Top 5 Reasons to Open Your Own Gaming Website

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Most of us managed to witness times when visiting a land-based casino was the only opportunity to receive gambling excitement. Time flies and some countries banned this type of entertainment on their premises. That’s where rapidly developing internet technologies became really helpful.

Today, players can access their favourite games from just their device anywhere in the world. The only requirement is an internet connection. At the same time, not only gamblers received the advantages of going online. Here are the top 5 reasons to open your own gaming website.

Gaming website launch: why it is a good choice

Starting a Gambling Website

If you thought that launching an online casino is an impossible task to achieve, you would be surprised how easy it may be in the modern world. One of the most important things here is to be attentive to details not to miss anything. The rest is just a matter of paperwork and communication.

Stages of launching an online casino:

  1. Analysis of a market.
  2. Organizing a business plan.
  3. Searching for jurisdiction.
  4. Licensing process.
  5. Looking for software from a trustworthy provider.
  6. Development of the casino site.
  7. Implementation of administrative and gaming software.
  8. Casino launch.
  9. Advertising campaign.

If these steps seem to be difficult for you, you may ask professionals how to open a gambling website. 2WinPower team includes skilful experts that will willingly organize everything for you. Our turnkey business offer is an excellent option for inexperienced businesspeople to start their first online casino.

Five Advantages of Launching Online Gambling Business

A resourceful operator doesn’t focus only on profit, though it may be the most obvious reason to start your online business. There are a few other causes why you need a personal gambling platform.

General value of online gambling market is expected to go up even more

This industry has been showing satisfying numbers and a steady development rate since its appearance. The Combined Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of this sphere reached an inspiring 10.8% from 2014 to 2019. It is estimated to rise even more in subsequent years. By the end of 2018, the market value reached a whopping $44.1 billion. Moreover, it is estimated to keep increasing.

So, is there a reason not to become a part of this growth?

2WinPower can see decent increase rates from our clients. The thing that makes it even more tempting is a combination of high growth rates and high consumer demand about new brands. Market value moves towards the operators who are most innovative and use the opportunities of high technologies.

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Investment possibilities

The excellent development of the highly profitable gambling industry makes several investors reconsider the placing of their funds. Even today, colossal amounts are waiting to be introduced into the sphere.

Profitable online gambling business

During the last 10 years, investor’s funds that were targeted on the US market have increased up to $22.6 billion while European have raised up to $16.5 billion.

According to the estimated statistics, more than $50 billion is currently awaiting to be introduced to the gambling industry. This means that an immense amount of new resources can be poured into the sphere at any time. That is why you must be ready to plunge into this stream to receive your part.

Increased number of regulated markets

The recent attitudes of European authorities towards gambling have significantly shifted. If previously, there were no regulations, now they have been either implemented or currently in the process in most of the countries.

The gambling-loyal regulations and eradication of monopolies in many countries around Europe opens brand-new business opportunities that attract entrepreneurs all over the world.

The trend of introducing new regulation to remote gaming markets is highly contagious since it offers unique business opportunities.

New technologies will improve online gambling

It is impossible to imagine a person without a gadget today. Everybody owns at least a smartphone and uses it for everyday needs. That’s why making your slot machines available everywhere is an excellent idea to help your visitors stay with your casino wherever they are.

As the popularity of highly technological devices continues to grow, gaming remains a major component in their use. Even though they have never been designed to be primarily used for gaming, entertaining software is the most downloadable product in the designated stores.

Numerous advantages in comparison to land-based casinos

Let’s take a look at how an online casino differs from a conventional one and why it may be more beneficial.

Major differences between online and land-based casino:





Since conventional casinos have been banned in most countries around the world, with a few exceptions outside the cities, there are huge difficulties reaching a casino in terms of time

All you need to get to an online casino is your device and internet connection


One of the main sources of profit in such establishments are restaurants and bars that make players spend additional money on subsidiary products

If you play at home, you can grab whatever you bought and have no worries about spending extra cash on unplanned purchases

Players goals

Conventional casinos are usually a place where clients come to make money, thinking they are lucky today and can win a fortune without difficulties

Most of the times, visitors play for fun with a hope to receive extra profit in the process


You will never see reserved people playing in a land-based casino since they won’t dare come to such establishment

Even the most introverted players can visit your online gambling site as there are no pe


Even if top-class casinos grand safety when you win, you aren’t secured outside the establishment with the money you just received

Nowadays transaction systems are totally safe, and no transfers can be interrupted in the process

Start Your Online Casino With no Worries

2WinPower guarantees complete casino development from scratch even if you had no previous business experience. Our professional team of designers, developers, analytics, marketers will do everything to tell you how to create a gambling website and bring success to your casino. Contact us and receive detailed answers on your query from our knowledgeable support team.

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