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How to Open a Bitcoin Casino 2020: Prospects of the Gambling Market

1. What is Cryptocurrency?

2. Why Do Operators Choose Bitcoin: 6 Reasons

3. How to Open a Bitcoin Casino Using a Script

4. Conclusion

A few years ago, the virtual currency was perceived with some scepticism, and today the request “how to open a bitcoin casino” has appeared in the issuance of the largest search engines. It is believed that the cryptocurrency was created specifically for entertainment platforms, as it perfectly meets the needs of gambling projects of all formats and has several unique properties that real money does not provide. Our experts are ready to tell you why now is the best time to start a bitcoin casino.

Cryptoworld demonstrates tremendous growth since the end of 2012. The rapid development of virtual money could not but was the item of interest of the largest financial industries, including gambling business. In 2016, cryptocurrency underwent its biggest uplift, with Bitcoin reaching almost $20,000 per single unit. Would you now say that this online payment method is just a sheer waste of time? 

Bitcoin casino: how cryptocurrency changed online gambling

What is Cryptocurrency?

The concept of Bitcoin means a virtual code that exists exclusively on the Internet. Cryptocurrency does not go beyond the World Wide Web, due to this, it does not need third-party payment services and is not controlled by state apparatus. If you need to perform Bitcoin transfer, you do it directly from one e-wallet to another, without the necessity to pay any extra fees or agree on any particular terms.

Brief information summary on bitcoins

Main parameters of evaluation

Bitcoin in terms of numbers

The maximum amount of currency

21 million BTC

Number of signs received by users

16 845 738 BTC (more than 80.22% of the total)

Approximate cost

1 BTC = $5423,67

Daily currency turnover

855 thousand BTC

Number of active wallets

730 thousand

Bitcoin casino percentage

More than 20% of the total number of online gambling sites

The number of bets in cryptocurrency

9,7 billion

Total bet amount

1 443 233 BTC

Total profit of casino investors

5032 BTC

Why Do Operators Choose Bitcoin: 6 Reasons

Bitcoin in online gambling

Internet business, based on the receiving of virtual currency, has a lot of unique advantages.

Six main reasons why operators choose this payment method:

  1. The absence of a license. Cryptocurrency does not belong to any of the existing states, therefore, does not require special permits and participation of banking systems or authorities.
  2. Fraud protection. Each of the bitcoin transactions is an irrevocable process. If the transfer took place, it is impossible to track, interrupt or cancel it.
  3. No commission fees. The system does not charge a commission fee, which takes place in any other payment services.
  4. Instant transactions. The financial transfer takes no more than a minute, regardless of the transaction amount.
  5. No limits. The amount of the minimal deposit is 1 satoshi (approximately 0.000054 dollars), and the amount of the maximum bet is set exclusively by the owner of the establishment.
  6. The absence of centralized management. No state apparatus can influence the conduct of transactions.

How to Open a Bitcoin Casino Using a Script

Open a Bitcoin casino using a script

Bitcoin casino script is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to launch a gambling project. One of the main advantages of the purchase is the minimal cost of this solution. At the same time, you must be ready that you will have to adapt a lot of its functions to meet your requirements and make the platform comfortable for your clients.

The script of the bitcoin casino site is a special code adapted to the requests of the owner of the site and the preferences of users.

High-quality Product Features:

  • availability of gaming content management tools with the ability to add new categories;
  • systems for monitoring and control of users’ actions, bonus management, the option to disable inactive accounts;
  • tools for compiling statistics and reporting information on all the processes taking place on the site;
  • availability of options for the organization of tournament competitions and distribution of prizes among the participants;
  • segmentation of visitors based on such parameters as active actions, preferences, players behaviour;
  • language support considering the needs of the target audience;
  • integrated security system.

Despite many advantages and a good opportunity to save money, we strongly recommend you to carefully study the seller’s market and choose the most reliable supplier.

The best solution is the products of proven developers with an impeccable reputation. In the process of choosing, you should not focus exclusively on the low price, because a reliable solution cannot be cheap.

Our recommendation: before buying the bitcoin casino software, we recommend you to seek the advice from experts and carefully study the feedback of the supplier and read the characteristics of already existing projects.

Buying the script, you should remember about the mandatory additional costs. The items of expenses include a design for a bitcoin casino, development of a unique logo, organization of support services, purchase and integration of gaming content, adaptation of the site for mobile platforms, legal management of the project and much more. There are many companies that offer a bitcoin casino for sale but not all of them provide comprehensive support for the project development.

A good alternative to buying a script is ordering a turnkey bitcoin casino. This is the best answer to the question of how to open an online business with cryptocurrency support, saving time and nerve cells as much as possible. Experienced developers will take care of all organizational stages and will provide you with a fully functional platform, bringing you a stable profit.


How to launch a bitcoin casino with 2WinPower

Launching a bitcoin casino is one of the most convenient and profitable ways to enter the international gambling market. The number of gambling houses that receive bitcoins is growing rapidly every day, and the virtual currency is considered to be one of the most promising factors of influence on the world economy. 

Nowadays, there are many opportunities to launch gambling start-ups, including the purchase of a script, starting from scratch and ordering a turnkey service. If you want to buy turnkey bitcoin casino site, contact manager of 2WinPower. We are always ready to provide consulting services and help you to choose high-quality bitcoin casino software.

Start a bitcoin casino business with 2WinPower today! 

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