Online Casino Design 2020: The Best Ways to Attract an Audience

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One of the most common mistakes in the development of gaming website design is trying to evoke the atmosphere of a real casino. According to a study carried out by Cotte & Latour, too luxurious online casino design makes a negative impression on the vast majority of users.

Online casino design: common mistakes

The Most Common Problems in the Design of Entertainment Services

Visitors to the land-based platforms are aimed at social interaction, support and approval from other people, while fans of virtual entertainment pursue a completely different goal. For them, entertainment is an escape from reality, it means privacy and play for the game sake. According to this, the realistic atmosphere of the most famous offline sites, implemented on a virtual platform, is likely to become an irritating factor and scare users away.

The design of an online gambling website should carry out a single task — to help players break out from the real world.

Among the main mistakes of designers are the following:

  1. Screaming, colourful design.
  2. Feeling of the presence of other users.
  3. Annoying background sound that simulates the atmosphere of real establishments (for example, the sound of falling chips, ring of the coins, appropriate music, surrounding noise).
  4. Flashing light effects.
  5. Three-dimensional visualization of the dealer, background design of the casino and other users.

How an Attractive and Successful Gambling Project Should Look Like

The online casino website design can attract the audience if its structure fully meets the needs of users.

An attractive gambling project design

According to the leading developers and SEO specialists, the project of the gambling platform should include the following aspects:

  • Easy navigation. The online service should provide a simple move from the start page to the window of the selected game so that the user spends a minimum time searching for and running the desired product.
  • Simple control system. First of all, it concerns the system of registration and services of replenishment/withdrawal of funds.
  • Convenient registration field. It is better to abandon the long questionnaires and to provide clients with an opportunity to log in via social networks.
  • Operational technical support. Work of the operators should be organized in such a way as to quickly resolve any customer issues.
  • Noticeable and catchy section with bonuses. It is better to put promotional offers on a prominent place so that the client can immediately pay attention to them.

Design Templates for Entertainment Platforms

Online casino website design: templates

Gambling is always a costly activity. Launching your own project includes investing in the purchase of a license, advertising design, organization of technical support, creating of a casino website design, connection of payment services, purchase of software and much more. Accordingly, there is a desire to save money, so ready-made templates of gambling services are always in demand.

The most popular are the products based on the WordPress platform. Among them, the greatest attention should be paid to the following systems:

The most famous templates for virtual casinos

Name of the product

Brief description

Monte Carlo

The system includes a webpage constructor, real-time element configuration options, plug-in integration functions, contact forms connections, and also two versions of the start menu

Poker Dice

The service is based on a simple Drag and Drop designer and is equipped with additional tools to integrate contact forms, sliders and menu windows. An additional advantage is an optimization for correct display on mobile devices and tablets

Slot Machines

Benefits: data backup mode, simple administration panel, a high degree of responsiveness to screen format changes. As additional options, the connection of sliders and in addition to this is offered Google calendar system

Despite the advantages of ready-made templates, we strongly recommend desisting from saving money by means of independent development. Internet business is able to attract the maximal audience, which means that the website should “catch” with its uniqueness and singularity.

The ideal result cannot be achieved using the already existing templates, because they turn gambling sites into modified twins.

Final Results

Gambling website design from 2WinPower

How the modern gambling business should look like? The main trends of 2020 in the online casino design are simplicity, laconicism, easy navigation and impeccable quality of graphic elements. It is time to abandon the flashy accents and variegated colours.

The modern operator has a lot of tools available for independent work, but we recommend ordering the design of your project in a specialized company. Leave a request to the managers of 2WinPower, and we will find the best option for you. Our team consists of true professionals with many years of experience.

Start your business today, and we will create the best online casino design for your project.

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