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Updated: 15/05/2017

Our 2WinPower agency is engaged in the complex development of various slot games (web, mobile, social), unique engines and individual platforms, as well as for analytics and quality promotion of online casinos.

Online casino development

Nowadays, we are the leading agency in this type of activity: in production of unique slot machines under the order. On our website, you have an excellent opportunity to order renting of gambling slots for online resources, buy your own slot machine, as well as to make an order and purchase a gaming machine or original and exciting games for your online casino website.

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Gaming Slots Development

We have developed a large number of popular and well-known games that are in great demand among many players online. Games of our development are presented in large numbers on our websites, and you can always choose the one that you like, and place an order for purchase or rent. By cooperating with us, you will receive a guarantee of high quality and reliability of the games presented by us. Top games, which are developed by our 2WinPower agency, are very diverse both in design and in terms of the possibilities of playing them and additional game features.

One of the best and very popular games that are completely developed by our agency are:

  • 40 Super Hot;
  • Red Hot Devil;
  • Fam;
  • Rise of Ra;
  • Aztec Gold.

Red Hot Devil online casino slot

This is only part of a large number of online games for real money developed by us. The games have a fascinating system in which there are numerous bonuses.

Playing the machines developed by our company, the user will always be satisfied with an interesting and exciting pastime and almost always comes back again to play an interesting slot game.

By purchasing the high-quality and originally designed game, you make a choice in favour of modern gaming slots, which are increasingly popular among a large number of players online.

Our Services

Our company provides quality and well-timed services:

  • qualified consultations in terms of technical issues and programming;
  • development of original slot machines and additional applications;
  • providing hosting and modern software for affiliate programs.

Our agency is engaged in the development of unique slot machines and a variety of products for casinos with the use of modern technologies, such as flash, HTML5, augmented reality and others.

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Online Casino for Sale

If you want to buy a quality and reliable online casino, you have to make an order on our website. Our experts will answer all your questions on the acquisition of online casinos and give expert advice on the optimal selection of online games for your own casino.

By ordering popular modern and original online games for your casino from us, you significantly save your own time and money.

What Do You Receive by Ordering a Turnkey Project?

Each client of 2WinPower receives not only raw software but a complete package with all the elements necessary for the quick launch and further development of the online project.

That is what will be in your disposal if you become our client:

Package of services Description
Platform Fundamental gaming software that provides the operation of the entire gambling club on the Internet. Usually, slots and additional software are integrated into this system in the future. The gaming platform is also responsible for the security of the entire structure and its performance

Gaming content

The customer receives not only machines but also card games, lotteries, keno, bingo, etc. In recent years, there is a huge demand for entertainments in live-format. You can choose what content you want to see on your website first and then when player requests will change, you can add new slots
Payment systems Small software modules that allow you to easily accept transfers from users, as well as pay out winnings automatically. The more systems you connect, the more countries and currencies you can work with
Affiliate programs Special software designed to promote gambling website by means of affiliate networks. You will be able to place advertisements on websites of similar subjects. Considering the general prohibition of major advertising websites for the advertising of gambling, that affiliate program has become the most popular way of promoting online clubs
Website We can not only provide all the necessary software but also take over the development of the website, which will be optimized for promotion on the Internet, as well as convenient for players and the operator

Order additional services for the development of your online club:

  1. Marketing promotion, which will be thought out by specialists with extensive experience in the field of online gambling.
  2. Legal support on all issues — from obtaining a license to conducting gambling activities in your home country or any other state and to business registration in municipal authorities.
  3. Support of client requests. We have formed a team of professional operators who are able to quickly, politely and calmly answer users’ questions, help to solve problems and generally create a positive impression on customers. You can forward all requests from your website to our support centre.

Certainly, you have already thought that you can shift any task relating to the organization and management of a web casino on our shoulders. That is right!

All you need is to contact the manager of 2WinPower in one of the following ways:

  • write or call us;
  • fill in the feedback form.

We will help you to do everything quickly, easily and profitably!


In order to create a successful online casino, you need to choose good, high-quality software. This concept includes not only the gaming platform, although it is the basic software, but also games, affiliate programs, payment modules and much more.

You can buy the right software and get the maximum profit from it with the help of a reliable partner — the 2WinPower company. We are well versed in gambling software and will help you to make a choice based on your needs.

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