Payment Systems in the iGaming Niche: How to Choose the Best Option in 2022

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The development of online casino software solutions is impossible without the integration of financial instruments. The presence of efficient and secure modules is a factor that affects the relevance of the project and the trust of users.

Casino payment system: general info

The 2WinPower team will help you understand what a payment system for gambling platforms is and what features it consists of.

Our experts have prepared a list of the most popular financial services in 2022. With their help, a turnkey casino will definitely reach a new level of quality and profitability.

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About Payment Systems

A digital financial module is a multi-component online tool that provides money transfers between the participants in a transaction. In fact, this is an interactive intermediary between the gaming site and players, whose tasks include:

  • provision of security of all transactions;
  • deposition of funds into the user's account;
  • withdrawal of winnings, etc.

Characteristics of a High-Quality Payment Service

When choosing financial instruments for a turnkey casino business, operators must take into account the following factors and nuances:

  1. The simplicity of interaction. The simpler and clearer the interface of the program and the policy of the service, the higher the level of loyalty of the audience.
  2. Speed ​​of response. The turnover of an enterprise directly depends on the speed of the system. If traditional bank transfers can be processed during 1–5 business days, then digital services guarantee an almost instant response.
  3. Geolocation. The tool must be in-demand in the region where entrepreneurs operate and comply with local regulations. If business owners plan to work with international traffic, it will be better to opt for multicurrency services from such recognisable brands as PayPal, Neteller, Visa/MasterCard, etc.
  4. Support for different currencies. The wider the choice of available monetary units, the greater the traffic of a turnkey online casino. Even if operators plan to work only with local currencies, they should integrate systems with a converter option and several withdrawal methods (to a bank or mobile account, etc.).
  5. Brand awareness. The provider’s authority increases the level of confidence of users in the gambling platform.

The Situation in Europe: The International Payment Market in 2022

Gambling payment services: market situation

The region is considered the most “mature” in the field of e-commerce and gambling niche. The euro is the universal national currency in 19 states and is officially recognised as a pan-European instrument for conducting transactions.

The EU also pleases players with a wide variety of local and alternative payment methods. To enter a new sales region, it will not be superfluous to study the most popular and sought-after options.

The most popular payment systems in European regions in 2022

Great Britain

The country is the largest participant in the e-commerce market, with 92% of the adult population utilising internet services.

The most common financial method in Britain is PayPal transfers. Wallets of the system are regularly used by 29% of local consumers.

The second most popular program is Open Banking. This is a unique digital product that allows people to connect to 48 local banks and make transactions in real-time


The local population widely uses both traditional debit and credit cards and alternative financial methods.

Among the most popular German services, we can name:

  • PayPal;
  • Sofort;
  • Giropay


Despite the great popularity of traditional banking instruments, residents of the country prefer to use the local iDeal online solution.

According to the Statista analytical centre, more than 69% of all online purchases in 2021 were accounted for by iDeal


There is no leader in the field of online payments in the local market. The population of the country actively uses both banking and alternative services, including:

  • EPS (a bank transfer processing program, which unites more than 80% of all online stores and gambling platforms in the country);
  • Sofort (a unified banking service for real-time transfers);
  • Open Banking (a program with the function of initiating bank deposits from the accounts of end-consumers)


By the end of 2021, projected earnings of the electronic financial market reached 13,545 million dollars. The industry is increasing by 7.28% per year.

Bank transfers remain the most popular method in the country but there are several alternative services, which are also in demand:

  • PayPal;
  • Przelewy24 (a real-time transfer system that covers all basic consumer banks in Poland);
  • BLIK (the most popular local mobile financial program)

Acceptance of Casino Payments through Merchant Accounts

Carrying out transactions within one system or bank is easy. However, when operators decide to buy online casino projects and accept all popular types of currencies, they will need a specialised merchant account.

Entrepreneurs cannot independently manage accounts in several banks or take responsibility for the control of each transaction. Therefore, the supervision of the financial turnover of a company is entrusted to the processing centre.

A merchant account is remote. It receives funds after gamblers place their first bet.

How the Program Works

On the part of the consumer, payments within the framework of a turnkey casino solution look very simple: it is enough to make the initial deposit, select and launch the game, and place a bet.

The procedure of transfer of funds consists of a chain of automated processes:

  • when choosing to pay by card, gamblers enter their financial information — the number of a card, its expiration date, and a CVC code;
  • the data is sent to the payment agent who checks the transfer for the presence of any unauthorised actions;
  • after the initial check, the request is redirected to the bank or financial system within which the transaction takes place;
  • the bank confirms the availability of the amount required for the transaction;
  • the payer is given a unique ID code linked to the account of the seller company;
  • the funds are credited to the merchant account of the casino, and players receive confirmation of the withdrawal of money.

Merchant Account Opening Procedure

Operators can choose between the 2 working formats:

  1. Opening a flat account. It is a convenient option if the process of creating a web casino is at the initial stages and entrepreneurs do not yet have a stable customer base. An account is formed inside the platform without being connected to a specific bank card.
  2. A merchant account for services with a valid funding base. This method is used if operators have managed to prepare the financial framework and have already chosen the current replenishment/withdrawal programs. Such solutions work by analogy with cash terminals in land-based establishments.

The requirements for opening a merchant account are generally standard in most foreign jurisdictions.

Business owners must comply with the following standards:

  • mandatory registration of the legal status of an enterprise (merchant accounts are not available to sole proprietors);
  • availability of official paid hosting with a domain zone not lower than the second level;
  • availability of a site with licensed and legal content, as well as an information section with a mandatory list of rules for using the service, a privacy policy, and open data about the cost of provided services;
  • mandatory operation within the framework of secure information protocols;
  • the presence of a multi-level system of registration and verification of users in order to reduce the chances of third parties accessing the game account;
  • availability of a bank account for a legal entity (the financial institution must have an appropriate licence and be included in the list of the processing centre).

An application for opening an account is considered for several days. If approved, operators receive a real letter and/or an e-mail with the company’s unique ID and keys to encrypt financial data.

Advantages of the Service

Opening a commercial merchant account gives entrepreneurs the following benefits:

  1. Multicurrency. The program is adapted to any type of banknote and can also work only with local funds. Besides, business owners will be able to accept international currency as well.
  2. Security assurances. The processing centre takes care of all procedures related to monitoring the legality of transfers: from assessing the validity of the card to cancelling suspicious transactions. Moreover, a merchant account is inextricably linked with PSP certificates, which guarantees absolute information security and protection of personal data.
  3. Speed ​​of transfers. A merchant system is a universal tool created for commercial enterprises with any turnover. Thousands of transactions are processed inside the program every minute, thanks to which operators can guarantee their clients an instant response, regardless of the frequency of requests or the volume of the transaction.
  4. Round-the-clock work. The system functions without being tied to the working hours of banks — users can make payments at any time.
  5. Audience coverage. The creation of an online casino with a merchant account allows entrepreneurs to offer users the most common types of payment. The system also contributes to the quick entrance into the international market.
  6. Legal control and tax incentives. The merchant system does not have strict transaction regulations that are typical for the traditional banking system. Moreover, opening digital accounts in offshore zones allows operators to work on a favourable tax system.

The Best Payment Tools for Gambling in 2022 according to 2WinPower

Payment systems for casinos: best tools

The more financial methods are presented on the gaming site, the wider the coverage of the project’s audience. Moreover, entrepreneurs must be guided by market trends and provide customers with relevant services, depending on the purpose of the payment. For example, Visa/MasterCard card transfers are most often used to place occasional small bets, while Skrill offers a loyal commission for large sums of money.

From the 2WinPower studio, you can order the best turnkey online business along with the most popular financial instruments in 2022:


A unique feature of the system is the ability to directly transfer funds from a user's bank card. This approach guarantees an instant and secure transaction.

Besides, the program provides a table of limits that can be configured by operators and users. The last option is relevant for gamblers who suffer from ludomania.


This is one of the most popular international payment instruments that have found a good response from foreign developers of providers of gambling products. The program is available in 160 countries all over the world and has the following benefits:

  • high speed of operations;
  • direct transfer of funds to an online casino account;
  • support for most foreign currencies;
  • possibility to order the Net+ personal plastic card.


It is one of the most complex financial instruments with unique protection technologies. The program does not qualify as a payment system since money transfers are made using special internal coins.

One of the features of the service is that it creates a separate wallet for each type of currency.

Operations based on the platform are carried out without commissions. Besides, the system offers a wide range of methods of depositing and withdrawing funds, up to direct transactions to bank and mobile accounts.

Since 2020, the company has begun cooperation with cryptocurrency exchanges and added the option of making payments in Bitcoins.


The world's largest banking system, whose services are available in more than 200 countries all over the world. Users of the product can make any type of online payment and utilise plastic cards. Moreover, there are several types of solutions for credit, debit, commercial, and other accounts.

Since 2020, the Visa corporation has been supporting cryptocurrency transfers within the system. Digital coins can be stored on deposits or used for everyday purchases, paying for casino bets, etc. Moreover, people have an opportunity to order a special cryptocurrency plastic card. All transactions with virtual assets are automatically converted into euros.

The Main Things about Payment Systems for the Gambling Market

Digital financial modules are an essential component of a functional casino system. The more payment methods are offered on the site, the wider the coverage of the audience.
  • Europe is considered the most promising region for working with electronic gambling assets. The EU area has strict regulations for the digital sector, thanks to which participants receive guaranteed legal support and access to a wide range of markets.
  • Opening a merchant account allows operators to process any foreign exchange transactions. Thanks to the system, casino owners can cooperate both with banks and alternative payment modules, delegating the request processing procedure to a remote centre.
  • It is recommended to choose financial systems for gambling locations taking into account the purpose of transfers. For example, to perform regular and standard operations or deposit small amounts of money, most users prefer Visa and MasterCard banking services. The Skrill platform is more suitable for high rollers, and PayPal wallets can be offered to advanced gamblers who place bets in cryptocurrency.
From the 2WinPower studio, you can learn more about how to buy turnkey casino software, launch a wagering project within the legal framework, and provide customers with the most reliable payment instruments.

We are aware of the latest industry trends and offer such popular solutions as:

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