Changes in Slot Sites: How Contemporary Online Gambling Was Shaped

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Updated: 13/09/2022

Casino activities, in particular slot entertainment, have recently become a beloved way of spending quality leisure time for a lot of internet users. Big bonuses, a huge variety of content, quick payoffs, and nonlinear gameplay are the key characteristics of modern gambling simulations of iconic machines.

This became possible thanks to the fast progress of technological development and the iGaming industry specifically. Since the early 2000s, slot sites have been offering punters absorbing gameplay. However, these portals turned into more sophisticated and interactive platforms.

Casino slots: accessing changes

2WinPower managers will guide you through the most crucial changes that shaped modern slots. If you are interested in working in the industry, inquire about the business possibilities and order turnkey project elaboration from our experts.

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Platform for Interaction

The very first gambling activities were not easy to access. Initially, users had to download special software before playing. The main reason for this is outdated Flash technology. Its founder, the company Adobe, stopped supporting the solution at the end of 2020.

Today, a player does not need anything specific to launch the favourite slot. Technology changed, so all entertainment titles on casino sites work on HTML5. There is no necessity to download any additional software since contemporary browsers support this programming language by default.

Versatility of Entertainment

With the appearance of the first online slots, players were happy to spin classic three-reel machines with a single payline. Today, casino visitors need much more sophisticated content with unique themes, interesting gameplay, exclusive features, and dozens of winning chances.

Punters distinguish 5 different types of virtual slot machines:

  1. Classic. Even though complex entertainment is in trend now, there are still numerous fans of traditional activities. Online slots that mimic old-school games have three reels and just a single payline. However, this type of entertainment is usually picked for its atmosphere and nostalgia rather than for winning chances.
  2. Five-reeled. In real life, they were referred to as video slots. They were no longer mechanical but still limited in their functionality. With the development of digital technologies, providers adapted five reels to online casinos, used different topics, and resulted in top-class slots for all kinds of players.
  3. Multiple pay lines. This functionality in gambling entertainment can be configured in both three- and five-reeled slots. While in classic products it is possible to achieve up to 9 pay lines, in the latter, up to 25 winning opportunities can be set up. The biggest number of stripes that has ever been registered is 200.
  4. Progressive. This type of slot is usually combined in a network. The configuration is the same as at three- or five-reeled games, but the wagering rules are changed. A player places maximum bets, and a part of it goes to the joint jackpot. As a result, different slots have a huge united winning prize.
  5. Interactive. Online activities of this kind can also have nonlinear gameplay. In this case, punters participate not only to collect a winning combination but also to earn bonus rounds. Once obtained, it can be a mini-game, extra spins, plot-based interaction, or a similar playing possibility to diversify the routine.

Besides regular keyboard-mouse control, players can also find all these types of slots in virtual reality. Technological progress has reached an unbelievable realism and easy interaction, meaning players can enjoy their favourite content as if they are in a real gambling hall while spending time at home.

Payment Methods

Casino payment systems: examples

In order to deposit money to the first slots, a player could only use bank transfers. It could take several hours for the funds to be delivered to the account and even weeks to withdraw winnings.

Today, online casinos utilise dozens of efficient payment methods that allow punters to enjoy their favourite slots without any delays.




Credit and debit cards

This is the most widely used and reliable way of paying online since all finances go through bank accounts.

Debit cards utilise personal funds that a person has. Credit ones usually spend borrowed money that a person has to repay

  • Visa;
  • MasterCard


Special sites and applications offer to store and transfer finances with the help of digital accounts.

The convenience of this payment method is observed well for international transactions and to avoid bank commissions

  • PayPal;
  • Skrill;
  • Neteller


This virtual money is based on Blockchain technology. It is protected by unique cryptography.

The innovation makes it almost impossible to steal or counterfeit financial information, turning it into an attractive choice for players

Prepaid cards

People who are worried about using debit and credit alternatives due to personal information sharing find these cards especially helpful.

When playing casino slots, prepaid options do not give away any private data

  • KOHO Visa;
  • Stack MasterCard;
  • Chime

The progress of gambling elements that are directly connected to the development of slot entertainment is crucial in the iGaming industry. It contributes to a smooth overall advancement and provides users with a better gambling experience.

Regulations and Safety

Even though the iGaming industry is still young, the majority of countries have already developed corresponding legal measures to control it. At the very dawn of internet-based entertainment, slot sites could operate freely and without any consequences.

Today, managers of such platforms have to register brands and prove their games are certified to be legal on the working premises. Slots have to correspond to the RTP levels that match the standards of land-based activities. The return-to-player rate is typically preserved at 85–92% but there are products even with 98%.

Principles of Responsibility

Before the legalisation of slot sites was obligatory, operators mainly cared only about their profit. Some online casinos acted like scammers, and people could do nothing about it due to the absence of general law.

Today, gaming platforms are not allowed to offer their services unless they are licensed and comply with the responsible gambling principles:

  • Notify visitors about a possible loss of their wagers. Modern online casinos do not hide the fact that their profit comes from players’ lost bets. This information must be delivered to gamblers and be noticeable on the site.
  • Offer special tools for self-control. Gaming portals can not restrict players’ access in case of developed obsession or similar problems. But they introduce special suspension and self-isolation tools with customer identification.
  • Provide informational support. Besides assisting software, operators of slot sites make it easy for players to have access to any materials regarding gambling issues. This information is introduced during the registration and is always available on the portal.
  • Assure parental control and age compliance. The minimal gambling age in a lot of countries is 18. However, 21 is the most common adulthood threshold. So, identification software and parental control instruments should also be available.

These principles of responsibility are not only created to satisfy gambling authorities and match the imposed requirements. Operators do it for the care of their clients and a convenient user experience.

The Main Things about Changes in Slot Sites over the Years

Online slot games: key notions

Gambling entertainment is mostly not perceived as a possibility to win money today. It is quality leisure time with interactive activities and innovative gaming possibilities.

Changes that the web industry underwent since its origination are substantial:

  • Accessing a gambling site no longer requires special software to be installed on a PC or a smartphone.
  • The versatility of slot entertainment has become extremely wide, increasing the number of winning opportunities from one and up to 200.
  • Payment possibilities are no longer limited to bank transfers since punters can use digital depositing and cashout methods for their convenience.
  • Modern regulatory principles are now established according to global standards to eliminate any illegal activities.
  • Responsible gambling has become an indispensable part of the operation of every official slot site.
Contact the experts at 2WinPower for additional information about the changes in the sphere. Also, you can inquire about opening a casino business and order everything necessary for the launch of a gambling platform.

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