The VR and Mobile Casinos Will be a Momentum for the Development of the Gambling

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According to the observations that were made over the past few years, the demand for online gambling products and sports betting is growing extremely fast since more and more players appreciate the convenience of playing on their computers and mobile devices.

Mobile casinos become more and more popular

However, statistics show that the online gambling industry has a long way to go to achieve success, which land-based casinos are very proud of, and even more so to exceed it. However, gambling on the Internet can certainly become very popular with users, and its influence in the field of gambling will continue to expand in the coming years.

Earlier this week, the Juniper Research company, which specialises in the online market research, published a study that is focused on how online casino games will be developing over the next five years. The firm’s analysts also posted their forecast related to the total sum of bets that are expected to be placed in 2021.

Experts note that as part of the process of growth of the online gambling industry, several important trends have recently emerged:

  • firstly, more frequent use of portable electronic devices and the growing number of downloads of applications, and it is, in turn, beneficial for the online gambling sphere;
  • secondly, the entry of a growing number of operators to the market. Some of them are focused only on the provision of the game options to customers, while other well-known brands of land-based casinos offer users the options for online gambling.

The more available 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi networks should also be considered as one of the main contributing factors for the development of online gambling. Moreover, it is important to note the willingness of customers to make online transactions, which facilitates and improves their gaming experience.

The analysts from Juniper Research pointed out in their report the likelihood that by the end of the year, such amount of money as 553.8 billion dollars will be won back. Also, by 2021, it is expected to increase to almost a trillion dollars. Online bets coming from Western European countries will probably contribute to the fulfilment of this forecast, followed by North America, the Far East, and China.

According to the study, the size of bets will increase due to the introduction of new technologies, such as virtual reality. It will be very beneficial for the casino industry as a whole and on the engagement rate of customers.

A Full Immersion: the VR technology in Gambling

Virtual reality in online gambling

What is virtual reality? These are software elements that are reproduced through special gadgets and controllers. Today, you can find various simulations and panoramic videos.

If we are speaking directly about gambling, the VR technologies allow you to “visit” a casino simply by wearing glasses and launching the appropriate software.

Benefits of the full immersion:

  • vivid impressions;
  • ability to interact with various objects (tactile perception);
  • direct communication with the dealer and other users;
  • the amazing quality of the display picture.

As an example, we can consider the world's first VR platform ― a Spanish casino SlotsMillion, launched in 2015. Everyone can see any element of the interior in detail, touch the game tables and slot machines, and even admire the scene from the window (a panoramic image).

Users are offered about forty slot games with amazingly realistic graphics. An additional advantage is the possibility of playing in a team (up to twenty people can play at the same time).

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More Mobility: How to Play on Personal Devices

Today, all mobile products on the market can be divided into two main categories:

The main formats of mobile gaming components
Classification A brief description
The adapted version of the desktop website In fact, it is the same resource that users are got used to seeing on the computer screen. As a rule, the changes mostly affect the visual characteristics: the developers adapt the images to the size of the screens of smartphones and tablets. As for the rest, clients receive the same set of components and gambling solutions, which is available on the main gaming site
Application for downloading

This is a more complex software product, which is actually a separate software package. A set of the software components is downloaded directly to the mobile device. This solution can be compared with any similar applications.

Additional advantages of the solution:

  • a unique design;
  • the heightened security of users and the protection of personal data;
  • the extended functionality with a flexible system of individual settings.

Advantages and Special Features of Mobile Services

  1. High download speed.
  2. Access to the game whenever you want.
  3. A wide range of the game content and regular updating of products.
  4. Convenient services for instant replenishment of the account and withdrawal of money.
  5. First-line support.
  6. Extended functionality, which is adapted to the touch screen.
  7. Minimal impact on the RAM of the device.
  8. Low battery discharge.

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Mobile technologies and virtual reality are the most relevant trends in the world of gambling. The continuous development of the industry and the search for new exciting solutions radically change the gambling market. It is time to create innovative products that can conquer even the most sophisticated gamblers.

The 2WinPower team is ready to offer a range of ready-made solutions, as well as services for the development of exclusive projects. Our catalogue has a wide range of content for live broadcasts, card and slot games in the 3D format, and much more.

Contact our experts to be abreast of the latest innovations of the gambling world. Become a part of the most profitable and promising industry already today!

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