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The Baccarat Card Emulator by Pragmatic Play

  • Number of decks — 8
  • Type of a deck type — standard (52 cards)
  • Joker — no
  • Side bets — no
  • Minimum deposit — 1 dollar
  • Maximum bet — 100 dollars
  • Progressive jackpot — no
  • Bonuses — no
  • Technology: HTML5, Flash

The Description of Baccarat From Pragmatic Play

Baccarat is one of the most popular types of card games. Millions of gamblers like it because of its dynamism and simplicity.

Almost each software vendor has offered his own version of a gambling simulator but the Pragmatic Play solution stands out against the background of the solutions of competitors. The developer emphasised the classics and established traditions, thanks to which the game gives the impression of a complete presence at a real casino table.

You can evaluate the advantages of the solution by downloading the free demo version of the product on the 2WinPower website. We are ready to offer the best developments from the world’s leading suppliers and unique projects that have no analogues. The catalogue includes the latest releases and the game content that has managed to earn the title of classics of the gambling world. We have the best prices and favourable terms for software rental.

Baccarat: the Visual Project Implementation

Each element of the design of Baccarat is aimed at showing the elegance of the usual classic solutions: green cloth with white markings, colourful tokens for placing bets, and cards with a simple back without any decor.

A distinctive feature of the Pragmatic Play product is the combination of gambling options with visual solutions. For example:

  • all limits for bets are indicated on the tablet on which the table number and the dealer’s name are usually written;
  • by clicking on the shuffle machine, it is possible to launch the distribution of cards;
  • the help menu button has become a croupier’s cash desk;
  • available bets became the tokens on the table on the side of a player.

The main game processes are also based on visual effects: you can make a deal by moving the token to the marking, and to get a new card, you need to click on the distributor unit. Separate windows are used only to view the game statistics and display the current balance.

Another nuance is that the panel is divided into 5 cells but the game is played only in the central zone. For the convenience of users, the layout of the table is duplicated in the form of a transparent virtual grid on the screen, and all active positions and winning combinations are highlighted.

Technical Specification and Rules of This Card Game

Baccarat uses 8 card decks without jokers. The standard number of cards is 52, and they are dealt openly. Each player receives 2 cards.

If the offered combination has collected from 0 to 5 points, the participant will receive an additional card. The cards are dealt until gamblers play a game with a total of 9 points.

The value of cards:

  • 1 point — jack, queen, and king;
  • 0 points — ace;
  • 1—9 points — they correspond to the digital values ​​of cards.

The range of bets is from 1 to 100 dollars.

An interesting feature of Baccarat is that game functions are duplicated in the form of keys at the bottom of the screen. All controls can be used via a desktop device (a keyboard and a mouse) and mobile gadgets (a touch screen).

Controls in the Baccarat Game

Game options for the card emulator from Pragmatic Play are the following:

  • the face value of tokens;
  • the launch of the distribution (if necessary, additional cards are dealt automatically);
  • help topics;
  • viewing the history of the game session (information on the last 20 distributions);
  • placement of a bet (banker, player or draw);
  • the launch of a full-screen mode;
  • the ability to mute.

The Baccarat Winnings System

Parameters of payouts in Baccarat from Pragmatic Play

The result of the game session

The system of calculation of winnings

The victory of a banker

1 for 1

The victory of a gambler

1 for 1

The game ends in a draw

8 for 1

The developer did not provide for additional rounds, bonuses, and draws. There is also no round for doubling. The only addition to the traditional game session is the ability to launch the game in the automatic mode with fixed limits for each subsequent distribution.


Baccarat from Pragmatic Play is an interesting solution that gained popularity of millions of fans due to its simplicity. Elementary rules, combined with the speed of draws and a full set of classic casino attributes make this entertainment really exciting.

For all questions that are related to the purchase and rental of game content from Pragmatic Play, please contact 2WinPower managers. We guarantee an individual approach, absolute confidentiality, reasonable prices, and a flexible system of discounts for regular customers.

It is very easy to make certain of the quality of the offered solutions: just download the free demo version of our gambling platform.

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