One of the biggest challenges for market participants today is getting all their platforms working together for a unified backend and frontend experience. From payment systems and tech services to third-party apps, they need to stay compliant while at the same time providing easy-to-use user participation.

Aggregator companies became the solutions to unify all the platforms without much expensive development work and with a guarantee to obtain a vast library of content within a single integration. 2WinPower introduces to you the benefits such a guide organisation can provide for an operator. Order our assistance in any gambling-related direction.

iGaming Business Connection with Customers: Aggregator’s Effect

Aggregator’s effect: online and offline gambling

A decade ago, big casinos were spending multiple man-hours on direct additions of suppliers straight into their platforms. One integration might take 3 months and bring just 30 games. Today, one API solution from an aggregator can add 140 suppliers and tens of thousands of titles.

The purpose of such cooperation is to speed up the route to market for providers as well as quickly get operators up and running with a diverse range of content. This is called a direct relationship. Over the past few years, aggregators have become excellent at delivering content to a multitude of operators across different regulated markets.

Service connection is certainly part of the strategy to be able to keep an eye on the market of up-and-coming innovations and work out the fastest route to getting new games on platforms.

Land-Based Synergy with Aggregators

Many gambling groups are looking to blend online services with things that they are doing in the offline world. Modern aggregation possibilities make sure that online users are also incentivised to come to playing halls, hotels, or all of the other things that a land-based operator would often be offering.

Innovative connectivity services blend all of these things to make certain that a manager has a full omnichannel 360-degree view of everything going on.

Online Focus of Aggregator’s Impact

The first thing operators do is look at game performance in the market. When they see a new supplier coming into the working zone on big sites initially, particular attention is paid to the impact that they are having. This is where operators want to have that content on their portals to keep up with the competition or even surpass it if it is possible to get the content among the first.

Direct integration can be a challenging process. In the case of aggregation, there is no need to work out how to get those activities. Live connections are extremely convenient and require no need to shuffle development queues. Furthermore, when those suppliers become more formidable in the market, all of a sudden, operators get a fair share of their investments going through their pipeline with a substantial margin.

Regardless of whether you require assistance in the brick-and-mortar direction or within your platform, 2WinPower is ready to boost the performance of your project or even introduce turnkey solutions from scratch. Order proficient assistance at our organisation for your beneficial enrolment into the niche.

Versatility of Gambling Guide Companies

Aggregators will not succeed today unless they have the necessary content suppliers. But the basic proposition of entertainment software across hundreds of casinos is a very baseline today. It is imperative to diversify the offer and deliver not only amusement solutions.

Innovative aggregator organisations currently introduce additional services:

This is one of the key benefits of aggregation — the simplicity that can be obtained from one integration. Order all the necessary components at 2WinPower.

Potential Challenges Businesses Can Face with Aggregator Platforms

Challenges with aggregators: issues to overcome

The simplification of all processes rarely brings any problems to the process. However, separate stages in the chain might be worth particular attention from managers.

The potential concerns can lie on both ends:

  1. Suppliers. Content manufacturers, for example, may not be set up effectively to work with aggregators since if they do not have the necessary size of account management teams, it will be difficult for them to maximise it.
  2. Operators. For platform managers who want to have more control over things, not all aggregators are going to be open to customisation. At the same time, a symbiotic relationship between operators and suppliers through aggregators benefits both participants of the process and has hardly any other issues.

Aggregator companies, at the same time, might meet with the concern that they are unable to provide the services from some suppliers that operators would get if they were to go direct. But this is a rare issue in very few working zones. The challenges are present in every aspect of the iGaming business, but in the case of content aggregation, they are all very easy to deal with.

Types of Cooperation with Aggregators that iGaming Businesses Can Benefit From

Apart from a simple connection, guide companies introduce additional opportunities for market members. This is where an individual elaboration of the project and direct integration lose a lot.

Key aspects niche participants receive from such collaboration:

  1. Operators. Small platforms do not have enough resources to go down the licensing path if they are eager to come up with individually developed entertainment. With the help of an aggregator, they can build their content and rely on the partner to certify and distribute it in multiple markets. In this case, it is possible to receive incredibly creative titles that are unlike the mass-produced conveyor-like games.
  2. Providers. Content producers typically benefit from the rapid growth and the possibility of scaling up the business from a small supplier with the aggregator’s help. A lot of novice studios enter the market with only a few propositions and cannot compete with giants and their thousand-item assortment.

2WinPower has more than 20 years of experience in the gambling arena. Our ubiquitous presence and all-rounded assistance have already helped dozens of projects grow into confident, self-sufficient brands. Order all the necessary services for your gambling activities at 2WinPower.

Forecast of Relationships within the Operator, Aggregator, and Supplier Chain

Collaboration forecast: innovations and trends

The success of such collaboration mainly implies that all sides will try to continue open and transparent gates for all partners to enable good business flow. Ultimately, when the operator is doing well, the supply chain underneath is advantageous.

To continue such fruitful work, the niche will adapt according to the newest tendencies:

Increase in M&A

Experts’ common assumption for the near future is that they expect continuous mergers and acquisitions. Looking at some of the larger deals, cases where a huge B2C entity absorbs a B2B project are repeated.

Quite a few more aggregators will continue to pop into the market. And then, different groups of B2B and B2C companies will be taking little pieces of the pie from each other through the chains.

Innovations and Technologies

A lot of intriguing kinds of diverse requests come in from various groups:

Artificial intelligence interaction

Software developers are very excited about AI-based chatbots that allow punters to ask specific questions regarding the gaming processes or their accounts

Predictive report-generation

A lot of operators and suppliers are also eager to expand their analytics. This innovative approach implies focusing AI-based software forecasts on what is expected to happen

Prescriptive analytics

It introduces the things operators can do to make their content perform better. This is a more tech-based approach to benefit the backend


Massive addition of these tools helps deliver marketing messages to attract users to come back, make referrals, and a lot of other aspects tied to popularisation

Virtual reality

A lot more solutions around VR are incentivised with all the new things coming out from large hardware developers. Content creators even generate innovative voice-first games

Entertainment with haptic feedback

These titles use smartphones and smartwatches to utilise vibration to diversify the interactivity. Adaptive games are also only beginning to evolve and are expected to become more widespread shortly

The Main Things about the Role of Aggregators in Modern iGaming

Stereotypical considerations that these guide companies only deal with content supply are almost over. Today, a reliable aggregator can help both operators and producers reach new heights with their service provision.

Key aspects to keep in mind about modern connectivity companies:

  • The purpose of cooperation with an aggregator is to speed up the route to market for providers as well as quickly get portal managers up and running with a diverse range of content.
  • Such organisations make sure that online users are also incentivised to come to playing halls, hotels, or all of the other things that a land-based operator would often be offering.
  • The basic proposition of entertainment software across hundreds of casinos is a baseline today, and it is imperative to diversify the offer and deliver not only amusement solutions.
  • Aggregator companies might sometimes meet with the concern that they are unable to provide the services from some suppliers that operators would get if they were to go direct, but this rarely occurs in a few zones only.
  • An increase in M&A instances, artificial intelligence interaction, predictive report generation, prescriptive analytics, gamification, virtual reality, and games with haptic feedback are expected to be the upcoming changes – and become trendy in the aggregation landscape.
2WinPower gladly presents its services for the benefit of all market participants, regardless of whether you are a novice operator or an established content manufacturer. Order turnkey solutions and individual integrations for your gambling projects at our company.

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