iGaming Operators Shift from the Maltese Casino Licensing to Kahnawake

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Updated: 22/02/2024

Sensible entrepreneurs continually seek new opportunities to thrive in a diverse and competitive market. With the emergence of distinct licensing authorities, businessmen are presented with choices that can significantly impact their activity.

Advantages of the Kahnawake jurisdiction

While the MGA (Malta) has long been regarded as a reputable legal entity for gambling platform registration, some entrepreneurs are opting to switch to the KGC (Kahnawake).

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Persuasive Reasons for the Shift

The KGC licensing allows its owner to run a business and deal with the biggest and most impactful content creators and payment services. Besides the recognition, the permit also presents a multitude of other benefits.

Advantages of the Kahnawake licence include:

  1. Cost-effectiveness. With relatively low fees, platform owners can reduce their initial financial outlay. As a result, they allocate resources to other aspects of their projects.
  2. Tax benefits. The KGC offers no corporate instalments and imposes no additional contributions on gambling revenue. Profit maximisation is exactly what operators look for.
  3. Flexible requirements. The KGC maintains relatively soft registration prerequisites and provides platform owners with greater adaptability to meet regulatory standards.
  4. Reputation. The KGC licence is already widely recognised by players and providers. The certification instils trust and confidence in the integrity and fairness of the offerings.
  5. Global versatility. Licensees can target markets worldwide, excluding the United States. Reach expansion and growth potential rise to substantial levels.
  6. Responsible strategies. The KGC prioritises fairness and thus ensures that operators stick to tight regulations aimed at protecting players and preventing problem gambling.

The Kahnawake Authority and Licence Details

KGC's licence details: overview

Malta is a well-known destination for businessmen when it comes to registration. The KGC is something not every market participant knows a lot about. However, the jurisdiction showcases incredible stats and progress over the short presence period.

Key facts about the operational permit:

  • a minimum investment of $65,000 to obtain a licence (excluding expenses associated with the assessment procedure);
  • filing process through various rigorous yet clear stages (a key person appointment, documentation gathering, application submission);
  • between 4 and 8 weeks from initial request to final approval, providing the licensee assistance in different stages;
  • full adherence and dedication to promoting fair and responsible practices according to the KGC norms;
  • a 0% corporate tax rate and hardly any regulatory burdens as the integral attractive aspects of a reputable registration destination.

The Main Things about the Kahnawake Gambling Permit

While the Malta gaming licence remains a viable option for entrepreneurs, the KGC offers compelling advantages. Operators who join the legal landscape of the jurisdiction can compete effectively and thrive in the global iGaming niche.

Key points to keep in mind when evaluating the registration option:

  • Kahnawake has lower entry fees and tax benefits.
  • The commission has flexible requirements and better market versatility.
  • The authority is widely recognised by players and providers.
  • The promotion of fair and responsible practices is KGC’s focus.
  • $65,000 is the minimal investment to be made to get the permit.
  • It typically takes 4–8 weeks to get through the application.
2WinPower offers the most appealing licensing conditions to our clients. We evaluate every project individually and choose the best jurisdiction to get the permit from. Order a turnkey gambling solution at 2WinPower or inquire about the individual services we present.

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