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Once a paradise for gamblers, Turkey is now almost completely oblivious to this industry. In 2007 the country’s authorities banned the majority of gaming activities, including online gambling. However, new operators still work towards this market due to high demand and thirsty players. While Turkey is a rather secluded country, it is pretty complicated to find a reliable software provider with the orientation of the country.

2WinPower is eager to provide a helping hand to all operators who want to set up their gambling business in Turkey. That is why, we present to you Novomatic — a professional software supplier that helped establish dozens of projects in the country.

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Online Gambling Regulations in Turkey

Online gambling regulations in Turkey

Unfortunately, the local government restricted internet gambling in the country as well. Today, according to official regulations, players who access foreign gaming websites can receive up to $200,000 fine. Moreover, the local banking affiliations are also severely punished if they happen to process any transactions related to online gambling.

However, the reality is a bit different. Such modern technologies as VPN and online payment systems (Paypal and Ukash are especially popular in such big cities as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, etc.) make it much easier for players to enjoy their favourite gambling content.

The Novomatic casino provider in Turkey cooperates with each operator individually and offers efficient software to adapt to the particular environment. Moreover, since the company has been operating in the country since 2007, close monitoring of the latest trends and features has been established thereafter.

Novomatic Most Impactful Features on the Turkish Gambling Market

The Novomatic software provider in Turkey is one of the most widely known vendors in the area. One of the main reasons for this is a professional research team that constantly works to improve the player acquisition percentage from their games.

Even though Novomatic casino software in Turkey is used by a dozen of operators, there is still a lot of room for unique content available:

  1. A wide selection of games, perfectly localized in Turkish.
  2. Novomatic slot machines for sale in Turkey are developed with a total understanding of local trends and demands.
  3. Visual and audio aspects of each developed game do not contradict with Islamic nature of Istanbul, Bursa, Adana, and other cities with the most population.
  4. Abundant functionality opens amazing possibilities for the operator’s gambling business in Turkey.
  5. Due to different types of players in the country, there are three main gaming possibilities, including in-browser, downloadable, and mobile versions.
  6. Turkey casino software from Novomatic also includes the possibility to install demo versions of games for players to test what they are going to dive into.

Top Popular Gambling Services from Novomatic

The Novomatic gaming provider is not only an efficient software supplier. The company also has a number of other gambling offers. Such a possibility to receive a full package of services at once allows an operator to speed up the organizational process of the gambling business in Turkey.

Type of service

Brief description

Novomatic slot machines for sale

Currently, the most popular layout for slots in Turkey is a 10-line game with free spins, extra symbols, and risk-games

Land-based playing rooms

Novomatic gaming provider supplies everything necessary for the organization of a brick-and-mortar gambling facility (in such big cities as Ankara, Izmir, Istanbul, etc.), including high-resolution screens, audio systems, dedicated furniture, gaming terminals, and additional hardware

Live casino content

Popular Turkey casino software also features live dealers that create an atmosphere of a real-life casino with such popular games as roulette, poker, Black Jack, and baccarat

Jackpot development

A bunch of different jackpot systems is developed particularly for the Turkish audience, keeping in mind their preferences and considerations

Media systems

The possibility to order a turnkey casino Novomatic in Turkey also includes the choice of the necessary hardware for promo videos, affiliate advertisements broadcast, and similar purposes

Management and control systems

Turkish casino provider Novomatic also develops reliable security systems for both online and land-based establishment that prevent widely used hacks and breaches

Betting software

The dedicated software is developed for bookmakers’ establishments with the accent on most popular sports in Turkey (football, basketball, volleyball, track-and-field and wrestling)

Lottery systems software

Novomatic software provider in Turkey also pays attention to the popularity of sweepstakes business and offers highly efficient lottery systems with a wide selection of functionality

Novomatic Gaming Provider — The Software from the Future

Novomatic gaming provider

When an operator works towards setting up a lucrative online gambling environment, the main concentration is gathered around the project itself. However, cooperation with Novomatic offers a bit more than that. The company’s experts always think a few steps forward, especially in such fast-developing countries as Turkey.

Therefore, Novomatic casino software in Turkey has a few extra characteristics that can not be found at any other provider:

  • the latest achievements in software development refined by the local specialists;
  • increased reliability and high longevity of the software;
  • comprehensible interface, easily understandable for the first-time visitors and functional enough for returning players;
  • low minimal bet that makes it possible for different Turkish players to enjoy the process and not worry about their budget;
  • one of the most efficient return-to-player rates 70% – 98%;
  • personal live-casino studio to support Novomatic casino software in Turkey;
  • a Turkish turnkey casino developed for a particular province of the country (Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Adana);
  • instant juridical assistance for any possible inquiry.

The Main Things about Novomatic Software Support

One of the major problems that operators face while developing an online gambling problem is the lack of experience. It is not always possible to understand what software is needed from the Novomatic casino provider in Turkey. Therefore, such operators are highly suggested resorting to the 2WinPower company.

Our proficient experts will help you start an online casino Novomatic in Turkey not only by utilizing their software. A convenient turnkey business solution will keep away all possible concerns during the organizational process.

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In brief, when choosing high-quality software for casino in Turkey, Novomatic can offer the following advantages:

  • a wide range of impactful features that include an abundance of games, understandable interface, unique slot machines, exclusive graphics and audio accompaniment, various gaming possibilities, and demo versions of games;
  • the most popular gaming services from Novomatic, involving land-based playing rooms, live casino content, jackpot development, media systems, management and control systems, betting software, and lottery systems software;
  • exclusive gaming possibilities achieved by utilizing the latest technological developments and applying them in the software creation (increased reliability, low minimal bet, personalized live studio, efficient RTP rates).

In case you have any other questions on how to buy a Novomatic casino in Turkey, you should contact our customer support team and ask them anything you would like to know. We are looking forward to receiving your orders.

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