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Retention of Sportsbook Audience on a Website with TV Games from 2WinPower

1. Expanding the Entertaining Content during the Quarantine

2. Keeping the Retention High with TV Games

3. Improving Your Marketing Strategy with TV Games

4. Professional Product Integration with 2WinPower

The impact of the Coronavirus has caused the gambling industry to face the worst situation possible over the last few decades. Since almost all sporting events were postponed or cancelled, the betting market is now living through its worst days. A large number of betting companies with both online and offline operations found themselves on the verge of being shut down. They had to face a choice — either to stop their service or to find an alternative revenue stream to survive.

Retention of sportsbook audience

2WinPower knows the perfect way out of such an inevitable decay. The emergence of the brand-new direction of gambling — TV games — made it possible for a lot of operators to save their platforms from complete extinction. With this in mind, our experts are ready to illustrate how the newest software from 2WinPower will be a lifesaver for the barely survivable betting establishments.

Expanding the Entertaining Content during the Quarantine

The current situation shows that the majority of gambling and betting platforms that are based on sportsbooks are trying very hard to minimize the financial risks and enrich their portfolios with new types of games. These diversifications would provide an opportunity to maintain interest in their websites and keep financial stability.

In this situation, there are several options:

  • Live casino games. It is quite a widespread entertainment direction that a lot of online gambling establishments have resorted to after the beginning of the massive shutdown;
  • Virtual games. Even though they are quite popular as well, they can not substitute the real sporting events.
  • TV games. They are the latest innovation in the gambling industry, which appeared to be a perfect alternative to virtual sports and a substitution for sports betting.

Keeping the Retention High with TV Games

TV games are a combination of betting on sports and live casino. They have odds in their betting line, so it is possible to attract the betting audience that is now desperately searching for the substitution of their favourite activity. From another side, live casino format, the players of conventional gambling platforms can also find this brand-new type of gaming incredibly gripping.

The head of sales in CIS and CEE at TVBET specifies the statistical proofs:

The popularity of TV games increased by 31% in March 2020. The adequate conversion of the sportsbook audience makes it possible to satisfy their needs as well as to keep the revenue share of the industry high. TV games can easily convert a casino and sportsbook audience, retaining the GGR from the sportsbook up to 12%. Usually, an appropriate setup of this type of content will help the operators achieve monthly growth by 30% and even more.

With this in mind, TV games are a perfect option for betting platform owners to keep their audience and don’t stop making money.

Improving Your Marketing Strategy with TV Games

Improving marketing strategy

In order to increase player retention in these hard times, it is crucial to develop your marketing strategy in several directions to achieve the best results.

  1. User experience. Every self-respected operator must work on continually improving product conversion. Nowadays, one of the essential directions to upgrade is adjusting to mobile users. More and more gamblers use their portable devices to enjoy their favourite activities. Therefore, you must ensure their user experience is on the highest level possible. During the international lockdown, TV games work perfectly well with mobile platforms.
  2. Product experience. Usually, the product development process depends on market needs. TV games offer unique gaming possibilities with a high level of engagement. A lot of companies now focus on delivering their product to users faster. So, from the point of view of the sportsbook, it means that you can create a section with games and focus on the target audience, but you can also take events in the sports line, thus, increasing your consumption.
  3. Marketing experience. Practical marketing tools with increased conversion of the gaming content as well as provide sufficient support and material for creating ads. Therefore, as a knowledgeable operator, you must make everything possible to present the latest entertaining addition in the form of TV games to your audience using all marketing channels possible to increase the retention in order to prevent potential losses from the lockdown.

The combination of all these tools makes up the best retention experience for operators. It allows you to find out what your clients might want you to improve in order to make their pastime more entertaining and your profit even more significant.

The top 3 customer requests for today:

  1. Feed integration.
  2. Marketing campaigns.
  3. Improved user experience.

TV games are a perfect solution to these issues. On top of that, in the period of total quarantine, people are thrilled to receive another opportunity to enjoy their favourite betting experience,

— sums up the chief marketing officer at TVBET.

Professional Product Integration with 2WinPower

Professional product integration for betting business

Innovative solutions appear on the market every day. Unfortunately, not all of them turn out to be successful and profitable, which is even more critical. Luckily, 2WinPower knows perfectly well what can boost your online gambling business, especially during the quarantine period.

TV games are a perfect alternative to virtual sports games and a timely substitution to the sports betting that is currently unavailable. Moreover, it utilizes live casino content that became so important during the lockdown.

By ordering our top-notch TV games software, you will be able to:

  • increase player retention on your online gambling platform;
  • unite sportsbook and live casino players into a single audience;
  • develop new marketing means to boost traffic in the period of quarantine.

It is never too late to improve, so 2WinPower offers you an incredible possibility to increase your profit in almost no time. Our skilful team of experts will set up all software professionally and ensure your players get the best user experience of your new entertainment possibilities. Just reach our responsive support team and order a turnkey online casino solution from the world’s renowned soft provider 2WinPower.


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