Amatic Casino Software in South America as a Perfect Solution for Platform Development

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The gambling audience in South America is thirsty for various gaming activities. However, it is not easy for an operator to enter the local market. Apart from the question of legality, it is also of utmost importance to start cooperation with a trusty software provider.

Today, 2WinPower experts want to introduce to you the Amatic gaming supplier — one of the most popular and demanded manufacturers on the market. Let us try to understand why this company appears on the top of the most used software vendors in Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, and the rest of South America.

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Selecting a Competent Software for a Casino

Amatic casino software in South America

Among all countries on the continent, you can start a legal gambling business in South America only in Columbia. The local gambling commission, Coljuegos, has been issuing the operating permits since 2016. At the same time, it is still possible to offer gambling services with the licenses of other countries (Curacao, Costa Rica, Alderney, etc.) on the territory of South America. The only question is where to find a reliable online casino software provider to understand the local peculiarities.

Amatic casino software in South America is distinctive from others for a dozen reasons:

  1. Innovative technologies have already reached the gambling business in South America. Amatic utilizes them at maximum, making emphasis on VR and AR functionality, as well as offering operators live-casino development that is currently extremely popular among the locals.
  2. By offering a flexible configuration of the software for a casino in South America, Amatic maximizes the question of adaptation. This means that regardless of where an operator is going to install the games (Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Columbia), there will be no difficulties in adjusting the settings according to the audience.
  3. Wide usage of Amatic casino software in South America is also explained by its reliable foolproof strategies. Since the local gambling market is still full of unlicensed gambling establishments, hackers enjoy breaking online casinos. The protected environment that Amatic offers minimizes this risk almost to zero.
  4. Another reason for the increased popularity of the Amatic software provider in South America is the loyalty programs. Even though the residents of the continent have a lot in common, it is important to approach each group of audience with a meticulously set up promotional strategy. Amatic marketers achieve it easily.
  5. The principle of reliable gaming is the main focus of the Amatic gaming provider. There have been numerous instances when people blamed online casinos for their addictions. Therefore, the basic set of turnkey casino Amatic in South America includes a wide range of instruments to help players control their gambling process.

Crucial Organizational Features in the Working Process with Amatic

Among all available software vendors, the Amatic casino provider in South America cares about future clients above all other business aspects. It basically means that when an operator agrees to the gaming content supply to an online casino in Columbia, Chile, or any other local country, there is no need to invent any additional features for the potential players.

When you start an Amatic online casino in South America, everything is already planned according to the target audience you are going to focus on.

Features for Players

How These Features Work

Platform-Independent Content

As soon as operator agrees on the software, he receives an opportunity to install the chosen software not only on the online casino, but also on slot machines, mobile websites, terminals, and other available platforms

Playing with Multiple Windows

Amatic casino software in South America considers the demands of people and makes it possible to open a few gaming rooms simultaneously and enjoy the content without any glitches or delays

Personalized Visuals and Audio

South America is a huge continent, and different countries (Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, etc.) require a different approach in terms of design — Amatic gaming provider copes with this task perfectly well

Transparent Payment Processes

Secured depositing and withdrawing means a lot for the gambling business in South America, so Amatic experts work a lot to set up a quick and clear money-transferring procedure for each country in the region

Mobile-Oriented Direction

South America is one of the countries to receive access to mobile devices and connection later than others, so Amatic works towards making players understand the benefits of this platform

Most Popular Content from Amatic

Gaming content from Amatic

The company works hard in all directions, including the development of casino games, administrative systems, and even betting tools. However, Amatic slot machines for sale are the most popular solution among Brazilian, Columbian, and Argentinian players.

The software provider gladly shares the most played games on the South American market:

  • Billyonaire;
  • Admiral Nelson;
  • Dragon’s Pearl;
  • Hot Seven.

At the same time, individual Amatic slot machines for sale remain the key feature of the company. An extensive team of game developers works on each design and mechanic tirelessly until an operator is satisfied with the result.

For the South American market, these themes are claimed to be the most trendy and demanded on various online gambling platforms:

  • football;
  • digitalization;
  • return to the past (the 1920s – 1930s);
  • travelling abroad;
  • terrific nature;
  • gastronomy.

Building around these trends brings the most benefit while working with the Amatic casino provider in South America. Therefore, it must be a perfect possibility to enrol into the gambling business on the same wavelength as the current pop culture.

The Main Things about Obtaining Efficient Amatic Software

Amatic provider for a casino

So, the destination is chosen and the focus on a certain audience is made. But is there any secret on how to buy an Amatic casino in South America? Well, the 2WinPower company provides efficient assistance in obtaining the necessary software at affordable prices.

Before we proceed to the details, it is important to remember that working with Amatic software provider in South America implies:

  • success in the region heavily depends on the usage of such innovative technologies as virtual reality, augmented reality, live dealers, and similar;
  • flexible adjustment of software according to the local preferences increases the player acquisition;
  • loyalty programs from Amatic work perfectly well with any chosen audience in South America;
  • the major features that Amatic offers new and experienced operators are platform-independent content, multiple-window playing option, personalized visuals and audio, transparent payment processes, mobile-oriented direction;
  • the development of unique gaming content is oriented on the latest trends in the South American region, in particular sports, technical achievements, the 1920s – 1930s, travelling abroad, stunning nature, and gastronomy.

Therefore, if the goal of your business is directed towards opening an online gambling business in South America, you are highly recommended to resort to 2WinPower. Our close cooperation with Amatic allows every operator to achieve the most prominent results.

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