Online Casino in Belarus: The Law and Means of Legalization

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The legislators are actively moving towards the legalization of gambling entertainment in Belarus. On April 1, a standard regulation came into force under which online casinos can legally operate and provide their services throughout the country. 2WinPower experts offer a brief overview and analysis of the new rules.

Law on online casinos activity in Belarus

What Has Changed Since April 1?

The legalization of online casino in Belarus are carried out sequentially:

Year Day Occurrence


7 August

The President signed a document on the online casino legalization


1 April

The law “On the improvement of legal regulation of gambling business” is gaining ground


1 August

It becomes mandatory to connect to a remote cash structure


1 April

Sets out the prohibition of the publication of information on the planning of gambling entertainment

As can be seen from the provided information, the legalization of online casino in Belarus takes place in several stages. April 2019 was marked by the fact that the bookies on the Internet, the organizers of the sweepstakes and the online casinos can lead their activities on an absolutely legal and transparent basis.

In parallel with the legalization, several new rules for online gambling are being introduced, the development of which is the responsibility of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus. More interesting, the legislators plan to restrict user access to sites that publish information about game planning.

The government of the Republic of Belarus gives operators enough time to organize gambling absolutely legally and honestly. Probably, now is the best time to enter this market, while it is not crowded yet.

In What Way Will Online Casinos Operate in Belarus?

Now, to open an online gambling business in Belarus, you should:

  1. Establish and register in municipal authorities a company that will be engaged in the organization and conducting of gambling.
  2. Apply for a gambling license in Belarus and pass the legalization procedure.

After obtaining a license, you will need to form a special security deposit (it is expected that its amount will be about $1 million), which will protect players and their winnings in case of the enterprise bankruptcy. The same money can be used to pay taxes to the state budget in the event of force majeure.

Another requirement of the government to the online casino is the need to open access to the tax authorities and a special monitoring centre to the database. The access will be remote, but the regulator will be able to inspect the work of the company at any time.

It is planned to apply another way to control the operation of the web casino and the transfers of funds in the gambling sphere — the mandatory connection of operators (since August 2019) to a computerized cash system.

In What Way Will the Land-based Casinos Work?

Changes will affect the activities of ground clubs:

  1. Since April 1, there is no need to register slot machines, gaming tables and cash desks (for sweepstakes and bookmakers).
  2. A fixed tax is introduced, the amount of which depends on the number of facilities units in the cash system.
  3. Now all visitors, and in particular winners who received money prize, need to be filmed on video cameras (that means, in gambling clubs will be introduced universal video surveillance).

As for the players, now visiting the casino is open to them only after reaching the age of 21 (previously it was possible to join the game from the age of 18).


Web casinos in Belarus are legalized in several stages, and the changes will eventually affect the entire gambling market of the country: bookmakers, land-based casinos, slot-machine parlours. We can definitely say that now is a great time to enter the market of the Republic of Belarus.

Changes in the legislation discover new prospects for the development of online business. Do not miss your chance! 2WinPower specialists will help you to launch a successful gambling project and quickly recoup your expenses. Ask us about our special offers!

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