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With each day, more and more companies and sole proprietors consider gambling as a promising profit contributor. And if earlier, the market could be entered only by starting a project from scratch, then today, the most convenient way is to purchase a gambling club from a reliable intermediary.

Gambling club is a profitable business

2WinPower has gathered comprehensive information on the types of gambling websites, features of this business, and current trends of the industry that could bring operators large profit.

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From Where Does Online Business Begin: Types of Gambling Portals

One of the most important aspects of the preparatory work is the choice of the optimal format of the future gaming site.

Please find below a review of the main types of gambling startups:

Types of gaming services
Name Brief description
Browser portal One of the most preferred versions for most modern players. A distinctive feature of the service is that casino games and related products are launched directly in the browser window without the need to download additional software to your personal device
Downloadable application

The content opens only after players download and install a full set of software components on their personal devices. Such an option is considered to be the most reliable and secure one.

A downloadable product offers much more services and solutions than you can find on a traditional browser portal

Mobile service

Mobile casino versions are presented in two main formats:

  • A browser version (the adapted version of a classic gaming site that can be opened in the browser of a personal gadget).
  • A downloadable product (the application, which contains a full range of gambling solutions. It should be downloaded and installed on the device)

About the Ways of Launching a Gambling Startup

The casino business can be launched in several ways.

The Operation From Scratch

It is an extremely time-consuming and spending option that requires extensive experience and a certain amount of knowledge in a wide variety of industries.

The main steps that operators must take if they choose to start the business on their own are:

  • analysis of the actions of competitors and budget planning;
  • acquisition of legal status and legalisation of the project;
  • conclusion of contracts with software vendors and purchase of a platform and a set of casino games;
  • development of a gaming site with an exclusive design and logo;
  • connection of payment services;
  • organisation of the technical support service;
  • connection of affiliate programs;
  • marketing planning and promotion.

Each of the items not only takes a lot of time but is also connected with significant financial investments. For example, the acquisition of a license may take from one to three or four months and will cost about one hundred thousand dollars (depending on the chosen jurisdiction). The cost of the original website starts from thirty-fifty thousand dollars, and for the advertising of a project, it will be necessary to pay 50% of the estimated profit of the gambling establishment.

The result is that the independent launch of your startup will cost several hundred thousand dollars, and it will take at least six months. Besides, in this case, all risks remain under the supervision of operators.

A Platform Script

To purchase a casino script is the cheapest way to enter the gambling market. Unfortunately, this is its only advantage. In fact, operators get the “raw” code that requires large-scale update and adaptation to the current requests of the administrator and potential audience. As a result, the “revamping” of the software can cost more than its development from scratch.

There is a risk of running up against an unfair seller and becoming the owner of an “inviable” code.

A Franchise

To enter into the franchise agreement is, in fact, the same thing as to rent a casino. Operators conclude a contract with the parent company and launch an already existing project with a typical design and a fixed assortment of games. In this case, clients can use a personal brand and in the future, they can buy out the gaming site.

Disadvantages of this choice are a complete dependence on the policy of the franchisor and the need to pay for the use of products that you have rented.

A Turnkey Casino Platform

To buy a casino website from an intermediary is the most promising and profitable option that allows you to avoid all possible pitfalls and enter the international arena in record time.

Selling of a turnkey casino provides:

  1. High-quality design;
  2. The best game content from the world’s leading providers;
  3. Personalisation of the website;
  4. Modern payment services;
  5. Connection of affiliate programs;
  6. Professional technical support;
  7. Legal assistance.

Why us: Ten Reasons to Purchase a Casino From 2WinPower

Turnkey Casino From 2WinPower

By using the turnkey casino development service, you receive the following benefits:


If for the start from scratch, you will need about one hundred thousand dollars, then the turnkey project will cost almost twice as cheap.

Saving of Time

Operators receive at their disposal a ready-made resource within two or three months from the moment of the conclusion of the contract (the execution period depends on the preferences and requirements of customers).

The Best Games

In the catalogues of 2WinPower, you will always be able to find slot machines from the flagships of the market.


The product range consists of games of such brands as:

  1. Novomatic;
  2. Playtech;
  3. Microgaming;
  4. Igrosoft;
  5. Amatic;
  6. Greentube;
  7. Betsoft;
  8. Mega Jack.

From us, it is possible to buy casino games in the following formats: slot machines, live content, card and board games, skill games, and exclusive slots. Also, we offer software for organising lotteries and betting products.

Amazing Design

The creation of a gaming site is under the control of a team of professionals. We are ready to bring to life the most creative and unusual ideas. In addition to the visual design of the resource, we offer several sketches of your future logo to choose from.

The Extended Range of Personal Settings

In addition to the standard set of components presented on the gambling platform, we can connect many third-party services that will receive, store, and process the statistics.

We offer the best marketing tools, software for gathering the summary information on the selected parameters, tools for controlling the actions of users, and much more.

Technical Support

We not only deal with the organisation of the work of the technical support service but also guarantee regular updates of the system for free.

Professional Legal Project Governance

We offer professional assistance in the resolution of any legal issues: legalisation of business, collection of documents for the acquisition of legal status, the conclusion of contracts with partners and suppliers, and resolution of disputes with users.

Convenient Payment Services

The assortment includes the best financial systems: e-wallets, bank cards, Skrill, Neteller, Pay2Pay, PayAnyWay services, and others. Also, there is a service that supports transactions with cryptocurrency.

Innovative Technologies and Trendiness

The gambling industry is being constantly modernised and modified. Our team of specialists regularly monitors the market for promising new products.

We can offer you the relevant solutions and developments that correspond to the trends of the gambling industry:

Trends of the gambling market in 2019
Name Brief description
Work in the HTML5 format

The new programming language allowed programmers to create spectacular cross-platform projects without losing the quality of displaying, regardless of the type of the device and the size of screens.

From us, it is possible to buy casinos based on HTML5 technology and use the product as a stationary browser or mobile platform
Messengers and chatbots The whole world is moving to the mobile format: services with “virtual assistants” and alternative ways of interaction not only with the administration of the casino but also with other visitors come into fashion
Virtual reality We offer an excellent opportunity to purchase slot machines with the effect of complete immersion. Our product range includes not only three-dimensional slots but also exclusive games that create the illusion of a real presence at the gambling table
Branded games Our catalogue contains the best themed slots: games based on famous comics, fairytales, sports and political events, and creative interpretations of cult blockbusters
Cryptocurrency According to statistics, by 2023, every second gambling platform will accept bitcoin payments. It is time to organise a profitable business based on decentralisation and virtual currency technologies

Full Payback After Three-Six Months of Cooperation

By ordering a comprehensive marketing promotion, you get not only a well-thought-out strategy but also access to the most relevant and promising advertising tools.

We are ready to take on all the nuances of the promotion of the online business and guarantee full payback within six months after the launch of the project.


Leave an application to the managers of 2WinPower, and we will show you how to buy a casino business with minimal financial costs and remain independent.

Order Service

We do not offer typical projects. Each solution is the embodiment of exclusive ideas, your personal sketches, and modern trends. We will make sure that your new website favourably stands out against the background of competitors, grows rapidly, and brings profit from the first months of operation.

Contact us to get the advice on the creation, operation, and legalisation of your gambling business.

From us, you can not only buy but also rent the software. Just order the demo version of the software and the game content, install it on your website and become personally certain that the supplied products are of the highest quality.

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