Top 7 Advantages of HTML5 vs. Flash for Games Development

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The Flash technology has its advantages. However, while in the past its work speed was satisfactory, today, the platform is considered slow and vulnerable. Actually, the HTML format is more relevant.

HTML5 online casino games

Not so long ago, Flash was a perfect solution for games development that allowed to play directly from a browser without the need for downloading them. At that time, the technology gave an opportunity to increase the number of users to many resources.

Nevertheless, innovative program components that are integrated into games, have given a push for the creation of a new product: HTML5 games. The technology allows opening applications on mobile devices that are increasingly used today for entertainment and surfing the Internet.

A Little Bit of History

If five years ago, the number of gambling resources that supported Flash applications reached 50%, then today, there is a rapid downfall: the Flash technology is available only at 18% of gambling platforms.

The first strike was the disconnection of the application support on the iPhone. And such flagships of the industry as Mozilla and Amazon also refuse to use the technology, right after Steve Jobs. The final stage of the switch to a new format was the disconnection of Flash animations in Chrome (in the autumn of 2015). Representatives of the Google concern said that since the summer of 2016, Flash applications will not be downloaded in AdWords and the DoubleClick service, and since January 2017, this format will no longer be supported by the Google Display Network.

HTML5 game development is the main activity of the 2WinPower company. It is ready to accommodate any wishes of its clients.

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HTML5 Browser Games: the Advantages Over the Flash Format

  1. HTML5 games run smoothly in a browser without the need for downloading additional plugins and applications to display the content;
  2. An accurate display on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets);
  3. The development of HTML5 games takes less time than the work on Flash apps;
  4. HTML5 games load faster and run smoothly on any device;
  5. HTML5 games developments involve the usage of the JavaScript. Thus, it is possible to integrate scalable vector SVG graphics;
  6. A game code can be installed on the page of any blog platform. This function allows placing your game on any partners’ web resources;
  7. The technology is still being upgraded; today, it is yet to finish the stage of development. This means a constant implementation of new possibilities and functions that fully correspond to the needs of modern-day users.

There is a possibility of converting Flash applications into the HTML5 format for their further adaptation for Android and iOS. The development of an HTML5 game will allow you to reach a bigger audience without large financial investments thanks to the versatility of the platform. If we ignore the fact that today many people use smartphones to access entertainment content, businesses may suffer strong consequences going behind the competition.

New Programming Language and Advertising

Aron Wood, the marketing department manager at AOL, said that abandoning the outdated technology would make advertising more creative and elegant. The development of a new programming language gave a powerful momentum to the modernisation of advertising and marketing tools, which allowed operators to attract even more customers.

Banners in the new format are normally displayed on the screens of any devices and do not require additional plug-ins. The range of opportunities has expanded significantly. For example, the technology allows you to download online games directly on the website of the intermediary. Gamblers do not have to make unnecessary clicks or install special software. The download speed does not get slower, the battery power almost does not change, and the system effectively tracks the actions of customers. All this creates optimal conditions for the large-scale development of the mobile sector.

According to statistics, mobile gambling projects already occupy about 75% of global traffic. Full compatibility of the product allows you to create new solutions and expands the set of options for the interaction between players and the casino platform.

The Development of an HTML5 Game Using SVG: What are the Advantages?

HTML5 technology with 2WinPower

SVG is an XML-based format that provides browsers with a support of vector graphics. Using the technology, graphics, animations, texts and an interactive component are integrated together. HTML5 browser games are working using SVG, thanks to which, the picture scales without losing its quality.

Thus, the correct display of a game is secured, regardless of the screen’s size. Whether it is a personal computer, a tablet or a smartphone, the image will stay equally clear.

Today, the development of HTML5 games is an expedient solution. The 2WinPower company is ready to create a game on the HTML5 platform taking all the customer’s wishes into consideration. Be one step ahead of the competition; keep up with technological trends. Offer your users only modern multi-functional developments: HTML5 browser games.

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The HTML5 Content: Top Five Providers

This new programming language was almost instantly mastered by the flagships of the gambling industry. HTML5 products currently take about 75% of the total market.

Among the most famous and promising suppliers of gambling solutions, we can name the following ones:


This is a Swedish developer who was the first to gain worldwide fame and popularity. At the moment, the brand’s portfolio includes about eight hundred unique solutions, and each of them is characterised by the impeccable quality of graphics, a wide range of opportunities for winning, and an intuitive interface.

The company not only releases new solutions but also successfully adapts earlier versions of the content to current requirements. Popular slots of the past got a second life. The developer makes an emphasis on the initial design and functionality, without adding any new elements to the classic versions, and thanks to it, he deserved the commendation of “old guard” of gamblers.


This brand was among the first to master a new programming language and use the appeared opportunities. Today, a team of five thousand specialists from all over the world is working on the development of the game content.

The main feature of the Playtech collection is a line of slot machines based on the plots of popular Hollywood blockbusters. The product range includes such bright solutions as Iron Man, Hammer of the Thor, and many others.

In addition to slots with storylines, the supplier produces a series of card and board games in HTML5 format: baccarat, blackjack, and various variations of poker.


The Austrian brand has not only mastered the production of slots games in a new format but also successfully upgraded all previously released products.

Today, young players can enjoy such sensational games as Book of Ra or Lady Luck.

The company has not only updated the earlier versions but also added an exclusive Deluxe line with the extended functionality and better tracing.


This is the only Russian supplier who has managed to gain worldwide recognition. The company has completely switched to a new operation mode, and now, it pleases fans with a large selection of the content, the main feature of which is a combination of simple functionality, minimalistic design, and unusual plot twists.


The Bulgarian brand is a regular participant of the largest gambling exhibitions in the world. The manufacturer has not only successfully mastered the HTML5 format but also introduced an exclusive version of mobile content that has no analogues. Many modern operators rightfully prefer EGT content, which managed to provide completion to the leaders of the industry in record time.


HTML5 games development by 2WinPower

HTML5 is a new operation mode, which has provided new prospects for the entire world of electronics.

Flagships of the gambling market have quickly noticed all the advantages of this technology and were able to switch to it almost instantly, thus offering the world many unusual solutions.

Operators should not forget about another opportunity to quickly earn the loyalty of the audience — the development of HTML5 games according to individual sketches. Bring to life all your dreams and fantasies!

Leave an application to our managers, and we will help you to implement even the most creative projects. It is enough for you to simply tell us about your wishes, and we will deal with the technical part and all the legal nuances.

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2WinPower is a trustworthy guide in the world of interactive technologies that can help you to conquer new summits in the gambling industry.

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