The gambling niche demonstrates stable growth and high profitability, but to work legally, it is necessary to get a permit. Experts of the 2WinPower company will tell you where and why it is better to receive such a document in 2024.

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Gambling business licensing: general info

Gambling is a sector of the economy that is strictly regulated by the government: the Ministry of Finance, Tax and Customs Services, as well as other departments.

To operate successfully, the online platforms owners, bookmakers’ offices, and lottery draws should receive a certificate. The document determines the rights and obligations of all subjects of the industry: entrepreneurs, players, and regulators.

Gambling business legalisation was first practised in France in the 14th century. About 600 years later, permits became mandatory for all US operators. At that time, the land-based casino sector was actively developing in 2 states: Nevada (Las Vegas) and New Jersey (Atlantic City).

Reasons why operators should obtain such a certificate:

  1. Lawful activity. Unlicensed brands are prohibited from accepting bets. Owners of iGaming platforms that will do so are going to have to pay large fines, and in some cases, they may even lose their business. To avoid problems, it is better to get a permit right away.
  2. The trust of customers. Modern users search for information about licences as soon as they access a casino website. Without it, entrepreneurs will not be able to attract high rollers. The availability of a certificate, on the contrary, will help them gain the trust of the clients and maximise the profit.
  3. Mutually beneficial relations with partners. It is impossible to enter into agreements with payment aggregators, hosting and game providers, as well as affiliates and other market participants without a permit. Most top developers cooperate only with legal companies, unwilling to undergo reputational losses.
  4. Improvement of the brand’s image. Certified companies participate in various conferences and world exhibitions, post in the media, and finance joint casino projects.

When choosing a country to obtain a licence, operators must take into account many factors. These are the ease of the iGaming platform’s launch, rules for applicants, as well as the cost and the document’s validity period. It is also important to understand the nuances of registering a legal entity, taxation features, advertising restrictions, etc.

Let us consider where it is profitable to receive a casino permit in 2024.


It is the global centre of the entertainment niche, with many successful brands and active government support. All types of digital and offline gambling are allowed here. There are no state monopolies, and the requirements for applicants are quite feasible.

The jurisdiction has become home to many top software vendors, such as Microgaming, Pragmatic Play, Playtech, NetEnt, and many other developers.

There are many payment aggregators, hosting providers, consulting firms, and sportsbook platforms that work in the region. Together, they generate €1.5 million in gross gaming revenue (GGR) and contribute 13% of the country's GDP.

Why It Is Beneficial to Run a Business in Malta

The main advantages of such a decision include:

  1. The trust of gamblers and B2B partners. Companies with a Maltese licence have established themselves as honest and responsible participants in the European market. They can boast of the confidence of users, entrepreneurs, and investors. Besides, such investors are happy to put their money into promising startups and receive good dividends in return.
  2. Legal acceptance of bets from abroad. Thanks to the Maltese permit, it is possible to own a website with a .com domain name. Operators can attract international Internet traffic and interact with European players.
  3. Well-developed community. Renowned industry conferences are held on the island several times a year. These are SiGMA Europe, EGR, and Casino Beats. The country is at the epicentre of innovation in the gambling niche. Here, it is possible to gain valuable experience in doing business and conclude lucrative contacts.
  4. Flexible rules for applicants. Despite the advantages of a Maltese permit, it is quite simple to get it. Operators need to register a legal entity, write a business plan, and undergo the KYC procedure in relation to key persons (investors, general managers, etc.).

How Much the Document Costs

The country issues 4 types of certificates, which cover all major gambling areas. The amount of state duty and annual fee directly depends on the issued licence. For example, to launch a virtual casino, it will be necessary to pay €25,000 (and an application fee of €2,330).

Many entrepreneurs choose Malta for its low taxes.

The local government offers preferential conditions to all new companies. During the first 6 months, they pay €4,660 regardless of cash turnover and gross income, and after that, €7,000 per month.


This picturesque European country attracts investment in many sectors of the economy, including gambling. The niche is firmly connected with tourism, so the authorities prioritise offline casinos and establishments with slot machines. They are opened in large hotel complexes located in the coastal zone.

The active development of the iGaming sector began during the pandemic. Due to quarantine restrictions, investors focused on the online niche. At the end of 2023, the industry's GGR exceeded €18 million. Experts predict that by 2028, the CAGR will be 5.31% every year.

One of the main reasons for launching a gambling platform in the jurisdiction is the high welfare of citizens. Montenegro is classified as an upper-middle-income region. GDP per capita is €18,500, with a total population of 620,000 people.

The first laws in the field of entertainment for money were adopted in 2011. The government is constantly working on the improvement of the regulatory framework to lead it to European standards. The country is a candidate for EU membership.

The registration and issuance of licences are carried out by a structural unit of the Ministry of Finance.

The basic requirements are:

  • authorised capital (€300,000);
  • business plan for 3 years;
  • a bank deposit of €90,000, which is intended for the payment of winnings;
  • software certification;
  • the passage of KYC procedures (for key persons of the company).

The licence is issued for 3 years and can be extended for another 5. Owners of iGaming projects must also pay a fixed monthly fee of €10,000.

Founders of land-based casinos can launch sites with slot machines under a simplified procedure and offer other types of entertainment for money. This includes the organisation of poker tournaments and lotteries, as well as the acceptance of bets on sports events and cyber contests. The cost of a complex certificate is €2 million.


Curacao gambling permit: advantages

The island is considered one of the oldest and most respected regulators in the world, that started working in 1994. The region quickly became the world’s iGaming centre.

The local casino industry is currently undergoing important changes. In September 2023, new legislation came into force. The government started to introduce more comfortable and secure licensing rules and has also recognised cryptocurrency as the main payment method.

Advantages of Working in the Jurisdiction

Let us consider why Curacao is preferred by many successful brands:

  1. Legitimate work all over the world. Operators can launch casinos in the .com domain zone and accept bets from foreign users (except for players from the US, France, the Netherlands, and the island itself).
  2. Modern IT infrastructure. There are various data centres, business hubs, and office buildings in the territory. It is also covered by a wide-area 5G network, which simplifies the opening and scaling of the iGaming business.
  3. Low taxes. Entrepreneurs pay between 0.5% and 1.5% of GGR for the reporting period. There are no charges on dividends and withdrawn capital, social security contributions, or other types of levies.
  4. Clear licensing structure. The government provided 2 types of authorisation: for B2C and B2B. The document allows all kinds of gambling activities. Operators can manage a virtual casino, a bookmaker’s office, and a poker room simultaneously.
  5. Legal circulation of cryptocurrencies. Curacao was the first to issue a blockchain iGaming permit. It was granted to a company from Lithuania in 2017. In 2023, the authorities reconsidered their attitude toward digital tokens and introduced mandatory AML scanning of payments, as well as other innovations.

Licensing Cost

The key advantage of working in Curacao is the fast and inexpensive launch of a startup. The registration process lasts only 6 weeks. Operators must provide complete information on their platforms and key persons, rent local servers, and conclude a contract with the hosting provider.

Entrepreneurs are required to pay a fee for application processing in the amount of €4,000. The annual deduction is €12,000.

Antigua and Barbuda

The country in the eastern part of the Caribbean Sea is considered a popular offshore zone. It attracts capital from all over the world thanks to a good investment climate and the complete absence of taxes.

Business owners are actively implementing gambling projects in the region, which is also open to international companies. To launch a startup, it is not necessary to open a physical representative office or place servers in local data centres.

Online casinos certified in Antigua and Barbuda have an exclusive right to provide services to residents of the United Kingdom. Many operators are taking advantage of this relief to quickly enter the promising UK market with minimal initial costs.

Licensing functions are assigned to the FISPAA special organisation. Its responsibilities include consideration of applications, internal audit, supervision of businessmen, and the revocation of permits if necessary.

Entrepreneurs who want to launch an entertainment platform need to obtain an Interactive Gaming certificate. It covers all types of solutions that are based on a reliable RNG and is valid for one year with the possibility of automatic renewal.

Financial requirements for operators:

  • non-refundable payment ($10,000);
  • application fee ($15,000);
  • annual contribution ($100,000);
  • bank guarantee ($100,000).

Antigua and Barbuda has strict laws regarding fraud, money laundering, and the placement of bets by minors. Operators must publish information about the risks related to ludomania and lists of organisations where people can get help.

Isle of Man

Casino licensing on the Isle of Man: features

The territory is under British dependency but has more lenient laws. This was one of the reasons for the growing popularity of gambling on the island. Many companies are keen to register a business here, given the low tax rates and a simplified certification procedure.

The GSC regulator is one of the oldest in the world. It was founded in 1962. In 1994, the authority began to issue the first online casino permits, having gained the government’s unconditional support.

Entrepreneurs can work under full or sublicence and obtain a special document to produce and supply gambling and betting software. Businessmen are also offered the option which ensures the legal acquisition of Internet traffic from abroad.

Key Benefits of the Local Certification

Let us consider why operators choose the Isle of Man:

  1. Flexible approach to target markets. Providers can interact with foreign users, accept bets and pay prize money. The main point is that it is possible to take advantage of the .com domain address and provide services in other countries as well.
  2. Active support from the state. The local authorities are offering a system of grants, tax discounts, and other exemptions. Entrepreneurs have access to quick relocation from regions with unstable political and economic situations based on the Disaster Recovery permit.
  3. Minimum fiscal burden. Casino owners pay from 0.1% to 1.5% of GGR for the reporting period. These are the lowest indicators in the world. There are also no taxes on capital gains or dividends, which makes the region attractive to foreign brands.
  4. Legalisation of blockchain operations. In 2015, the government included cryptocurrency payments in the law on anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism financing. In 2017, the regulator issued the first licence for the organisation of lottery draws based on the use of digital tokens. The government, represented by the Isle of Man Blockchain Office and Sandbox, supports and develops this business area in every possible way.

Cost of a Permit

The price of the request’s consideration is €5,000. Moreover, it is necessary for entrepreneurs to transfer €35,000 annually throughout the validity period (5 years).

GSC has strict rules, which include the placement of servers on the island, opening a physical office, certification of games and equipment, implementation of mechanisms that protect against ludomania, and much more.

The Main Things about the Legalisation of iGaming Platforms

The niche is a dynamically developing sector of the economy.

  • To operate legally, project owners need a relevant permit. It guarantees the stable growth of Internet traffic, the conclusion of profitable contracts with suppliers of games and payment systems, as well as the receipt of grants and tax discounts from the government.
  • Popular regions for launching iGaming startups are Antigua and Barbuda, Malta, Curacao, Montenegro, and the Isle of Man. These countries are distinguished by their loyal attitude toward cryptocurrency, favourable tax system, and well-developed IT infrastructure. Local legislation includes increased requirements for AML and customer security.
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  • provision of program components;
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