Ten Reasons Why Players Trust the Blockchain Casino

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Can we really talk about trust in relation to an online casino? On the one hand, everyone knows that casino games can’t be won, speaking long-term, and gambling establishments (whether real or virtual) gain the upper hand. But it is a kind of a «physical law» in the gambling industry, it can’t be changed.

On the other hand, no one can claim that the administration of casinos does not try to deceive gamblers, and mostly when it comes to online gaming clubs. And against this background, a blockchain casino stands out: 100% honest and transparent, the results of games can’t be faked, and any manipulation with the results can be easily proved. Nowadays, this kind of casinos attracts millions of users.

Blockchain casinos are 100% honest and transparent

Experts of the 2WinPower company can tell you about the reasons why the blockchain casino market is becoming more and more popular and profitable.

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What Exactly is a Blockchain Casino?

The blockchain technology is a new approach to the recording of the electronic information. Its advantage lies in the fact that any record, whether it is the information on a rollover, a state of health or a cost for electricity is recorded in a long chain of data that is stored by several thousand users simultaneously in different parts of the world. All new records are added to the end of the chain, and its previous elements can’t be faked because it is impossible to make changes to all copies at the same time.

In the field of gambling, this technology is applied simply: all transactions, winnings, losses, replenishments, and withdrawals of funds are recorded in a chain. An important point: any web user can access the data chain. It means that if a casino has decided to deceive a user, he will be able to prove it easily. Therefore, blockchain casinos are trustworthy.

Blockchain technology in gambling industry

However, to be honest, it is not the only reason why they are in such a great request.

Ten reasons for the popularity of a blockchain casino

  1. Complete anonymity. Despite the fact that any user can see the flow of funds through the chain, he will not be able to identify the remitter and the recipient. All information in the blockchain world is encrypted. It is possible to see only the numbers of wallets.
  2. 0% commission. Depending on the operator with the help of which you make a remittance, the commission can be very small, sometimes even zero. In any case, it is always less than when you transfer money in a traditional way.
  3. Honesty. As we have already said, every game and even every bet can be checked.
  4. Reliable history of transactions. You can always check the list of transactions that can’t be faked.
  5. Request processing. Almost instant deposit and withdrawal of funds.
  6. A profitable way to earn money. It is interesting that during a usual conversion of cryptocurrency into cash, its profitability becomes very low, even if the quote became higher. And if you gamble in a blockchain casino, you will be able to earn much more.
  7. «No» to blocking. Cryptocurrencies are next-higher order than any law in the world. Therefore, no government agency of any country will be able to freeze or block funds in your e-wallet.
  8. Games from any part of the world. Your clients can come even from those countries where gambling is completely banned.
  9. Bonuses. Due to the low commission in general, and a more positive situation with the regulation of the currency rate, some blockchain casinos offer those gamblers who place bets with bitcoins some additional bonuses. This also helps to attract more users.
  10. Further investment. You, as the owner of a gambling establishment, can continue to invest cryptocurrencies in the development of your project and other kinds of business, and, at the same, you will not depend on the laws of your country.

Cryptocurrency investments in gambling and other types of business

How to Launch a Blockchain Casino?

Contact 2WinPower. We have several completed projects in the field of a blockchain casino, which we are very proud of. Your gaming club can become one of them. Only two or three weeks — and you will get the first profit.

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