How Profitable is Investing in a Bitcoin Casino Solution?

Andrew Price
Posted by Andrew Price
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Updated: 13/11/2018

Bitcoin casino is an excellent project for investing personal funds because it is based on two extremely profitable and edgy areas: gambling and crypto technologies.

Bitcoin casino invest

Both interest areas are very popular today, and according to experts, their growth will continue for the next five or seven years. We would like to pay your attention to the fact that this is true for both gambling projects and cryptocurrency. Therefore, bitcoin casino invest becomes an extremely good idea.

But for sure, there can be such questions as:

  • How much should I invest?
  • How quickly does it take for this kind of casinos to reach a positive balance?
  • How profitable can the investment in a bitcoin casino be? (This question is probably the most important).

We will try to answer all these questions here in the article.

It is always quite difficult to find promising projects. However, in the field of gambling, operators can always count on the help of 2WinPower, which knows the current market situation perfectly well and can tell you, which business to set up.

It is possible to find out more about gambling projects by signing up for an individual consultation with a representative of 2WinPower.

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Secrets of the Popularity of Bitcoin Casino Investment

According to gamblers, bitcoin can solve all problems of casinos on the Internet – the necessity for showing personal data, unprotected financial transactions, and strict control of the government over funds transfer.

And all these problems can be solved in a natural way because bitcoin, like other cryptocurrencies, does not obey the laws of any jurisdiction and is not regulated by any bank.

Thus, we can say that this currency is completely independent, and its rate is determined by market laws, supply and demand. For these reasons, crypto casinos have received a number of characteristics that explains why they are always in demand.


Bitcoin casino anonymity

Cryptocurrencies can be transferred from one e-wallet to another directly and without the participation of an intermediary. At the same time, only the number of the e-wallet is written in the payment – no name or passport data. It helps operators to avoid the control of regulators effectively.

Operation without a permit

Many bitcoin casinos operate without licenses since nobody has to obtain permits for calculating finances. It saves a significant amount of money at the beginning of your work and allows you not to pay annual fees in the future.

Also, we should mention an opportunity not to pay taxes, which traditionally take the first place in the list of costs of casinos.

Of course, if a gambling club accepts other types of currencies for making payments, it will definitely need to get a permit. If you buy a gambling project based on the franchise, you will be able to save money.

Financial security

Today, there is no technology in the world, with the help of which it is possible to steal money from a bitcoin wallet. The only option is if a user himself will tell somebody his personal data.

All these advantages show that the bitcoin casino solution will become more and more popular and in-demand.

Bitcoin Casino Investment: the Price Tag

For calculating the amount of money that needs to be invested, you need to understand what the basic expenses will be:

  1. Software that works with bitcoin will cost from ten thousand dollars, and it guarantees speed, stability, and resistance to external infringement.
  2. Casino game development. There are two options here – to buy ready-made slots (from five hundred dollars) or to order them from experts on the basis of individual requirements (from two thousand dollars). The last option has a strong advantage: in such games, you can set percentages and working conditions of the internal mechanics on your own and, as a result, earn more.
  3. You also should not forget about another type of the online casino software – payment modules (if you accept not only cryptocurrency), security systems, support chats, etc. Costs will depend on the selected configurations and can reach five thousand dollars.
  4. Domain and hosting for simple projects will take about two hundred dollars per year. But with the increase in attendance, you will need more capacity, so costs will increase as well.
  5. And most importantly – advertising. It is a constant flow of expenses, and the profit of a casino depends on it directly. We recommend operators to invest at least five hundred dollars per month on advertising. But the secret is that this amount of money can also reach one hundred thousand dollars per month, and in this case, the income will be much higher.

Usually, major casinos spend up to 70% of their earnings on subsequent advertising. It allows them to grow steadily and increase their financial success. Although in percentage terms, the disposition of funds for promotion remains the same.

Bitcoin casino earnings

New bitcoin casinos bring from one hundred dollars per day with minimal costs on advertising. Those casinos that have been working for quite some time bring from five thousand dollars. This amount can be reached in three or four months of the active promotion on the Internet. Taking into account that most of the profit of a gambling club will be spent on advertising, you can expect the payback of in three or six months.

In case you decide to purchase a casino and then develop it actively, then further income will be growing constantly.

How to Make a Bitcoin Casino Investment?

Those who do not know much about investment in gambling projects will need a reliable guide among market opportunities. One of the best guides in the industry is the 2WinPower company. You can contact our specialists and discuss with them anything that you need to know – where to find a casino, how to invest money, etc.

2WinPower can also create a turnkey online casino, provide the slot machine software, and deal with the promotion of your project. The company knows perfectly well, which of the future websites deserve generous investment.

Contact us to order a bitcoin casino on a turnkey basis, and we will make you a successful owner of a gambling crypto project.

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