An intuitive and user-friendly interface of a gambling platform is always a good thing. Players will not leave such a resource but will appreciate it and bring good profits to the operator.

Online casino design: general info

Experts of the 2WinPower company reveal the secrets of a successful iGaming site’s design. They explain how to achieve recognition and high conversion and make the portal as comfortable for visitors as possible.

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Why the Casino Interface Is Important

It is a so-called bridge between users and the gaming system. With its help, customers can tell the program what they want, and the assigned tasks will be completed instantly. For this reason, the design of the website should be intuitive and attractive, speak the players’ language, as well as provide quick and useful tips.

According to the results of a study by the Online Marketing Institute:

  • 85% of users leave a digital platform if they do not like its design;
  • 83% of clients go to other resources if they need to take too many steps to find the necessary information;
  • 40% of visitors will never return to a casino again if their first experience was unpleasant.

Detailed statistics are relevant for many sectors of the economy, including gambling. In this niche, the situation is getting worse due to high competition. Modern websites that offer entertainment for money fight for literally every customer, so the creation of a positive impression is especially important.

What a High-Quality Casino Interface Must Provide

Conversion Increase

A beautiful picture, together with a convenient navigation, ensures an influx of the solvent audience. Gamblers not only view an advertising message but also take targeted actions, such as registration on the website, deposition of funds, and activation of reels.

Thanks to the attractive design, clients intuitively want to see what will happen next after verification and selection of the game.

Revenue Growth

Increased traffic and conversion directly affect the profitability of iGaming projects.

Acquisition of high incomes for an online casino with an outdated design is a rare thing. Modern users are looking for an original and attractive picture, impressive payouts, and generous bonuses. All this can be implemented without problems thanks to well-thought-out scenarios of interaction with customers where the interface’s appearance plays a key role.

Loyal Attitude

Gamblers are more likely to trust platforms with a high-quality design, clear hierarchy, and good functionality. The information must be publicly available. Casino visitors may be scared away by the lack of data on licensing and certification, a veiled description of the payment system, difficulties in finding slots, etc.


A stylish and well-thought-out design is the brand’s calling card.

The audience responds well to:

  • interactive banners and slides;
  • gamification elements;
  • dynamic search bar;
  • unobtrusive hints, and other components.

Visual Appeal of Digital Casinos

Online casino attractiveness: visual effects

Too flashy colour combinations, chaotic arrangement of buttons and blocks, as well as non-compliance with proportions, scare clients away even at the stage of getting to know the platform. It is worth finding out what factors attract users.

Trend for Minimalism

Top designers have concluded that a perfect interface should be invisible.

This rule does not always work in gambling, where people are looking for bright emotions and unforgettable experiences by default. But even in such a dynamic industry, players get tired of the riot of colours and sharp gradients. They make people reduce their concentration on the game and negatively affect possible achievements.

Secrets of the visually attractive design:

  1. Simple tones. Entrepreneurs should avoid bright elements. It is better to choose 3 or 4 shades, one of which (for example, red or orange) will become an accent. It would also be good if the colour scheme is repeated on every page of an online casino. This way, gamblers will get the impression of the design’s integrity.
  2. Smart use of gradients. Smooth transitions between tones please the eye and are positively perceived by the audience. Too sharp options, on the contrary, look old-fashioned.
  3. Clear structure. What every player values most is care and time saving. The laconic design is exactly what meets their needs. In gambling, it is considered a good form to place icons with popular slots on the main page of the website. Therefore, in order for the visual effects not to be too overloaded, the casino needs a clear structure without unnecessary elements.
  4. Pleasant musical accompaniment. Operators should avoid excessively loud, abrupt, or sudden sounds. They may attract the attention of visitors to land-based locations, but in iGaming, on the contrary, they scare customers away. It is appropriate to use tweeters, whistles, and sirens after the formation of a winning combo or accrual of bonuses, but not when the gambler is just getting acquainted with the platform.
  5. Accent logo. It can depict cards, dice, lightning, tokens, red sevens, and other elements that show luxury, wealth, and exclusive experience. It is good when the emblem resonates with the website’s design, being an integral component of the iGaming brand’s corporate identity.

Well-Thought-Out Typography

Designers often pay too much attention to creative features, forgetting about the basic components. One of them is typography. These are well-chosen fonts, heading sizes, indents between text blocks, and other elements that affect the clients’ first impression.

There are several basic design rules:

  1. Minimum number of fonts. It is better to focus on 1 or 2 options to avoid dissonance and clutter. When selecting fonts and block sizes, it is worth considering the automatic translation into other languages. The text should look neat and not go out of the fields of the page.
  2. Refusal to use centering. Aligning fragments is no longer relevant. It is better to use a unit-type structure with the placement of phrases inside each element.
  3. Balance of decorative objects. An abundance of circles, curls, and underlines looks unaesthetic. Entrepreneurs can choose one additional feature, for example, text highlighting, which will be constantly repeated.
  4. Readability. Many designers emphasise title pages by enlarging or underlining them. In this case, there is too little space left for paragraphs. They look inconspicuous, even containing a huge amount of useful information. The best option is to maintain a balance of sizes.

UX Design or Focus On Usability

Online casino: features of the design

In recent years, experts have increasingly used the term User Experience in relation to gambling platforms.

The main task of UX is to ensure that the ready-made product meets commercial goals to the maximum. In the entertainment niche, this means an increase in conversion and profitability, as well as in the awareness of casino brands. It is no longer enough to create a beautiful picture: the design must be functional and profitable.

Laconic Structure

All successful online platforms offer a large selection of solutions. These are slots, board games, arcades, and poker. Live products and sports betting options are often added too so the catalogue of such websites is constantly expanding.

Apart from content, gambling portals provide bonuses, promotions, tournaments, payment systems, and referral programs. There is really a lot of information. To organise it and not confuse clients, operators need to form a well-thought-out structure of their resources.

Proper distribution of data and its grouping into different categories, as well as the addition of filters, is the key to the users’ comfortable stay on the website. If people quickly find information about the licence and available slots, the probability that they will choose to start placing bets becomes higher.

The most popular and effective online casino structure is as follows:

  1. Left block. It contains the main menu with sub-items and quick transitions between sections. Most of the space is devoted to a catalogue of entertainment.
  2. The central part of the page. It shows the contents of each menu item that players select in the left block. When casino visitors launch a slot machine, it can be opened in full screen or only in the centre of the screen.
  3. Right block. It displays the personal account and contains information about the customer’s current balance, victory statistics, available bonuses, cashback, etc.

Large sections can be divided into smaller fragments and elements.

Let us consider the main secrets of successful design:

  1. Clickable logo. When hovering over it, a menu, a range of available solutions, a demo version of a popular slot, or a registration form may open. This allows operators to remove the Home button or block from the title page, making room for other elements.
  2. Multi-tasking header. It may contain a menu, search bar, language selection, button to open a registration form, etc.
  3. Active item. The task of business owners is to indicate a section, a game, or part of the menu that is open to the client. To do this, it is possible to use highlighting, change in colour or saturation, and other tools.
  4. Go Up button. It saves players from having to scroll through the entire page manually. The element can look like a word, an icon, or a block.
  5. Linking. In online casinos, this is a product range with similar themes or functionality. For example, a gambler is interested in fruit-themed solutions. When viewing offerings from Microgaming, the program will automatically offer positions from Playtech, Pragmatic Play, and other companies that supply slot machines with fruit symbols.
  6. Filters and sorting. They simplify and speed up the search for information on the platform.

Effective Interaction Scenarios

Every click on the website should be part of a single UX system. In the design, it is worth avoiding unnecessary components that violate the integrity of the style and stand out from the overall structure of the resource.

Good UX design instantly attracts the attention of gamblers and motivates them to perform targeted actions without thinking. This includes filling out the registration form, account replenishment, and activation of reels. If users are distracted by other things, it means that the casino interface does not look very well and its logic is broken.

The main features of high-quality casino usability:

  • placement of one action on one screen (slide or block);
  • addition of a flexible hint system;
  • implementation of simple and understandable instructions and interaction mechanisms.

Information should be disclosed gradually, step by step. Players must see and understand the sequence of their actions.


Experts predict that in just 3 years, more than 50% of Internet traffic will come from smartphones and Apple devices. Therefore, the absence of the casino’s mobile version becomes a huge mistake, which causes a loss of profit.

The availability of an adaptive structure simplifies the gameplay on gadgets and makes interaction with the entertainment platform more comfortable and secure. The mobile version maintains the reputation of companies, inspires the confidence of customers, and allows operators to remain competitive in the rapidly growing market.

Important Online Casino Components

Gaming site: important components

Gambling portals are subject to increased requirements for performance and security. This includes client verification, a mechanism for the fair calculation of bonuses, and much more.

High-quality design makes it possible to bring all ideas of entrepreneurs to life with no deviation from the policies and restrictions of the regulator. The UX interface becomes the face of the casino. It clearly demonstrates how smoothly and professionally the gaming system works from the inside.

Comfortable Registration

Operators are obliged to promptly identify players and filter out minors and people with signs of ludomania. Proper design of the special section will make this process faster and more enjoyable for casino visitors.

The form should not be too long or require a lot of unnecessary information. If the law asks to provide only an identification document (passport, ID card, or residence permit), then it should be so. The active collection of additional information will make gamblers feel uncomfortable, and they are unlikely to come back to such a resource in the future.

Fields for entering data must be labelled. It would be good if, after each correct filling, the cursor would automatically move to a new line, thus speeding up the creation of an account on the website.

Registration via social networks is one of the recent trends, and is actively used in the iGaming industry. If clients already have verified pages in some messengers, then they can be used in licensed online casinos as well.

Relevant Entertainment Catalogue

Those operators who add a convenient filter to their product range will gain an advantage.

The main categories by which the content can be sorted are the following:

  1. Types of solutions. These are slots, board games, arcades, multiplayer fishing, and video poker.
  2. Mechanics. Here, we can distinguish such subgroups as skill entertainment, live dealer options, and products with certified RNG. Slot machines should be divided into cluster and linear ones.
  3. Special functions. Gamblers love free spins, risk rounds, built-in quests, and other interesting features. Support for local and progressive jackpots should be mentioned separately since video games with such elements always attract a wide audience.
  4. Topics. These can be adventures, animals, fruits, holidays, oriental motifs, etc.

Responsive Customer Support

Technical staff cannot always work 24/7, and process user requests instantly. Therefore, it is worth adding an interactive assistant, testing its functionality, and providing different scenarios for communication with players (for example, with registered clients and newcomers).

Comfortable Deposition and Withdrawal of Funds

At this stage, gamblers need to select a payment service and indicate the recipient’s details. This may be a bank card or e-wallet number and other information. As for the registration form, all fields must be signed and numbered.

To transfer funds, there is no need to request more data than is necessary. This may scare customers away.

The Main Things about Online Casino Design

The interface is a calling card of any iGaming project.

Operators should take into account the following aspects:

  • High-quality website design has a positive effect on the increase of conversion and profits. Visual effects help to form a loyal attitude toward an entertainment platform and make it more recognisable and prestigious.
  • Concentration on usability is a time-tested strategy in casino design. All successful platforms must have a laconic structure, easy navigation, support for a mobile version, and the availability of well-thought-out interaction scenarios. It is also worth paying attention to such elements as the colour scheme, typography, and sound.
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