Gaming software is exactly what attracts players to online casinos.

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Not a website, bonuses or advertising (although these are important points), but slots are what gamblers spend time and money on. Therefore, the choice of casino gaming software can be a challenge. And what to do if the necessary software is not available? Or there are interesting goals that the finished product cannot achieve? That is right, to order the development of authors slots.

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For What Reason You Should Order the Creation of Unique Games from Scratch?

It would seem that there are large providers in the world that produce astonishing convenient slots. Why it is necessary to order custom development? But in practice, players increasingly prefer the original product. Some of them are similar to numismatists who never choose conventional and affordable machines, and chase for rare and unusual games.

Simply put, by ordering HTML5 slots for your casino, you become the owner of a high-class club.

It provides the following advantages:

  1. Gamblers are more serious about web establishment.
  2. Deposits are replenished by larger amounts.
  3. VIP-players come more often.

Being aware of what kind of machines your website lacks, you can fill it with new content in a few weeks and increase the profitability several times. The main thing is to decide on the tasks, and the developer of slots will make for you a gaming product that will 100% satisfy your audience and help to achieve your business goals.

That is why operators order original slot machines:



Unusual marketing

A web casino can prepare a powerful advertising campaign using the original slot as a central element of attracting players. Such a step is especially effective if the solution is branded for a certain event, film, phenomenon or social trend

Deviation from the competition

While dozens of new online casinos are trying to fill their pages with content familiar to players (such as fruit or adventure slots), projects with authors products march to steal manufacturing. The reason is simple: players prefer everything unique


New original slots will bring you the glory of a casino that is not similar to the others and is ready to surprise its customers. It will help to gain the trust of gamblers who play rarely, but with large sums

Meeting the needs of the audience

No provider knows the desires of visitors to your website better than you do. Only the owner has access to all the information, statistics and data about what games gamblers choose and what they refuse. Therefore, you can offer them something that will fully satisfy their interest

It should be admitted, there is quite a good reason to enjoy the game. It is important to choose a good contractor who can create high-quality and technological software.

Choose software products based on HTML5 technology. This is a mark-up language that includes 3 subcategories:

  • HTML;
  • CSS;
  • JavaScript.

5 Reasons to Purchase HTML5 Casino Games

HTML5 online casino games

Adaptability for Mobile Devices

The number of users who access the Internet from mobile gadgets has long exceeded the share of desktop users. Shopping, communication, work — all spheres of life were transferred to mobile. Google does everything in order to make usage of smartphones and tablets as convenient as possible: Mobile First, AMP and optimization are aimed at the development of mobile traffic.

In the gambling sphere, HTML5 is responsible for operating on mobile devices. This technology is in the public domain, so it is perfect for development. If earlier slot machines could be run only on a computer (you had to install the Flash plugin), now it is possible to do it on any device.


It can be said that this reason stems from the previous one. Mobile adaptability also means that the picture will be adequately displayed on a small screen (even on a smartphone with a diagonal of 5.5 inches). It is due to SVG vector graphics.


Cross-platform HTML5 games

Before the development of mobile traffic and the advent of HTML5 format, Flash was mainly used in the creation of gaming slots. In addition to the fact that to run the game in the browser, the player must have installed a special plugin, the technology was not yet compatible with devices on iOS. HTML5 solves this problem because it works on all platforms. It does not matter whether you have an iPhone or phone based on Android — software will be played.

Economical Power Consumption

In comparison with the same flash games, HTML5 slots consume less power. In the context of mobile technologies, it is very important: the desktop can be played as long as there is electricity, with mobile devices we depend on battery power. The more economical, the better for users.

Technology Does Not Stand Still

As we mentioned above, it is an open technology. It can be improved by all members of the community of programmers, so useful updates appear quite often. It leads to an increase in the quality of products that are created on its basis.

As you can see, there are enough reasons to order HTML5 casino games. 2WinpPower studio has established itself in this direction, providing a wide range of services for the gambling business. Sale of slots and their development are also included in this list.

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Why You Should Work with 2WinPower?

The cooperation with 2WinPower will, first of all, provide you with 100% guarantees of success at the end of the organizational process. If you trust us – we won’t let you down!

Apart from that, our company can introduce you with some irresistible points that confirm one more time the high level of our credibility:

  • many years of experience, allowing you to perform the most complex tasks quickly and efficiently;
  • developers use advanced technologies, including HTML5;
  • wide range of services, including development, sale and renting of gambling software, as well as the promotion of gambling establishments;
  • casino software from leading providers: Novomatic, Playtech, NetEnt, Microgaming, etc.;
  • confirmed security of the software, so it can be easily integrated into the casino.

If you decide to order the development of HTML5 slot machine, it is enough just to contact 2WinPower, to leave a request, discuss all the details with the manager and after some time to receive your order. It is quite simple, as the process for many years of operation in the company has become entirely automatic.

2WinPower is a company that develops casino games for those who want to get a decent result at a reasonable price and in a short time.


Thus, the development of slots based on HTML5 becomes almost one of the most powerful tools for promoting a web casino and attracting new players, which in the future can bring huge profits.

In order to fill the website with excellent authors slots in the future, you have to choose a reliable contractor with great experience in the development of gaming software. Only in this way you can be confident in the quality of products and easily develop your business.

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