A year ago, the biggest part of the gambling market was situated in North America and Europe but today, one of the most promising areas of activity is gambling in Japan.

Asia has become a completely new stepping zone, which has almost no touch points with the classic entertainment that is typical for Western countries. Those operators who have mastered the Asian market are rather secretive: in the online sphere, there are no training conferences, reference books, and more or less effective methods of attracting the audience. At the same time, the Japanese state apparatus began active work on the development and regulation of the gambling industry.

Gambling market in Japan

About the Current Situation on the Japanese Gambling Market

The Asian region is considered to be the birthplace of the gaming industry. It was in Japan that the notion of casino first appeared but after the activity of the first debtors and the mass distribution of addiction to gambling, this kind of entertainment was banned for a long time.

Today, the situation has changed dramatically: within the territory of the country, many different kinds of gambling entertainment appeared. Moreover, Asia has become the trendsetter. For example, slots with elements of three-dimensional graphics and VR spaces are extremely common in online casinos in Japan.

Another significant difference is that Japanese players are very careful with the global money platforms that are popular in foreign markets ― Neteller and PayPal. At the same time, more than 67% of the country's population are active users of bitcoin wallets. The gambling market in Japan opens up tremendous opportunities for the spread of cryptocurrency.

Today, the country's gambling sector is represented by the following offers:

Gambling market of Japan
Name of the sector Number of services
Online casinos 184 gambling clubs
Betting shops 31 locations
Online poker 21 services
Mobile platforms 27 resources
Online bingo 29 services
Online lotteries 5 platforms
Online services for betting on sports events 2 locations

The Japanese online gambling business is represented by three of the most huge and widespread areas:

The Pachinko Slots

This entertainment is based on one of the billiard strategies. The game is presented as a series of obstacles for the balls, which are controlled by users. Clients set the speed of movement of the elements, and also, they can exchange balls for additional games or cash prizes.

Pachinko is a unique hybrid of billiards and slot machines. After the ball hits the winning position, the reels are activated. The prize goes to those users who have managed to collect a combination of several identical images.


This is a virtual dice game that is played by four users. Mahjong attracts with elementary rules: participants must collect the largest combination.

Super Mario

It is a new product in the gambling market, according to the rules of which clients of the casino will have to make a line of three identical images with the recognisable characters of the game.

A unique feature of the Japanese slot machines is the presence of the built-in function “Gacha” (there is also the possibility of purchasing additional prize elements). In fact, it is one slot machine that was built into the other.

Interesting Facts About the Asian Gambling Business

The gambling market in Japan never ceases to amaze with its unique trends.

Some features of the country's gambling sector are:

  • Bookmaker’s offices are even more popular than Pachinko slot machines. The most popular type of betting among the Japanese is on the results of the horse racing. The average bet on the results of it can be from ten dollars to one million dollars per round.
  • The lottery is presented in two variations at once: it is possible to buy a classic ticket with a fixed set of numbers and an online game with the option of self-selection of lines, size of the bet, and formation of money combinations.
  • In poker clubs, there are no bets and cash winnings. As a fee for the game, users must buy a certain number of drinks, and the prize is material things and tourist tours, including a trip to Macau.
  • In land-based gambling clubs, there are slot machines of no more than two years old. After this period, it is possible to buy these units for residential use.

Prospects for the Further Development of the Industry

According to experts, in the very near future, Japan has every chance of becoming the largest gambling market in Asia, having repeatedly surpassed even Macao in terms of indicators. The state apparatus of the country not only actively supports the online business but also takes several measures to make the gambling industry an integral part of the tourist infrastructure.

At the moment, there are no active platforms yet but the first casino resorts are going to be opened in 2024. It is already known today that the area of ​​each of the entertainment complexes should be at least one hundred thousand square metres, and the number of hotel rooms should not less than three thousand three hundred. The mandatory organisation of conference zones and exhibition spaces are going to be additional elements of the infrastructure. At the same time, the gaming space in the complex itself must be at least 3% of the total area of ​​the object.

To advertise gambling establishments of Japan, it is planned to use banners on the territory of international airports and cruise liner terminals.

In Conclusion

Already now, several years before the opening of the first casino resort, the major foreign operators are lining up to receive a Japanese gambling license. Among the interested parties, we can name such famous industry flagships as Hard Rock International, Galaxy Entertainment, and Las Vegas Sands.

According to preliminary calculations, the annual profit of the industry may reach forty billion dollars. It is time to enter the gambling market and open up completely new horizons.

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