Gambling of the Future: How Technologies Change the Global Casino Market

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The internet casino industry has repeatedly demonstrated its willingness to innovate. Some solutions are even ahead of their time. For example, the first games for smartwatches were developed a decade ago, and their advantages and prospects are only now being fully appreciated.

Gambling technologies: market trends

Experts from the 2WinPower studio will tell you about mobile development, cloud services, and other technologies that can radically change the very concept of gambling.

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Modified Mobile Game in the PWA Format

Recently, foreign casino operators are choosing to abandon the creation of standard downloadable applications in favour of Progressive Web Applications (PWA) browser services.

Such products are considered an alternative hybrid of a downloadable application and a browser page. Gambling entertainment based on this technology is launched as a web page, and quick access to it is possible via the icon located on the main screen of the Chrome or Safari mobile browser.

Features and benefits of the technology:

  1. Response speed. PWA services guarantee instant access to any product and its management options: from the ability to watch animated videos to the withdrawal of winnings.
  2. Deep involvement. When using the described technologies, entrepreneurs get access to any customer retention tool: from the live broadcast of games in full-screen mode to personal e-mail newsletters and push notifications.
  3. Stable streaming. Access to gambling services is allowed regardless of the quality of the network connection, the time when a client visits the resource, or the number of simultaneous incoming requests.

Dmitry Taran, COO of Slotegrator, described the technology in the following way:

With PWA, players can launch their favourite content on mobile phones by simply pressing the download button. This tool is aimed at attracting new users and retaining already existing ones.

Blockchain Technology in the iGaming Niche

Digital money is gaining popularity due to its independent and decentralised structure and wins in comparison with fiat currency supported by the government.

In the absence of a single control centre, every transaction within the Blockchain system is tracked via a global database with millions of copies. Any network user may confirm the operation but nobody can falsify the history of actions or hide this information in any way.

Decentralised payment services have the following features and benefits:

  • transparency of operations within the system without the ability to change the structure of completed transactions;
  • the maximum level of security of money transfers, which excludes the cancellation or interruption, as well as illegal transactions that are sent to third parties;
  • absence of commission fees and limits on betting or withdrawal of funds;
  • instant transfer of streaming data and record-breaking crediting of money;
  • guarantees of confidentiality of the participants in the transaction.

If earlier Blockchain technologies were used rarely and, in most cases, as payment instruments, then now, decentralised services have become an integral part of advanced security systems.

Methods of using Blockchain in the field of online casino security

Fair outcome

It is possible to encrypt into the blocks of the system not only financial information but also any other data, including the results of games.

After the end of the session, players can independently check all the values that appeared on the screen. It is impossible to falsify information or block access to it

Financial safety

Blockchain technology eliminates any possibility of illegal manipulation of financial assets. It is impossible to interrupt, cancel, or block the transaction

Compliance control

With the help of decentralised technologies, it is possible to minimise the number of actions that are taken to register and identify new users or confirm the compliance of already existing customers

Global Streaming Data Operation

Control over all processes, including user activity and assessment of potential risks, is a global continuous process that requires strong capacities.

Modern cloud technologies and Big Data services are a great way to minimise the costs of monitoring internal business processes and almost completely automate all typical online casino administration procedures.

Opportunities and tasks of Big Data:

Personalisation for the Audience

Each new visit to the gambling platform provides operators with new data about the client. Virtual analytical Big Data protocols allow entrepreneurs to:

  • track the general activity of the target audience and the actions of a specific user;
  • promptly adjust the product line to the player's needs;
  • develop relevant strategies aimed at retaining VIP clients;
  • create personalised promotional and bonus offers.

Security Control

Casino security control: possibilities

One of the main tasks of Big Data services is constant processing and analysis of huge amounts of incoming information. The tool can also be used to monitor the security of a gaming site and promptly detect any violations of the casino’s policy.

With the help of cloud services, operators can:

  • assess potential risks from the actions of each player;
  • promptly identify any violations of user reactions;
  • instantly detect cases of bonus abuse;
  • find and block multi-accounts;
  • fix each entry using VPN technologies, etc.

The Fight against Ludomania

Big Data technologies are widely used to identify, structure, and systematise the actions of users and their behavioural responses. By adjusting a set of specific templates for the service, entrepreneurs can analyse the potential of each new gambler in advance and quickly respond to any inconsistencies with established protocols.

With the help of cloud services, operators can quickly identify potentially addicted people and set individual parameters for their access to the gambling platform: for example, a fixed session time or additional restrictions on the size of deposits and bets.

Financial Analytics and Evaluation of Profitability of the Business

Big Data services are a flexible multi-tasking tool that can be configured to evaluate the performance of any business project, including such aspects as potential risk control and long-term investment.

Data analysis is performed continuously, thanks to which casino operators can quickly respond to any external and internal changes: from reduction/increase in staff to the selection of the best time to integrate new content.

Smartwatch Casino

Microgaming, one of the industry’s giants, has become a pioneer in the smartwatch gambling niche. The developer presented the first smartwatch slot and its pilot concept back in 2014 at the annual Mobile World Congress exhibition. But at that time the project did not receive recognition and was frozen.

Today, the smartwatch casino niche is estimated at 33 billion dollars. By 2026, the market turnover may reach 140 billion dollars.

Advantages of the described technology:

  1. Multi-tasking. It is easy to combine gambling with any type of daily routine, and players can launch a session literally with a wave of the hand, without being distracted from work or household duties.
  2. Unobtrusiveness. An intuitive interface with user-friendly controls and a convenient screen layout turn gambling into a simple and unobtrusive action. It is possible to view the results of the drawings and place a new bet with just a couple of movements.
  3. Simple navigation. The interface of games for a smartwatch is simplified as much as possible. It displays only the most important information and buttons, so casino visitors can concentrate on the game and not be distracted by push notifications, ads, or animated inserts.

Improved Visual Experience and VR Technologies

VR casino software: popular games

Augmented and virtual realities have not yet received such global distribution and recognition as, for example, cloud games. The main reason for it is the need to purchase expensive peripheral equipment.

Nevertheless, the leading representatives of the iGaming industry continue to actively develop AR/VR solutions and have already made significant advances.

The first breakthrough can be called a project of independent American manufacturers — the Pokemon Go mobile application based on augmented reality.

In the context of online casinos, several live VR games are the most popular with gamblers:

  • roulette;
  • poker;
  • baccarat, and others.

Similar projects can be found in the archives of the leading international providers, such as Microgaming, Play'n Go, Pragmatic Play, etc.

In the use of virtual reality technologies, the emphasis has shifted towards the creation of a Metaverse: a global digital 3D space. According to the most experienced analysts in the industry, it has all the chances of completely replacing the existing social networks and becoming their only alternative.

The Main Things about Innovative Technologies in the iGaming Field

The casino niche is different from any other line of business: it is flexible and is always ready for innovation.

Among the most promising developments, we can name Blockchain, cloud technologies, Metaverse, as well as augmented and virtual reality games.

  • Decentralised innovations are actively used in the financial environment and casino security. Due to the lack of a single control centre, information on the transactions and outcomes of a game session can be viewed by any user of the Network and cannot be hidden or changed.
  • Casino entertainment in smartwatches has every chance to become the next-generation mobile trend. The current market volume is 33 billion dollars. It is expected that, by 2026, the smartwatch wagering industry will be estimated at 140 billion dollars.
  • AR and VR technologies are the first step towards the creation of a global casino Metaverse. Currently, virtual games with live dealers are extremely popular with users, and in the future, the Metaverse will completely replace all social networks and other thematic platforms.
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