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How to Order Casino Development for Europe?

It is known for certain that in order to succeed in the online gambling business, one first need to purchase an online casino. It is possible to buy a ready-made casino, the so-called turnkey casino, which includes casino software, a license for gambling activities, as well as a package of popular games. But there is another way that is chosen by those who want to open a unique casino, turning their extraordinary ideas into vivid reality. There is a way out — in this case, they just need to order the casino development.

Turnkey online casino

In order for professionals to fulfil your wishes, you need to make a detailed TOR (terms of reference) along with indicating all the subtleties of your project that will make the casino exactly the way it was in your dreams. It is better to order casino development from well-known specialists on the market, although their services are likely to be regarded as higher than those of beginners.

Table of Contents:

1. Casino Development in Europe

2. Some More Statistics

3. About Modern Gambling Websites: In Tune with the Times with the 2WinPower Team

  3.1. Branded Games

  3.2. Virtual Reality Technologies

  3.3. Mobility is Foremost

  3.4. Payments in Cryptocurrency

4. Conclusion

Casino Development in Europe

In the countries of the European Union, they are gradually introducing common standards for the provision of gambling services. Nevertheless, today there are more than 30 independent gambling markets in Europe. Top three leaders are:

  • Germany (more than 20% of the gambling sector).
  • France (16% of the market).
  • UK (14% of European gambling traffic).

Operating online casino in Europe

Some More Statistics

When it comes to the structure of the gambling industry profitability, the situation on the online market is as follows:

The turnover of the global gambling industry depending on the game format
Form of entertainment for the money Percentage of total income Approximate amount of income
Betting projects (sports betting, betting on artificial and social events) 49,4% 20,1 billion euros
Services of traditional gambling platforms (slot machines, live games and table entertainment) 26% 10,6 billion euros
Lottery draws (state and commercial draws) 9,6% 3,9 billion euros
Poker (card games and tournament competitions) 5,9% 2,4 billion euros
Puzzle game 4,7% 1,9 billion euros
Bingo draws and other formats of the game for the money 1,8% 4,4 billion euros

It is possible to reach the international level in the conditions of the most severe competition only with the help of real professionals. It is better to abandon the idea of starting on your own and create a gambling platform in cooperation with competent specialists.

The involvement of an intermediary company will allow to optimally plan the budget and reduce the time for solving a number of issues. As a rule, the package of services includes the following offers:

  • Creation of a website with a unique decoration, design of an exclusive brand logo. The company provides a full range of related services — from the purchase of a domain name and partner resources links to the selection of up-to-date information content.
  • Connection of the affiliate programs.
  • Arrangement a convenient resource administration system and organization of technical support operation.
  • Legal support. A novice operator does not have to spend time studying the legislation and taxation system of European countries. The mediator resolves disputes, collects the documents and issues gambling licenses by himself.
  • Implementation of loyalty programs, bonuses, prize draws to attract the widest possible audience.
  • Adaptation of the gaming platform to the customer’s requests.
  • Integration of gaming products and related software (payment services, mailing out systems, analytical tools, registration forms, etc.).

Online casino development

An additional advantage of cooperation is access to an extended package of options. For example, you can connect cutting-edge information security systems, integrate Real Audio/Video technology (for real-time broadcasts), create a multilingual interface, connect services for multiplayer games, and more.

You will have to come to terms not only with the considerable cost but also with a somewhat longer time of manufacturing the product you need for business. However, these trifles should not be paid attention: do not forget that you want to get the casino of your dreams, and it will not disappoint your expectations. Therefore, keeping in mind the expression that penny-wise, but pound-foolish, do not skimp to order casino development from the best well-experienced companies that have more than one such exclusive piece of work in their collection.

In a search for design and new highlights that distinguish your gaming website from others, some people are choosing colours, options and other essential elements for a long time. There are also situations when, having started creating their product, they cannot finish what they have started and stop in uncertainty and run into the sand. It turns out that in this case, to order the development of a casino in a complete set means to throw money away.

But the company performing the above services will help to solve your problems by offering to modify or change the gaming resource. In this case, its work will cost, of course, cheaper. However, if professionals say that these modifications will not help to make a high-quality product, you need to follow their advice. And in order not to delay the start of your business indefinitely, it is better to order the development of a casino and not think for a long time that unfinished work has left undone — because it could not bring the appropriate results.

It is not difficult to order the casino development — you just have to study the market of developers (and you have already done it, of course, when you conceived your unique casino).

About Modern Gambling Websites: In Tune with the Times with the 2WinPower Team

Every year it is more and more difficult to surprise modern gamblers: the audience has become more demanding. Therefore, gaming software developers are trying to create radically new products, and some of them have already changed the world market.

Gambling business: how to launch a startup

When ordering the development of a game start-up, the operator is obliged to take into consideration the following trends:

Branded Games

The founder of this direction was the Microgaming company, which released in 2004 the video slot Tomb Raider. Later, the world saw such extremely popular projects as Indiana Jones, World of the Wild West, Game of Thrones.

Playtech has kept the torch burning by releasing a series of themed games based on Marvel comics. Nowadays, the Network is discussing a rumour about the brand’s signing of a partnership agreement with Disney.

Virtual Reality Technologies

Three-dimensional slots will not surprise anyone. Now the leading position is occupied by solutions that can literally transfer the player into the world of gambling entertainments. The stunning atmosphere of virtual games in the VR format was another impetus to a wholescale change in the basic approaches to the creation of gaming software.

Mobility is Foremost

According to statistics, by the end of 2017, the share of the mobile sector amounted to about 42% of world turnover. Experts believe that this segment will grow by about 8% annually and in five years will cover about 80% of the market.

The rapid growth of the mobile industry is associated with the following factors:

  1. Accessibility and absence of territorial boundaries.
  2. Complete range of content. An interesting fact: today, almost all new products are first produced for mobile platforms and only after official releases are adapted to traditional online platforms.
  3. A rich selection of free games.
  4. A unique navigation system and functionality adapted for touch control.
  5. Minimal core load.
  6. Low battery power consumption.
  7. Heightened security of visitors.
  8. The ability to use unique formats of interaction with operators and other participants of the game (striking examples — telegram casino with chatbots and other messengers).

Payments in Cryptocurrency

In recent years, bitcoin has become a universal means of payment, which has a significant impact on the world economy.

This currency has a number of unique features:

  • Decentralization. Electronic money exists only on the Internet and is not subject to control by existing government agencies.
  • No commission fees. In the implementation of transactions does not participate any banking institution in the world, respectively, there are no deductions to intermediaries.
  • Complete anonymity. Owners of virtual wallets can keep incognito and visit gambling websites without registration. As for the transactions themselves, it is not possible to track the participants of the transfer and the amount of payments.

At the moment, it is possible to order a virtual establishment in two formats:

  • the platform, accepting payments only in cryptocurrency;
  • hybrid services using bitcoin wallets as an additional payment method.


Creation of a gambling platform for an international audience is a laborious and long process that requires a special approach. If earlier to enter the market, it has been required the presence of at least a basic gaming set, today the audience expects brand new solutions.

2WinPower team is ready to offer exclusive products from the world’s most influential suppliers. Do not want to stop at traditional solutions? Order the development of a unique start-up based on personal sketches.

Leave a request to the managers of 2WinPower, and we will implement your wildest wishes!

Date of publication: 24/05/2019
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