Artificial Intelligence Will be Able to Predict the Behaviour of Gamblers

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Thanks to modern developments, the potential of artificial intelligence has grown so much that it is difficult to predict how deeply it will be integrated into our lives in the coming decades. Just imagine, how will change the situation on the roads, when no human beings will be at the wheel, and all the traffic will be determined only by machine algorithms. Perhaps, it will solve the problem of road traffic accidents and significantly reduce the number of deaths due to car crashes. And it can really make everyday life better, and, most likely, also qualitatively change online gambling.

As reported in the issue of Scientific American, dated July 21, 2009, scientists are developing a new artificial intelligence (AI), which will be able to predict the behaviour of players in the casino.

Artificial Intelligence in gambling

Ways in Which AI Predicts Human Behaviour

Everyone knows that the basis of artificial intelligence development is human behaviour, physical and emotional response to a particular situation. Thus, AI copies the behaviour of an ordinary person.

The world market has previously presented robots with artificial intelligence, which could express their emotions. Sounds a little scary, right? A machine with feelings...

The world of technology does not stand still, developing with each new day. Leading programmers have set themselves the task to perform a technical miracle and create an AI that could predict the behaviour of gamblers in the casino.

Scientists around the world are studying the people and trying to copy them, but there is no single clear algorithm of how to do it. Several ways to duplicate the behaviour of a human being have been developed.

Methods of creating AI can be divided into two groups:

  • semiotical;
  • biological.

In the first case, scientists are trying to repeat the cogitation pattern of human being, that is, to recreate his thinking. And in the second — monitor natural reactions and step by step repeat them in machines, just as the artist copies a picture of another creator.

Professionals have studied more than 675 games, in 7 different categories. After that, it was possible to mathematically calculate a similar reaction of players to the same events. This was done in order to give an accurate and unmistakable assessment of their emotional state. This method is called Propagation of Errors.

As a result, the new model of artificial intelligence is able to predict the reaction of each of the participants, as well as provide information about how the player will react to his losings or victory.

A basic strategy of predicting emotional behaviour was developed on the basis of the first four games. It is expected that this technology will be massively used in the halls of the casino, thus, pretty facilitating the work of security and protect the next sitting players from the violent reaction of their partners in the game.

Casino operators expect that AI will have a very particular effect on the following games:

  • poker;
  • roulette;
  • baccarat;
  • lotteries.

Of course, the importance of players’ behaviour predictability in card games cannot be overestimated. Major market participants, who plan to be the first to get the technology at their disposal, hope to radically change the approach to reactivation of gamblers (motivation for new bets) and marketing in a whole.

What AI Will Affect in Online Gambling

Parameter Description
Amount of bets The algorithm will be able to offer the player to raise the bet when he is almost ready for such a decision
Loyalty Personalized customer service will better meet the needs of players
The average age of players Probably, the connection of new technologies will attract a younger audience to the gaming process
Ludomania AI will help to figure out gamblers in time

But the new, not even created technologies have already gained opponents. Some of them believe that this will lead to an aggravation of gambling addiction among customers of gambling houses and in general to the spread of games of money in society.


It is obvious that in the next decade, gambling project management systems using AI will appear on the market, that will change the entire online gambling beyond recognition.

Operators will have to invest large sums in start-ups to ensure their competitiveness, but the business will be able to receive increased profits, anticipating the actions of players and their desires. It means that online casinos will become even more profitable and interesting activity.

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