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The development of a gambling club is a task for true professionals, so do not rely on freelancers, whose work will undoubtedly cost less. However, you should not chase for low prices: when turning to the developer, you should also take into account his reputation and the quality of his services.

Casino development by true professionals

It is a good practice to look through the game resources that were created by the chosen company ― their functionality, design, colour, and the ease of use. Moreover, it is worth paying attention to the comments and the feedback of visitors to these casinos that can be found on the forums. Only after careful monitoring of this kind of matters you can start the cooperation with a firm, one of the services of which is casino development.

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In order for the creation of a gambling establishment to become a new and successful business step, this process should be entrusted to companies with positive work experience. The first thing that you need to do is to purchase the casino software along with the package of modern games. Then, it is necessary to acquire all license documents that allow you to conduct the casino business.

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Also, the development company usually offers its clients to purchase a hosting especially for their resources and the program for maintaining the personal account. Such services as free addition of new games that appear on the market are also popular because the high-quality casino development means to provide services of the highest level.

The creation of a gambling club also presumes the provision of the further promotion of a new enterprise, and for this purpose, a development company can provide a specially designed program, taking into account all the features and specifics of your work, the location, and number of languages ​​that should be offered on the gaming site.

We also integrate Playtech games.

Criteria for Choosing Gambling Software

Casino games: how to choose gambling software

Software is the foundation of the platform, and profitability of your business directly depends on its quality and functionality.

Choosing software products, you should pay attention to the following factors:

  1. Graphic design. The images should be clear, bright, and fully displayed on the screens of any format. A poor image in 2021 is a sign of bad taste.
  2. Control panel and navigation. The game interface should not only have a pleasant visual design but also a full set of options to control the game and personal settings.
  3. Security system. In this category, it is worth considering the software, which provides protection against interruptions, access by third parties, and the influence of third parties on the outcome of the game session.
  4. Secure payment services. The more financial systems are connected, the wider is the audience of the website. The 2WinPower team offers an additional service for connecting the bitcoin wallets.
  5. Loyalty programs. These are built-in game bonuses, thematic and seasonal promotions, cash rewards for the activity on the website (registration, first deposit, the invitation of a friend).

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Besides, you should also consider how popular the company is on the market. With the increased demand for gambling services, a lot of untrustworthy scammers try to lure money from the inexperienced operators, promising them a high-quality product at the end. Eventually, after robbing several businessmen, such companies simply disappear with all the investments made by the operators.

With this in mind, you must double-check the vendor’s reputation and, if possible, find the reviews of former clients that will finally certify the company’s reliability. By the way, communication is crucial here, so even though you always have the possibility to contact a support team, you may receive some insider information from the users of that software provider. Make a smart choice, judging on the wise decisions.

The Most Popular Software Vendors for Gambling Platforms

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The team of specialists from 2WinPower has prepared a top list of the most sought-after vendors of software solutions for online services:

Top five software vendors in 2021

The brand name

Brief description


The company’s offer consists of over eight hundred fifty solutions with the interfaces translated in twenty-four languages. This brand was the first to introduce the concept of a “progressive jackpot”. Another advantage is that a high winning percentage is implemented into each slot of this developer


The branded slot machines based on the world-famous Marvel comics are the company's pride. The firm is now focused on working with Disney. In addition to slots with exciting storylines, the developer offers software for live broadcasts, a huge selection of card and board games, and a package of the betting products


The developer has introduced the unique game simulators and now, it is making slots for mobile operating systems. Only in 2017, the firm has processed about forty-two billion transactions, and the brand’s software was installed on more than two hundred online websites all over the world


In addition to the creation of slot games, the brand deals with the maintenance of the land-based locations. Another branch of its work is the launch of a unique payment system for noncash transactions


It is the largest brand that serves users from CIS countries. The Austrian corporation uses in its development unique algorithms and game mechanics and is focuses on games with exciting storylines that are targeted at the Russian-speaking audience

Development of Casino Platforms on the Turnkey Basis: the Advantages of Cooperation With 2WinPower

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By signing a contract with 2WinPower and ordering a turnkey service, you get the following products and guarantees:

  • individual approach;
  • record-breaking time for developing and launching a startup (from two months);
  • services of professional designers (the design of a website and a logo);
  • extremely qualitative software and the latest releases in the casino market;
  • free software updates;
  • arrangement of work of the technical support service (chat and user feedback forms, prompt resolution of controversial issues, and consultation of gamblers);
  • development of unique loyalty programs;
  • organisation and configuration of security systems (the use of the latest encryption technology, the purchase of foreign servers for storing information);
  • the legalisation of business and the related legal assistance.

Additionally, 2WinPower can create mobile applications of any format for its clients, connect the bitcoin wallets and affiliate programs, and deal with the comprehensive promotion of the gaming site with a guarantee of a full payback within three or six months from its launch.


To buy the software and launch a gambling project on your own is a long and difficult process. The perfect alternative is to work with 2WinPower. Our team of specialists will select the best solutions for projects of any type and offer the widest range of services.

You do not want to fix on the ready-made products? Then, you can order exclusive HTML5 games. Our experts will bring to life the most unusual and unexpected ideas.

Make hay while the sun shines and launch a profitable gambling business with 2WinPower! Contact us today!

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