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Today, Internet users can play online casino games without any problems but there is software, which is designed exactly to help you to play poker, for example, or blackjack, and with this software, you will be able to make maximum use of the functionality of a gambling establishment.

Online casino software

Online casinos offer their visitors an accessible interface, which is very easy to master even if they do not have special computer skills, especially as games of the new generation that are based on Flash platforms do not have to be downloaded to a computer or a mobile device. It is also easy to register on the online casino website ― you just need to enter your personal data in a special form, get access to the account, deposit money, and playing.

Classification of Software Solutions for Online Casinos

Type of the software

Description of the services

Client services from online casinos

The system is provided directly by the operators of a platform. Their work is aimed at retaining customers and extending the game sessions. The list of options includes notifications about new promotions, email updates, notifications about bonuses, and much more

Solutions from the third-party suppliers

Most services are created for familiarisation and training. Also, quite often, there are virtual assistants, calculators, and the development systems of supposedly winning strategies

Options for financial operations

Products are aimed at facilitating such procedures as replenishment and withdrawal of funds

Affiliate services

The main purpose of creating products is to expand the audience with the help of various advertising campaigns

Software for online platforms hacking

To purchase such services is illegal. Moreover, there is a risk of “running into” fraudsters. We strongly recommend everyone not to use any of such solutions

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To obtain the best result, gambling websites offer their visitors to download client software programs and training programs, which clearly explain the tactics of the game.

Types of Software for Playing in Online Casinos

  • Blackjack. This program helps to calculate the advantage of the casino and the strategy of the game, gives the opportunity to look through the statistics. With such a program, one can gain experience and get skills for playing blackjack. For example, the Lazy BlackJack program, in which there is a special mechanism for determining the movement of cards and their estimation at different stages of the game. Users can receive hints and control the honesty of the online casino.
  • Roulette. This is a completely different program, like the game itself, in which it is impossible to easily beat a casino. Everything here happens as luck would have it and does not depend on players so if you are offered a program to play roulette, and someone will guarantee its effectiveness, you will not need to believe it because it is impossible. The only way you can use it is to simply practice your betting systems. The software for roulette Spin Calc 2.1 can be found and downloaded for free. They say, it analyses the numbers that fall out, offers what bet to place, calculates the balance, and gathers statistics. There are other similar programs but judge for yourself ― how can they cheat the random number generator? They definitely cannot.
  • Poker and video poker. These programs help to improve the result and are good for training because, for poker players, the main thing is mathematics and practice. It is difficult to learn how to play poker especially since there are a lot of special terms and different tactics, so for those who really want to be experts in this matter, any program will be useful. There is also software for various types of poker, Texas Hold'em or Omaha, and, according to players, it really helps them and teaches them how to play.
  • Programs for other games. The Seif game has also won the recognition of many users, and the programmers came up with the special SeifHelper software exactly for it. During the gameplay, you will need to guess codes to unlock the safe. So, SeifHelper helps gamblers to calculate the code, and players just have to enter the numbers without space. According to users, the program produces good results.

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Affiliate Services

Affiliate products are becoming more and more popular every day. The main purpose of the services is to attract a new audience and encourage customers to be active.

The use of affiliate programs is beneficial for all participants: casino operators receive new visitors who are initially interested in their services, and advertisers get compensation in money.

The size of deductions for attracting traffic can vary significantly depending on the cooperation conditions, so you need to carefully choose the types of affiliate programs.

All programs can be divided into two groups:

  1. CPL (Cost-Per-Lead). These are one-time transactions where operators pay compensation to the advertiser for each registered user. The amount of money does not depend on how much the visitor to a casino has spent.
  2. CPA (Cost-Per-Action). Programs of this type are more diverse and may include additional conditions (for example, payments for the link, for newsletter subscription or the replenishment of the account by a client).

Each operator can choose the perfect model for him if he knows the cooperation conditions of various services well and takes into account his own business goals.

Top 5 affiliate solutions, according to 2WinPower, are:

  • LiveGames. The product is targeted at the Russian-speaking audience. This service pays partners a certain fixed amount of money for attracting each new member. The project is a collection of classic table and card games. Payments are made if a new visitor registers on the website and he takes part in three types of entertainment.
  • LVK Partners. The product is the property of the Vulcan brand. Partners receive money for the fact that they place advertising banners, make announcements in social networks, and deal with the email newsletter. Affiliates get paid when users visit the gambling platform, and when they take a certain set of actions in an online casino.
  • Lucky Partners. The system cooperates with twelve websites. Partners can receive a percentage of casino’s revenues for the attracted users or payouts, which are based on a mixed formula: from fifty dollars for the registration of users to 25% of the casino's revenues.
  • RioBet Affiliates. The system offers income in the amount of 40-60% of the profit of the gambling establishment for each attracted player.
  • PoshFritnds. The product is used by several resources at once, including CasinoX and JoyCasino. Banners, demo games, landing pages, and GIFs can be used as promotional tools.

Payment Programs

First of all, we should mention the WebMoney software for operating transactions, which is known all over the world. There are actually a lot of payment programs, and each you should be able to customise each of them, therefore, there are often links to these programs on the websites of online casinos.

Online gambling establishments are trying to attract players with the help of all available resources, and for this, they integrate into the gaming sites not only the best games but also the programs for online casino games. And these methods yield results.

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In order for the casino to constantly generate high profit, you need to connect the software that will increase the efficiency of the resource. If you are opening your own gambling business, it will be necessary for you to be prepared to constantly improve the gaming site. You will definitely need some help. Contact 2WinPower and entrust us with the selection of software products.

We will deal with the integration of software into the website, maintenance, technical support, and the development and implementation of a marketing strategy.

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