Casino Game Aggregator System: An Excellent Solution for Gambling Operators

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In the modern business world, beginning entrepreneurs do not have to organise every aspect of their projects by themselves. The online gambling sphere developed a convenient way to set up internet casinos from scratch — with the help of game aggregators. These companies are experienced representatives of the international market with vast connections to numerous service providers.

Internet casino game aggregators

2WinPower has completed over a hundred projects, supplying the finest entertainment software to its clients. The support of our gaming aggregator system (GAS) allowed inexperienced operators to turn their casino platforms into lucrative websites in just half a year. Order the software support from 2WinPower and provide the trendiest gaming content for your audience.

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What Are the Advantages of Using Game Aggregators?

A reliable casino game aggregator analyses the working environment, selects the most appropriate entertainment content and integrates the chosen software into the platform.

The advantages of resorting to a professional aggregator:

  1. A colossal assortment of gaming content. Different operational sectors have a particular focus on gambling preferences. The advantage of a casino aggregator is the cooperation with the most demanded software providers in each region. The selection of games will align perfectly well with the operator’s target audience.
  2. Unified API integration. Apart from money, time is another valuable resource in the online gambling industry. By working with a game aggregator site, an operator saves hundreds of hours since there is no need to conclude agreements with different studios. All content is consolidated in a single company that is extremely convenient to work with.
  3. Favourable financial aspect. Aggregators usually offer lower prices on software than individual game studios. The reason for it is the number of operators resorting to such companies as 2WinPower. A high capacity of orders allows asking for less even including additional percentages for service provision.
  4. The straightforward addition of new products. Connecting a game aggregator system opens the possibility to install the freshest innovations from providers. Such convenience opens the doors to experiments with content and immediate adjustments to the mood of the audience.
  5. Unified technical support. In case of any malfunction on an operator’s or client’s side, there is a single team to eradicate problems. The aggregator’s experts also provide consulting to beginning managers to establish a smooth operational process.

2WinPower is one of the best video game aggregators currently working on the market. Our connections with world-leading software providers allow implementing of the finest gaming content for the company’s clients. Order excellent software support from 2WinPower and start your successful casino business with quality entertainment.

What Are the Top Content Suppliers?

Top 5 gaming content suppliers

While new players want to receive the best user experience for their first gaming sessions, returning gamblers demand only the finest entertainment from renowned providers. 2WinPower cooperates with the manufacturers of content that can satisfy all niches of the audience.

These software providers are the most requested creators on our game aggregator site:


The tycoon of the gambling industry started its operation almost 30 years ago. Among the most recognisable features of the provider, 2WinPower wants to focus on:

  • the vast diversity of twisted gaming plots;
  • unique approaches to audio and visual implementation;
  • transparent interactive panels;
  • games on all existing platforms (mobile, app, browser);
  • unified jackpot system.


The company’s virtual slot machines are commonly installed on the websites of the best casino brands in the world. Apart from recognisable animation and absorbing gameplay, the company’s software is requested for:

  • live casino content with real dealers;
  • mobile NetEnt slots (Touch system with adaptability functions);
  • constant update of features on an HTML5 basis;
  • innovative marketing approach for popularisation of games;
  • interactive tuition from the company’s experts for better UX.


With a library of more than 300 games, this popular software provider has a lot to share with operators of online casinos, for example:

  • up-to-day technologies in slots and other content;
  • a variety of tabletop games, such as poker, blackjack, baccarat, etc.;
  • complete reinterpretation of bingo entertainment;
  • multiplatform Plurius system that unites ground and online gambling;
  • ingenious marketing and gaming NovoSDK and Pro platforms.


Since 1993, the company works on ground and web markets, supplying specialised products for casino operators. With the insane popularity of Amatic slots, the provider is a distinctive market representative thanks to:

  • the game support on all popular platforms;
  • unique configurable rounds for a variety of entertainment content;
  • accumulated jackpot systems;
  • the principles of responsibility across all games;
  • high-security standards during the cooperation with the supplier.


500+ games based on 140+ gambling licences with official representatives in 17 countries around the world are impressive characteristics of the vendor.

Besides, Playtech is well known for:

  • adapting the pace of the gambling process individually;
  • multicurrency approach to payment systems;
  • official characters of the culture’s multi-universe;
  • extensive bonus variations among different games;
  • cooperation with popular security corporations to ensure users’ safety.

2WinPower offers to work with our game aggregator platform alongside other successful operators. The entertainment software from the best manufacturers accelerates the development of your casino in the region. Order the finest gambling solutions from 2WinPower to enter the global market of lucrative gaming websites.

Why Is Working with 2WinPower Beneficial for You?

Gambling aggregator systems: benefits

With the availability of other gambling aggregator systems, our company understands the necessity to stand out from the crowd. We offer to review our most recognisable features and reasons to choose us above any other organisation.

By working with 2WinPower you receive:

Multicurrency support

Our integration implies not only fiat money of the operational region but also popular cryptocurrency tokens

An enormous assortment

More than 8,000 combined games are available for our clients to purchase or rent

Multilingual interface

It does not matter what market you orient your casino on since our localisation department analyses the region needs and offers several site variants with different language options

Puzzle-like configuration

The setup of each game implies a complex approach from our side to match the requirements of your audience

Flexible bonus system

High adaptability levels of our software allow shape distinct bonus patterns for entertainment content

Casino Management System

By connecting our program you get the possibility to manage all installed pieces of software efficiently

Turnkey casino solution

Besides the gaming content, 2WinPower offers to order a ready-made casino that includes the setup of the entire project by our experts

The Main Things about the 2WinPower Aggregator

A lot of entrepreneurs refuse from starting an online casino because they think it is a difficult process. In reality, such companies as 2WinPower simplify the organisation significantly with easy access to the software. To prepare for the launch, game aggregators also offer other services that comprise a turnkey solution.

Working with 2WinPower is an excellent possibility to:

  • get acquainted with the advantages of aggregator, such as an increased assortment of games, unified API integration, favourable financial aspect, and others;
  • initialise cooperation with such renowned software brands as Microgaming, NetEnt, Greentube, Amatic, Playtech, and others;
  • receive distinctive company’s services, for example, multicurrency support, multilingual interface, puzzle-like configuration, flexible bonus system, decent CMS.

2WinPower provides extensive support for all operators. Experienced managers receive desired updates while new casino owners can work on turnkey conditions. Order the best services from the world’s renown aggregator and join the ranks of successful gambling entrepreneurs.

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