Training. NetEnt provides training to its partners' employees.
  • Hosting. The company provides its proprietary services to host the software you have purchased.


EGT slots in the gambling software industry

EGT has become the recognized player in the gambling software industry. Its experience and technical capacities allow producing the software for online and land-based casino clubs.

The slots developed by EGT professionals show the highest level of quality standards.

EGT slot software advantages:

  • unique themes and storylines;
  • amusing soundtracks;
  • advanced bonuses and jackpots;
  • multicurrency payment system.

Hurricane Sweepstakes Software for Sale

2WinPower provides the software created by these developers. The company specialists can adapt the software from gambling industry leaders to your “hurricanes”. Besides, purchasing the ready-made terminals with the software installed on them is also possible. Contact 2WinPower specialists for consultancy and buy now the best slot machines for your sweepstakes business.

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