How a Webmaster Can Earn on Gambling: Casino Monetization

Andrew Price
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Gambling entertainment in Runet is a topic filled with conjectures, myths, legends and questions to which there are no clear answers. But the main question is extremely banal: is there money here?

Earn money on gambling

A very relevant question, considering the official prohibition on gambling in the Russian Federation. Everyone who wants to follow the rules is obliged to move to one of the four so-called “gambling zones”, although none of them works properly.

This was the reason for the emerging of the first myth that gamblers gradually migrated to the Internet and invest their hard-earned money to the cunning and clever owner of an online casino. The reality is somewhat different.

One very respected Russian expert on online gambling claims that the players who visited gambling parlous are far from the World Wide Web. And their transition to online mode can be discussed endlessly. But hardly it turns out to “proselyte” more than 30% of players. But this figure is quite impressive. In fact, the prohibition imposed in Russia did not particularly influence gambling traffic. The speed of development of this niche does not exceed the rate of development of the Runet.

A new question arises. It turns out that the legend has vanished like smoke, and it is impossible to make money on online casinos? Nothing of the sort! The sphere develops, and money involved in it every day increases more and more. Today, gambling, adult and pharmaceuticals are considered to be the most competitive areas in the Network. There are many people who are successfully working in these areas. But what has been done to become a successful webmaster, conquering the niche of gambling?

Online gambling business

There is no exact formula for success. However, there are certain factors that directly determine whether the monetization of the casino will bring profit or not.

Let Us Consider Russian Gambling Business

Today, the niche is controlled by 3-4 large partnership programs that firmly hold the leading positions. There are “bourgeois” localized establishments that press up “veterans”. These are projects that operate on the basis of software from first-rate providers. But you cannot turn a blind eye to the rapidly developing affiliate programs that work with their own software.

Such partnership programs are characterized by good conditions of cooperation. Their software is adapted for the domestic player, so the gambling traffic from it will be good.

If you are interested in the monetization of the casino, and you have started to create your own project, do not rush to the first available affiliate programs. It is better to study offers from several companies, to understand the subtleties of conditions. It would be nice to sign up and for a couple of hours to play in a casino that you are going to advertise. Test the top games, fill up a support service with questions. Before deciding, you should walk in the shoes of not only the business owner but also the player.

To understand all these affiliate programs, it is important to know that casino monetization (getting money for attracted gambling traffic) can be of two types:

  1. Performance-Based — revenue depends on the volume of traffic and its quality.
  2. Fixed Rate — fixed income.

Affiliate programs in online gambling

If the online casino website is visited by about a hundred people a day, Performance-Based is not even worth considering. The best thing that such gambling traffic can please you is 20 dollars per month. From the advertiser who agreed to a fixed payment, it is possible to receive up to 300 dollars per month.

It is a small profit. How does an online casino earn such a huge amount of money? The answer is more than obvious: the whole point lies in the psychology of the players. If a gambler comes to a good amusement establishment by one of your links, and he likes it, he will stay in it for a long time.

Apart from that, if we go deeper into gambling affiliate marketing, there are some more proficient types that require thorough preparation and analysis to define how you should combine them.




Revenue share or RevShare is a “lifetime revenue” scheme where the webmaster earns a commission from the profits made by the clients. The amount they get varies from 5% to 25%. For example, if the client gains a profit of $100,000, they will get $25,000 as commission in the best variant


Cost per Lead or CPL usually implies a registration fee. The cooperation often undergoes with partner networks. It all depends on the traffic quality whether it is worth being involved in this model. Working conditions may vary depending on the webmaster, but the conversion from registration is usually around 10%


Customer Profitability Analysis or CPA is the most common type of interaction with deposits. The minimum deposit is negotiated with the webmaster and may vary between $1 to 5. Usually, the webmaster receives more than $50 for each deposit to the client’s platform. During a certain period, the player's behaviour is thoroughly analyzed. The users who have made a minimum deposit and abandoned playing aren’t charged to the webmasters at all. The more the attracted people play, the more the casino pays for them


It includes the terms of the work of RevShare and CPA. For each deposit, a webmaster gets an agreed amount. With each subsequent payment made by the involved player, a certain sum goes to a webmaster. The percentage of the payment increases as soon as more players are attracted

If such a player will constantly replenish the deposit and lose money, the webmaster will be able to live comfortably, just attracting a dozen gamblers to the selected casino. Simple arithmetic shows that if you set goals and tasks correctly, the excitement of others can bring good money.

Naturally, you can choose the other way. Working under the Performance-Based scheme, you can contact a specialized company to purchase traffic. For instance, the 2WinPower brand offers the opportunity to buy gambling traffic. Thus, you can quickly attract the target audience to the advertised casino and significantly increase profits.

5 Recommendations for Getting Started in the Field of Gambling

  1. Learn the game theme, come to grips with the game rules, basic concepts and working principles of gambling establishments.
  2. When you are working on a project, it is important to always remember for whom it is created. You need to think like gamblers to understand what they need right now.
  3. Think about all the points of the partnership agreement. Do not be amiss to consult with an experienced webmaster.
  4. Monetization of the casino will bring profit only if there are unique games, interesting advertising materials, good support service. Players also love promotions and bonus systems.
  5. Consult with older comrades. That is why the forums were invented so that people had the opportunity to share experiences and expand their horizons.

Are the Affiliate Programs Really Worth all the Resources Invested?

If you want your casino income to grow continuously, it is essential to reinvest up to 70% of your income into advertising. This guarantees the increase in traffic and, as a result, the bigger revenue. Marketing experts from 2WinPower are always eager to help the inexperienced operators to get acquainted with this scheme and start promoting your platform efficiently with the help of affiliate systems. Don’t hesitate to resort to professionals. Waiting for your requests!

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