Online platforms based on blockchain technology are becoming an integral part of the economy of the 21st century, and the gambling industry is no exception.

Modern casinos use bitcoins as the main payment unit. Gamblers conduct fast and secure transactions from their homes, and operators receive excellent traffic monetisation with stable profit improvement.

Bitcoin casino: where to order

We offer our clients to buy bitcoin casino solutions. With our assistance, entrepreneurs will be able to create a high-technology project with future prospects.

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Features of Blockchain Transfers in the iGaming Field

The successful operation of a bitcoin casino script involves the connection of special aggregators. Their work is based on a global network that connects billions of peer-to-peer transfers all over the world.

The use of this system guarantees:

  1. Decentralised processing. The work of a gaming site does not depend on the government, banks, customs offices, and other supervisory authorities.
  2. Complete security of payments. The nature of the described technology is such that any illegal interference and money theft is impossible.
  3. Instant transfers without any commission fee. Entrepreneurs only need to create a BTC wallet and make sure that gamblers also have such a wallet.
  4. Anonymous operation from anywhere in the world. You can accept payments even from countries with a mixed attitude towards casino entertainment.

Characteristics of a Reliable Financial Service

High operating speed

Bitcoin casino software must support instant transfers regardless of the jurisdictions in which gamblers are located.

The average time for crediting digital assets to a BTC wallet is 5 minutes but there are services that work even faster

Convenient backend

A good financial gateway always has:

  • multilevel reporting system;
  • colourful graphs and diagrams;
  • options for changing limits and the size of commissions


Interconnection with other crypto units (litecoin, ethereum) and fiat money (US dollars, euros) will expand the range of available solutions within the bitcoin casino solution.

Operators should offer gamblers a convenient converter so that they can choose in which currency to make transactions

Processing of various types of payments

There are many multipurpose aggregators on the market that, in addition to bitcoin payments, support:

  • transfers of virtual assets;
  • operations with bank cards;
  • mobile and voucher transfers.

The more payment methods entrepreneurs offer, the better traffic they attract

Complete security

Those businessmen who decide to start a bitcoin casino must obtain the licensed software to guarantee the security of the service and its trouble-free and reliable operation even at the moment of critical loads on the IT infrastructure

Payment systems for processing digital money

From us, you can buy a bitcoin gambling script with a built-in financial aggregator. The program will simplify communication between users and operators and provide fast and secure money transfers.

We offer you to consider ordering the following payment modules:


It is an American IT corporation and a pioneer in the field of digital asset management. The company is a reliable payment operator that offers cryptocurrency storage services.

BitGo processes transfers in bitcoins, ethereums, litecoins, and other money units. Moreover, the provider offers fast and inexpensive exchange for more than 30 currencies of the world.

Features of a turnkey bitcoin casino with the BitGo module:

  1. Practical control system. A businessman's profile contains information on current exchange rates and quotes, history of transactions, and financial reports. Many data are presented in the form of graphs and diagrams, clearly demonstrating the dynamic situation in the market.
  2. Various connection options. Entrepreneurs have access to flexible SDK plug-ins or instant integration of the financial module with the help of API tools.
  3. Multicurrency. Exchange of virtual assets can be made with global money units (US dollars, euros) and something less popular (for example, with the Brazilian real or Polish zloty). The service carries out instant conversion with a minimum commission.

B4U Global

B4U Global is a company that processes cryptocurrency operations. The brand provides a wide range of services related to the exchange of digital money, their storage, and investment of bitcoins in various economic sectors.

Entrepreneurs can launch a crypto casino script in a new jurisdiction, scale up an already existing project or invest the earned money in other sectors, for example, in the construction of commercial real estate or rental business.

Advantages of the B4U Global system:

  • simple interconnection with popular fiat services: China Unionpay, Visa, Paypal, Advance Cash, Skrill, etc.;
  • high level of security (the service has been tested for compliance with international PCI-DSS standards);
  • absolute legality (the cryptocurrency casino script is licensed in Malta ― a prestigious jurisdiction with a European legal framework).


The company controls convenient and secure payments in cryptocurrency and fiat money. Entrepreneurs can store their digital assets in “cold” wallets and carry out instant exchange transactions in more than 30 types of currency (you need only 3 seconds to process the transaction).

Characteristics of the Alphapo payment gateway:

  1. A large selection of offers. Project owners have access to direct financial channels without restrictions on the amount and time of transfer, as well as invoices linked to the cost of fiat money. You can integrate the Plug and Pay service with the ability to set the automatic replenishment and withdrawal of funds.
  2. Good risk management. The system does not provide chargebacks and “roving spares”, which significantly reduces the risk of fraud.
  3. An up-to-date catalogue of financial aggregators. In addition to operations with bitcoins, gamblers have access to transfers in litecoins, ethereums, tezers, and other digital assets.

Asia Payment Gateway

An international financial aggregator is focused not only on fiat currency but on bitcoin transactions as well. This is a huge advantage for casino operators since many payment methods are collected in one place ― there is no need to install additional software.

Features of the processing of payments in the Asia Payment Gateway system:

  • prestigious certification (products were approved by the financial regulators of the USA and Hong Kong and marked by the international standard of the PCI-DSS payment card industry);
  • high performance (the service processes more than 10 thousand requests per minute, and the transfer time does not exceed 2 hours);
  • round-the-clock support (the customer service can resolve any issue related to the connection of the service, processing of financial operations, and report generation).


This is a global crypto payment system with its digital currency of the same name. The company guarantees fast and secure cross-border money transfers without any reference to the issuing bank.

Features of the financial gateway:

  1. Dozens of payment methods are gathered in one place. Operators have access to both traditional Internet acquiring and instant transactions in digital assets. The service offers exchange operations for more than 120 money units at a loyal rate and with minimum commission fees.
  2. Flexible credit line. Thanks to tools that can increase liquidity, entrepreneurs can optimise their expenses: for example, borrow the missing amount of money from Ripple at a minimum percentage.
  3. Practical backend. It includes dozens of types for reports (accounting, statistical), budgeting systems, options for drawing up a business plan, useful tips, and up-to-date summaries of the latest events in the financial market.

Support of Cryptocurrency by Global Payment Aggregators

Cryptocurrency: tools for legal work with digital assets

Even though most of such well-known systems as Visa, MasterCard, and Neteller specialise in traditional money transfers, they are also gradually introducing tools for legal work with digital assets.

Let us consider a few examples:

  1. Visa. This company cooperates with the platform by renting its IT infrastructure. By the end of the year, the provider promises to add other cryptocurrencies to the system ― perhaps very soon, it will be possible to start crypto casino solutions based on Visa.
  2. Mastercard. Its pilot project is associated with the use of USD Coin ― the dollar-pegged cryptocurrency. The company actively cooperates with Anchorage and BNY Mellon banks and by the end of the year, it promises to present a transnational platform for exchanging fiat money for digital assets.
  3. Neteller. At the moment, clients of the service can pay in 35 currencies. Transfers between individuals are subject to a minimum commission ― only 0.5% of the transaction amount.
  4. American Express. Although the financial corporation does not directly support bitcoin transfers, it actively cooperates with various startups. Thus, in 2021, the venture capital arm of American Express invested over 50 million dollars in the FalconX platform.

The Main Things about Bitcoin Casino Payment Systems

2WinPower offers its clients a reliable bitcoin casino for sale.

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The project supports direct transfers between BTC wallets and operations with bank cards and virtual money.

  • After you find out how to start a bitcoin casino, you will get a guarantee of fast and anonymous transactions and complete security of transfers with a minimum commission.
  • When choosing a payment gateway for crypto platforms, it is worth paying attention to the speed of processing requests, support for operations with various digital assets, the presence of a convenient backend with multi-level reporting, and user settings.
  • 2WinPower recommends such financial aggregators as Asia Payment Gateway, Ripple, Alphapo, BitGo, and B4U Global. On our website, you can get acquainted with the catalogue of profitable payment solutions.

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