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Hosting For a Casino: the Best Gambling Services in 2020

We can compare the launch of a gambling club on the Web to a construction project. The foundation is the main pylon of the building, and when it comes to a gaming platform, it is casino hosting.

As a rule, hosting can be bought rather easily: the competition in the industry is severe, so you can find a good server for a gambling club on very favourable terms. But everything is not so simple because providers refuse to offer their services to owners of gambling startups due to government bans and strict regulatory requirements for casino projects.

Hosting for an online casino

If you need a stable hosting for a casino — turn to managers of 2WinPower, and they will help you to choose the perfect solution for your business. From us, it is possible to order the creation of a turnkey project. You only need to tell the manager about your wishes in detail, and the rest will be done by highly qualified specialists.

What is a Casino Hosting

A casino server is equipment that hosts a virtual resource. Contingent upon the power and a number of parameters of the “machine”, several online websites can be located on one device simultaneously.

High-quality hosting is an indispensable purchase when it comes to the legal business on the territory of a certain country. With a virtual server, operators can carry out gambling activity without real representative offices. Most importantly, the equipment should belong to the chosen offshore jurisdiction.

The best jurisdictions for purchasing an online casino hosting

Gambling offshore zone

Brief description


The local authority issues 4 types of licenses for a period of 5 years, and each of them costs from 50 thousand euros


This gambling permit costs 30 thousand euros, and to renew it, casino owners will need 2 thousand euros

Costa Rica

The project legalisation costs about 15 thousand dollars. It needs to be reviewed every 3 months. The price starts from 1,5 thousand

Antigua and Barbuda

The down payment is 25 thousand dollars. The annual maintenance will cost up to 70 thousand. The price of the renewal of the license is 5 thousand dollars

The Isle of Man

To obtain a permit, operators will need to pay about 1 thousand pounds. Subsequent maintenance will cost 20 thousand annually

How to Choose and Connect Hosting for Online Casinos

To find a provider of gambling resources is half a problem. To find qualitative services can be more difficult.

Reliable hosting should meet the following criteria:

  1. Security. An online server should be protected as much as possible from any unauthorised actions: fraud, money laundering, and cyber attacks.
  2. Stable performance and response speed. A server must sustain the high load and provide instant response regardless of the flow of players.
  3. Operation on a legal basis. Internal laws of the jurisdiction where the equipment is located determined the issue of the legality of co-location of gambling projects.
  4. The efficiency of maintenance. Before connecting a hosting for your casino, we recommend you to test its operation by sending several requests at different times. The perfect option is 24/7 technical support.
  5. Support for the latest versions of PHP. This is a special scripting language that is used for the creation of most of the applications on the Web.
  6. Functionality. Hosting should be not only reliable but also convenient. Our advice is to pay attention to those solutions that have a flexible system of personal settings.

The Advantages of Stable Hosting

Advantages of stable hosting for a casino

Those who have decided to make use of a casino hosting via 2WinPower receive several advantages:

  • 24/7 support and prompt failure recovery;
  • high speed of the data processing and instant response to requests of the system;
  • maintenance of the performance regardless of the loads;
  • high network capacity and interaction with large flows of information within a short time;
  • casino hosting from 2WinPower is a legal solution, confirmed by relevant licenses and certificates;
  • unique defence mechanisms that block any unauthorised actions.

VPS for Gambling: Types and Differences

A hosting service (a virtual server) gives clients many privileges. VPS for gambling is an emulator of a real server with the root access and such an option as an integration of operating systems and software components.

VPS is a practical alternative to both virtual and dedicated servers. VPS for gambling is an isolated environment with various capabilities of a real server object. The main difference from the cloud systems is the lack of influence of “neighbours”.

When choosing a stable hosting for a casino, we recommend you to pay attention to:

System Management

A server is called managed if the service provider has the responsibility for monitoring the performance of the platform.

Unmanaged resources are adapted only for the reception and confirmation of the root access. The selection, installation, and configuration of software components — all these tasks are performed by the client. It will also be necessary to ensure the protection of the virtual environment and independently maintain its operability (pay back the technical debt).

Operating System

Suppliers offer 2 main options — hosting on Linux or Windows systems. The first one is cheaper, offers a large selection of applications but does not support some of the options and products available on the Windows platform.

Configuration of the System

When buying a VPS, you should pay attention to several criteria: the amount of the power of the processor, as well as RAM and disk memory. Moreover, the quality and performance of the physical equipment also matter.

It is recommended to order powerful technical solutions of famous brands (managers of 2WinPower will provide you with more detailed information).


The main criterion is that reliable hosting should have working data of at least 99.95%. To verify the declared and real value, it will be a good idea to look through the reviews of already existing customers.

Performance Parameters

  • Redundancy is a reservation system (UPS in case of power failure, alternative communication channels, the physical equipment for the distribution of loads, and so on).
  • Scalability — the definition of an ability to overcome the load increment.
  • A set of indicators determines the time of uninterrupted operation.

Additional IP

It is worth connecting hosting for a casino with additional addresses in the following cases:

  • installation of an SSL certificate;
  • a separate address assigned to each project located on the same hosting (otherwise all resources on the Internet will automatically get the IP server);
  • different values ​​for each channel (separately for online websites and mobile applications);
  • a separate IP for each internal service (database, marketing department, and the game content);
  • assignment of different addresses for one website with separate domains in different languages.

A Server for Online Casinos: Buy the Service From 2WinPower

Server for an online casino

Our experts regularly investigate the market and offer the best solutions for casino startups:

Curacao Server

The system maintains communications with the South American and the US markets, and there are also many products for banks and private and large international enterprises. The provision of services for bitcoin casinos is another advantage.


The offers include:

  • personalised customisation (a free addition to the package of solutions);
  • one IP address;
  • material consideration for enterprises that have paid a monthly or annual pass;
  • 24/7 online support and reliable communication via telephony and e-mail;
  • steady monitoring of a network;
  • high level of data protection.

Inferno Solutions

Free configuration and support when transferring online websites, binding to the domain, and in relation to other features of the server — all this is offered to the customers.

Another advantage is loyal pricing policy. The minimum monthly sum of money is 10 thousand dollars. In this case, clients automatically receive a secure environment that meets the DDOS protection protocols.


This project has been presented on the market since 2005 and has 5 representative offices and multilingual teams for processing information in different parts of the world. The system is updated automatically, and it also supports the latest version of PHP and is adapted for WordPress.


This system has earned the recommendation of WordPress.org. Advantages of such a choice are simple interface and loyal policy in relation to the delivered content (the service deals with hosting only of those websites that do not provide access to minors).


The server is the basis of a casino that affects both working capacity and technical parameters.

  • A casino hosting provides 24/7 support, high network capacity, reliable protection mechanisms, and instant response to the actions of customers.
  • Best jurisdictions for buying virtual servers are Malta, Gibraltar, Costa Rica, and some more.
  • The assortment of 2WinPower includes VPS servers developed by the most well-known suppliers. We constantly monitor the situation in the industry and can offer you a set of solutions that have won the recognition from many clients all over the world.

Cooperation with 2WinPower is confidentiality, a loyal pricing policy (do not forget about discounts and bonuses for loyal clients), prompt technical support, the diversified game content, and an opportunity to buy exclusive developments.

To make sure that the offered solutions are of the highest quality, we recommend you to download a free demo version of our gambling platform.

Create a successful project with the professional support of 2WinPower right now! Our contacts:

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