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It is not for nothing that companies and businessmen wonder how to open an online casino since the gambling business with a competent approach actually brings a regular and significant income.

Online casino profits

The organisation of this business consists of several stages, which reveal the essence of the whole question of how to open an online casino. To protect yourself from mistakes in conducting gambling activities, you need to determine for yourself these steps.

Market Analysis and Budget Planning

Gambling industry is rapidly gaining traction and is rightfully considered as one of the most promising and fast-payback types of business activities. According to analysts, the turnover of the industry will grow by three billion nine million euros by the end of the first half of 2019. The share of online websites will be more than 80% of global turnover.

An interesting fact is that about 65% of the total number of virtual resources is mobile platforms.

The rapid growth of the “white” market segment is also being predicted. Compared with the previous four years, it will increase by 60%. According to experts, by 2023, the income of legal casinos will exceed seventy billion euros.

Taking into account the current trends, there is severe competition in the gambling market. Experts strongly recommend businessmen not to start the development of their own projects without thorough preparation. And one of the main preparatory stages is careful budget planning.

Approximate calculations of the expenses for starting your own gambling business are as follows:

The main stages of launch Percentage of the initial capital expenses
Acquisition of a legal status 3-7%
Legalisation of a gambling platform 10-30%
Purchase of software products 25-35%
Hiring of the personnel 10-20%
Additional items of expenditure 5-15%

In addition to initial expenses, an entrepreneur should plan the mandatory costs for the first year of work:

  • renewal of a license (about 3-7% of the budget);
  • software maintainability (10%);
  • marketing program (at least 50% of the estimated revenue of the gambling establishment).

Moreover, you should not forget about the necessity to open a reserve account, which will cover the costs for shares, the payout of jackpots, and other big winnings at the website.

The Main Stages of Launching an Online Casino

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So, firstly, you need to register your company in order to be able to work on the Internet legally. Secondly, it is necessary to obtain a permit because how can you open an online casino without a license? You need documents that will confirm your right to conduct gambling activities. Thirdly, it is mandatory to register the domain name of your gaming site.

It is important not to mess about the question of how to open an online casino. You need to be very serious about it and do not miss the most essential moments at the first stage. It is definitely necessary to open a corporate account since to play means, among other things, to deposit and withdraw funds from such an account.

The purchase of high-quality software along with a set of games is no less important ― usually, the development company offers a full package of services: software, a set of games, and other programs that are necessary for the installation and operation of a casino.

Online casino software

Then goes an equally important stage ― the acquisition of your own hosting, on which the gambling resource will be located. And only after that, you can think about how to open an online casino and, at the same time, make it really profitable.

We would also like to add that during all these stages, you should act very carefully and not to forget that not all companies that offer support services for the gambling business work efficiently and honestly. Therefore, each step must be carefully considered, and you should pay attention to each contract that you are about to sign. It does not hurt to check the legality of companies with which you are planning to enter into agreements, look through as many of their implemented projects as possible, and also check who are the partners with whom these companies cooperate.

Only in this case, the question of how to open an online casino will not be difficult and unclear, and you will be able to use this article as a guideline to follow.

When the legal issues and problems related to the development of a casino platform will be solved, it will be a perfect time to move on and launch the project.

The Development of a Casino Website

At the planning stage, you need to determine the type of gambling resource. The selection of software and the game content directly depends on this decision.

Gaming sites can be of several types:

  • Downloadable. These are games that users need to download to their PCs. Their advantages are stable operation and security of the personal data of players, and their disadvantage is the necessity to install additional programs, the maintenance of which requires financial resources.
  • Browser. This is the most popular form of an online casino. To access the game, players just need to open it on the browser page.

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  • Mobile. Gaming sites of this type attract more and more users because to play casino games, it is enough to have a gadget with access to the Internet.

Your online resource should correspond to your business goals, and therefore it is better not to experiment with templates and order the development of the gaming site from professionals.

Make sure that you have a user-friendly interface, attractive design, and original logo of your casino.

Purchase of the Software

When choosing software, pay attention to the following criteria:

  • Stable operation. Each software failure means that you will lose those customers who do not want to return to a dubious website and risk their money.
  • Intuitive interface. Navigation should be extremely simple so that even a beginner can quickly figure it out.
  • Multicurrency payment modules. Do not save on financial systems. Choose services that will be convenient for gamblers from different countries.
  • Protection of user data. Buy only proven software that will prevent the leakage of personal and financial information.
  • High-quality images. Visitors to online casinos always pay attention to the graphics. Try not to disappoint them.

The software vendor will become your business partner for many years, so it is worth spending time on finding the best one.

A responsible seller can be identified by the following criteria:

  • Availability of the certification of conformity of the product. The high-quality software is usually tested in independent laboratories, and the company must have documents that can confirm it.
  • Reviews of customers and players. Pay attention to the opinions of those operators who have already worked with the seller. The opinion of users is also important since they are end-consumers of the content.
  • The adaptability of the system. Your target audience is people who have a clue about high technologies. In order not to lose customers, choose a supplier that offers products, which work equally well on different types of platforms.
  • Design. Keep in mind that there is no high-quality modern software with an old-fashioned design. Software vendors are constantly improving their graphics so that their products remain attractive to customers.

Create an online casino with the 2WInPower team

An excellent solution is to order a turnkey project at 2WinPower. This is a comprehensive service, which includes the creation of a gaming site and the selection and integration of software and the game content. With this option, you will be able to open an online casino in a matter of just a couple of months.

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What You Need to Know About Launching an Online Casino

The opening of a gambling project directly depends on the actions of an operator. Entrepreneurs can significantly save time by providing all participants of the process (software vendors, designers, and programmers) with operative feedback.

Special attention has to be paid to complete marketing. You should think about the advertising campaign at the stage of the development of a website and the integration of the software. The main goal is to promote the new gaming site as a convenient and trustworthy business. We do not recommend you to save money on advertising.

Traffic and, consequently, future profit depends on a comprehensive approach to project development and the quality of the tools you are using.

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