Nowadays it is popular among businessmen to buy online casinos and to make online casino websites. But because of the rapid development of technologies and the prohibition of gambling in many jurisdictions they all want to know how to do it properly. 

Online casino website

Creation of Online Casino Websites

The cost of an online casino is large enough although you can do something by yourself but you will need to ask professionals to help you in a creation of casino websites. It will be useful, even though it will cause some costs it guarantees a qualitative result. A self-respected service supplier will provide you with the list of the necessary stages you need to go through if you want to receive a working online casino website:

  1. Order a platform with a team to maintain it.
  2. Purchase the entertaining content for the clients and administrative for your staff.
  3. License your gambling platform to avoid any problems with the law.

Design a Website

To start a process of creation of online casino websites you will firstly need a site itself and secondly a group of people who are going to work on it — a programmer, a designer, a copywriter and even a proofreader. It all depends on your budget, so you may either hire freelancers that won’t ask for a lot and will try to meet your requirements or ask for professional help that will be a bit more expensive but will bear no risk of any future problems.

Find a Software Vendor

Making casino websites means that you are to install special software along with the most modern and popular games. Moreover, its quality must be very high if businessman wants to make it a serious project. And unfortunately all high-quality products are never cheap. However, your investments will soon pay off since your clients will be thrilled with the entertaining content you’ve prepared for them.

Receive a Permit for Your Platform

Also people who want to own online casino websites will need to get a gambling license. It is better to do it in the offshore zones, which are countries where there are low taxes on gambling activities. In order to apply for the license, you must contact the local gaming commission, pay all the necessary fees, and receive further instructions on what documents you will need.

How Much Will You Need to Spend on the Creation of Your Website?

Gambling activity

All of the above mentioned takes a lot of time and money, and the estimated cost may exceed hundreds of thousands dollars. Experts say that you will need 100 thousand dollars and more to buy an online casino, but everything is not so categorically. A lot will depend on the price of services in offshore jurisdictions which grant licenses on gambling activity. In general, the distribution of resources on the entire process is as following:



Brand Registration

Up to 10%

Obtaining a Permit

Up to 30%

Software Ordering

Up to 35%

Salaries of the Staff

Up to 20%

Advertising Campaign

Up to 25%

A best way out in buying casino websites is to accept the help of professionals. They offer a service called “turnkey casino” that will reduce the number of your worries but will increase the successfulness of your business. 

What is Included in the Turnkey Online Casino Service? 

  • a development of a website;
  • an integration of games;
  • a registration of a separate hosting;
  • an acquisition of license for owning online casino websites; 
  • recommendations about a promotion of a website;
  • a legal aid. 

Since the accessibility of information is extremely high today, you can easily learn a lot about the process by yourself. You will just need your determination, the internet connection, and a lot of time. However, if your time is limited and you don’t want to devote a lot of personal resources to this, you can always resort to professional help.

For those who want to start gambling business experts recommend to contact professionals of such company as 2WinPower.

They provide clients with free consultation about how to open an online casino website. Moreover, if you want to order the entire site, they are eager to fulfil your request. Just contact our support team and witness your business career skyrocket to the top!

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