Starting a Bitcoin Gambling Establishment: Top 4 Ways of Launching Your Own Casino

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Nowadays, it is hard to find someone who does not know what a cryptocurrency is. Recently, the phenomenon has raised his popularity dramatically, to the point that the word «bitcoin» has entered the top of Google’s search queries. It was then when many people started thinking about buying bitcoins as a mean of gaining money.

Starting a bitcoin casino

Many businessmen chose to pay close attention to this new curiosity. They saw the advantages of the bitcoin as a payment method in online casinos. That was the beginning of bitcoin casinos.

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What is a Bitcoin Casino?

The idea is to give clients an opportunity to pay for a casino’s services and make bets using bitcoins as the only or just another way of payment. Both variants do exist.

What makes people prefer the BTC over other currencies? The answer to that lies in the popularity of it: the most operations with digital money involves bitcoins. However, there are over a thousand of different cryptocurrencies, yet the BTC dominates the market.

The BTC’s popularity explained

  • Bitcoins are resistant to inflation. The currency issuance is limited to a fixed number of units, so its constant emission simply cannot make the BTC depreciate.
  • No need for a third party to take part in transactions involving bitcoins. The situation differs drastically when you deal with traditional money: a bank is always needed to transfer money from one account to another.
  • No names, no dates, no publicity. In the world of gambling, people often wish to keep their personal data to themselves, including the fact of their presence in a casino. This is where the BTC comes to help since no other information is needed except for the wallet´s number.
  • Transactions using bitcoins go really fast. It only takes about 10 minutes unlike long normal bank transactions taking from hours to days.
  • An international support. The BTC is accepted throughout the world, without the need for exchanging money.

Launching a Bitcoin Gaming Club. What Will You Need?

Starting a BTC casino everything goes similarly to the opening of any other gaming club. Nevertheless, some peculiarities should be taken into consideration: a bitcoin wallet for both the player and the house, and the option of accepting of cryptocurrencies by the casino’s payment systems.

Let us not forget that the owner will need to complete all the phases of launching a casino enterprise.

For those, who have decided to start his own bitcoin gambling hall, a list of options for achieving it is offered. There are various opportunities holding their advantages and weak points. Let us not stop at each option but tell you briefly about them.

The 4 Ways to Launch a BTC Gaming Enterprise

A turnkey solution

This way involves two parties: a customer and a contractor who make a deal to create a casino. The customer entrusts the contractor with all the responsibilities for the opening process. This is an advantageous decision for the contractor because he does not need to worry as he would have to accomplish everything by himself. Another benefit is that the contractor tends to use the same scenario in his work, so it runs smoothly and fast.

A script of a BTC club

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A cheap yet but not the best solution. A script is a raw code that can be integrated into a system; an additional option for the owner is buying a bitcoin games script. The code often requires a thorough reworking and additions to work properly, avoid errors and glitches.

A White Label option

The concept of a White Label casino is a complete but brandless product ready for work. The solution exists outside the gambling area as well: it is popular due to the opportunity to decorate the establishment as the owner sees fit. Nonetheless, the budding business is dependent on the parent enterprise by means of following rules and pay monthly for the rights.

An independent start

Last but not least, we would like to speak about opening a gaming hall by yourself. This involves a lot of study and work: from learning the intricacies of the market and obtaining a license, to the casino’s promotion campaign. This option will definitely suit the seasoned business people; otherwise, it may cost much time and resources. Obviously, for young entrepreneurs, it is more desirable to hire a contractor.

The Funds You Will Need

There is no single price. On the contrary, there are many factors that influence the total costs that you will need to spend.

Bitcoin casino script

Even if you choose to use a casino script, the price may vary according to the content of the code. Beginning a business independently, one has to calculate the possible costs and working with a contractor, he will know the approximate amount of financing.

Start Your Casino With 2WinPower

If you have decided to purchase a turnkey bitcoin casino, we advise you to address the 2WinPower company. It is a trustworthy contractor with a flawless reputation offering high-quality casinos for sale or rent. 2WinPower also provides a demo version of a bitcoin gambling establishment and develops software of the highest grade.​

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