Gold of Party Slot by Unicum

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unikum slot avtomat zoloto partii 16337003493253 image
unikum slot avtomat zoloto partii 1633700349279 image
unikum slot avtomat zoloto partii 16337003491582 image
unikum slot avtomat zoloto partii 16337003491175 image
unikum slot avtomat zoloto partii 16337003490707 image
unikum slot avtomat zoloto partii 16337003489095 image
unikum slot avtomat zoloto partii 16337003488491 image
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  • Reels 5
  • Paylines 50
  • Round for doubling yes
  • Bonus game no
  • Free spins no
  • Wild yes
  • Scatter yes
  • Automatic game mode yes
  • Technologies HTML5, Flash

No matter what some people may say but after the collapse of the Soviet Union, communists left a cultural heritage of incredible scale. USSR could boast not only rich culture. Many people pass over in silence the issue connected with material values but the Unicum company has decided to draw the curtain. The Gold Of Party slot machine will give players a real opportunity to possess countless treasures.

The video slot was presented not so long ago but throughout its existence, it has managed to leave many famous casino games in the dust. In all Unicum slot machines, it is possible to see a special feature that can be found only in products of this developer. And it is not about individual components — graphics, storylines, etc. It is all about the general atmosphere and colour.

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Gold Of Party Slot Machine: with What Will Unicum Please Gamblers This Time

Let us start with the gameplay. Mechanics in the described slot is standard for Unicum games. So here we are dealing with five reels and twenty-one lines. The developer’s stock in trade was always graphics, and in this slot, the company has managed to outdo itself. Such a qualitative trace drawing you will not be able to find anywhere else.

The control panel is made so that users do not have to bother themselves and think about what functions do buttons fulfil. All of them are in their usual places and have standard names. And it does not matter whether a person plays for the first time or he is an experienced gambler. Everything is simple and understandable without words.

Before starting the game, users must choose how many of lines will be active and also determine the size of a bet. The nominal value of the in-game credit is set by casino operators. To make players not to waste their time and think big, there is a special button «Bet Max», which immediately activates all lines and bets on the maximum number of coins allowed. The «Start» button is used to launch the reels.

Unicum Symbols in the Gold Of Party Slot Machine

Symbols of the slot game deserve a separate paragraph. The Gold Of Party slot machine will be interesting to all fans of gambling. Adult players will remember their youth after they see a number of familiar attributes of the era on the screen. And the younger generation will be able to make the more intimate acquaintance of the childhood of their parents.

Each of the game elements is the embodiment of the spirit of the era. Let us start with a wild symbol or, as it is also called, the Joker. The most real wild is Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, or rather his portrait, made of pure gold. Behind him, there is a streaming flag — a typical label of the Komsomol. It can turn into any other image if necessary.

A scatter is the national emblem of the Soviet Union. It forms prize lines no matter where on the panel it appears. There are also two bonus symbols. An icon with Soviet notes of currency activates the bonus round «Envelope». The globe with the spacecraft launches the bonus game «Sputnik». We will discuss them below in more detail.

To obtain a prize combination, it is necessary that at least three identical images were lined up on one of the active paylines, starting with the leftmost reel.

And now, let us take a closer look at the coefficients:

  • five calendars — ×50;
  • five black and white posters with a miner — ×40;
  • five zaporozhetz cars — ×50;
  • five red combines — ×100;
  • five newspapers Pravda — ×300;
  • five certification marks that could be found on all scarce goods — ×200.

Some symbols of the slot can form a prize line even if there are only two of them in a combo. They are very valuable so they are of high priority.

And now we are going to describe the maximum coefficients of the following symbols:

  • five legendary cruisers Aurora (from the shot from this cruiser the history of the USSR begins) — ×1917 (yes, the coefficient was made in honour of the great date when the revolution has started);
  • five logos of the Olympic games 1980 — ×1000;
  • five views of the Red Square — ×2000;
  • five national emblems of the USSR (main symbols of the slot) — ×10,000.

Round for Doubling

A risk game in the Gold Of Party slot machine is not quite usual. It can take place after all successful spins. But you will have to bet on all your winnings, which were received because of the triggering bet.

After users give their consent to play the risk game, a new panel with the Spasskaya Tower will appear on the screen. The face of a clock is divided into red and green sectors that work on the same principle as the roulette. A rotating hand will determine whether gamblers win or lose. Previously, they need to try to guess the colour on which it will stop. There are only two case scenarios: all or nothing.

Bonus Games in the Gold Of Party Slot Machine

Specialists of Unicum have decided to implement two bonus rounds into the slot. Let us describe each of them.

  • Sputnik

This bonus can be activated after at least three such symbols appear on the reels. Players will have to guess where the space expedition of the Soviet Union will land on. In case of a successful planting of a red flag on a planet, gamblers will receive a prize.

The size of winnings is determined by several factors: the distance of the selected planet from the Earth and the size of the bet before the start of the bonus game. You can choose the Moon, Mars, Venus, and Saturn. The farther the point of arrival is, the more difficult it is to get to it. The number of attempts that players will have for being able to make such a long flight depends on the number of symbols in the combination that has launched the bonus game.

  • Envelope

This bonus round is activated by three Soviet notes of currency gathered on one of the active lines. After the launch of the bonus game, a new screen with four envelopes appears. Gamblers will have to open them. If they find money, the prize will be immediately delivered to the bankroll. The size of winnings is determined by the number that can be seen on the envelope, the size of the bet, and the number of images that have launched the round. However, not every envelope has money in it, there can be also empty shells among them.

The Gold Of Party slot machine will not leave anyone untouched. Developers have made every effort to create a unique game with no analogues. Detailed trace drawing of symbols, competent use of attributes, and a large number of unusual features make the game something really special.

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