The gambling industry is one of the most promising, highly profitable and rapidly developing sectors of the world economy. Last year alone, the market turnover increased by 4.3 billion euros, and the total legal income of the gambling industry by the end of 2018 exceeded 44.1 billion euros.

Online gambling license

Reasons for the Rapid Development Rate of the Gambling Sphere

Legal gambling business shows a dramatic increase due to the following factors:

  1. No geographical boundaries. Internet business is able to meet the needs of users from anywhere in the world. In order to access the games, it is enough to have a mobile or stationary device with access to the World Wide Web.
  2. Guarantee of confidentiality. This is one of the most important social factors: users of gambling services can hide any personal information, from contact information to their location and the number of conducted transactions.
  3. Unique bonus offers. No land-based casino gives its customers money just for visiting the parlour. Online business fundamentally differs from real gambling houses and is built on the constant increase of loyalty and interest of players. Virtual clubs give gifts for attending, the registration, the first deposit replenishment, provide seasonal and themed promotions, lotteries and tournaments.
  4. Free game. This unique offer allows the site visitor to have fun and spend exciting time without the slightest risk of losing money. The player can use the demo mode as a training course, as a way to try his own strength and moral preparation for entertainment for real money.
  5. An immense assortment of gaming products. No offline establishment is able to offer such a diverse selection of entertainment. As a rule, even not the largest platform can please fans of excitement with traditional slot machines, unusual storyline solutions, card and board games. Moreover, nowadays, combined services that offer not only standard casino games, but also software for betting on sports events, lottery draws and much more are becoming increasingly popular.

Online gambling market growth

Gambling industry promises big profits, but it should be remembered that the availability of gambling on the Internet depends on the legislation of each state.

According to the research of information service KeyToCasino, the situation in the modern market is as follows:

The attitude of the world government institutions toward online gambling

The current situation on the market

Number of countries

A complete ban on the organization of gambling entertainment on the Internet


The limitation of local suppliers and the lack of norms of regulation the activities of foreign operators


Players have access to online services, and control of the industry is carried out at the level of local enterprises


There are no direct prohibitions, but there is no internal licensing system for gambling projects


Criminal prosecution for participation in games for money


Administrative punishment in case of detection of the fact of visiting gambling sites


Free game


As part of this research, local legislation and thematic information sources of 225 countries were studied (for analysis, open data from regional media and state agencies’ websites were taken). Statistical coverage: 95% of states and more than 98% of the world’s population.

All sorts of restrictions on gambling activities have been identified in 132 countries, which account for about 56% of the world’s population. According to this, aspiring entrepreneurs are increasingly wondering how to open an online casino without a license or in other ways to avoid unnecessary attention of public authorities.

2WinPower team has found the answer! The optimal opportunity to conduct a gambling business without fear of persecution and sanctions from management structures is to buy a casino license in the offshore zone.

If you want to enter the international gambling arena in no time, our company can create a turnkey online casino with a license and provide all necessary support.

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What Is a Gambling License?

License for any form of gambling entertainment

Online casino license is a special document that legalizes the organization and carrying out of any form of gambling entertainment. Obtaining a permit is a mandatory procedure since the “shadow” work of operators is regarded as a violation of the law and is prosecuted by local authorities and international legislative systems.

Online casinos with a license have the following advantages over illegal clubs:

  • the ability to interact with trusted financial institutions;
  • integration of verified payment services and conducting transactions in any currency of the world;
  • access to the purchase of certified legal software from recognized suppliers;
  • increase of customer loyalty and trust;
  • wide opportunities to work in the international market;
  • possibility to enter into contracts with major providers.

Basic on the Process of Obtaining Permits

There is no standard answer when it comes to the procedure of casino licensing. The rules of application, the cost of the procedure and the time of the project registration vary depending on the selected offshore company. At the moment, there are several options for launching a game start-up.

Starting from Scratch

In this case, the gambling license, as well as all related legal issues, is solely the responsibility of the entrepreneur.

Before applying for licensing, a novice operator is obliged to obtain legal status and collect the following documentation:

  • copies of passports of shareholders and founders of the enterprise;
  • copies of constituent documents;
  • confirmation of the real address of the company (for example, receipt of payment for renting the office premise);
  • certificates of software products;
  • confirmation of stable and reliable operation of payment services;
  • documented evidence of technical support and security services availability;
  • certificate of opening a banking account and contributing a certain amount as a security deposit.

It should be mentioned that this is only an indicative list of papers. The list of claims may vary depending on the rules and provisions of the legislation of the selected offshore territory. For example, some gambling commissions, together with copies of passports, require the identification of all interested parties and take fingerprints.

Gambling Venue Franchise

Online casino franchise

This is quite a popular way to start a gambling business with a limited budget. By signing a contract with the “parent” service, the operator receives a full range of products and services to enter the gambling market. As a rule, the set of solutions includes a ready-made website, technical support service, renting of online casino license, a built-in set of games, integrated payment services.

Disadvantages of this solution are dependence on the company providing the franchise and commission deductions for the use of services and software solutions. Another inconvenience for the operators is the impossibility of making any changes in a set of products.

Turnkey Project

The most practical and convenient way to start your own independent business is to order a turnkey online casino with a license. You just need to conclude a contract with the intermediary company and disclose your wishes: all technical and legal issues fall on the shoulders of a third-party company. As a result, the customer receives a finished project with the opportunity to promote an exclusive brand and upgrade the website in full accordance with his wishes.

The turnkey package of services includes:

  • the development of the website with an exclusive design and logo;
  • online casino with licensed software (integration of approved content from the world’s flagships such as Playtech, Microgaming, NetEnt, Igrosoft, Novomatic and others is available);
  • organization of technical support service;
  • a bonus program development;
  • integration of tools for monitoring and control of the website;
  • connection of payment services (including the possibility of developing a casino with the option of receiving cryptocurrency);
  • selection of relevant affiliate programs;
  • legal guidance (resolution of disputes, consultations on the issue of the financial system of the website, collection of documents for the licensing of the project).

As an additional service, you can order a comprehensive promotion of the finished project. A well-designed marketing program contributes to the full payback of the start-up after three to six months of active operation.

TOP 5 Offshore Zones of 2020 According to 2WinPower

How to obtain a gambling license: top 5 jurisdictions


This jurisdiction is recognized as one of the most popular and stable providers of license documents and has been issuing gambling permits since 1996. This offshore offers a single license format for all types of gambling services: games of luck, skill quests, sports betting.

The price of the service is 35 thousand dollars in the form of a non-refundable deposit for the consideration of the application, besides, there is a monthly commission fee of 5 thousand dollars (after the expiration of two years of the website operation, the cost of renovation of the permit can be revised).


The legislative framework for the regulation of the online gambling market in this country was developed in 2000. The cost of the licensing procedure is 7 thousand dollars. In the case of the submission of application for the legalization of a remote project, the operator pays 3 thousand euros.

Additional fees are also provided:

  • the tax from sales (5%);
  • commission fees for the gambling activity (107,000 dollars);
  • server hosting service fee (5,400 dollars);
  • non-refundable application fee (18,500 dollars);
  • fee for rent of office premises on the offshore territory, as well as for the services of a local secretary and shareholders (3,500 dollars);
  • annual license fee (9,000 dollars);
  • renewal of the document (1,500 dollars).


This offshore has issued permits to more than 250 online websites from around the world. The price of the service is 40 thousand dollars, moreover, there are mandatory verification of software certificates and annual license renewal: 15 and 10 thousand dollars, respectively.

Costa Rica

This jurisdiction guarantees complete exemption from taxes in the case of transactions with Canada, the Dominican Republic, Chile, Mexico, the United States and the Caribbean. An additional advantage — it is possible to buy a casino license without the personal attendance of the business owner.

The price of the service is 13 thousand euros, plus an annual license renewal fee of 9 thousand euros.

Isle of Man

This offshore refers to the EU free trade zone (guarantee of currency control absence). Submission of application for the legalization of business will cost 1 thousand pounds. The annual fee for the renovation of services — 35 thousand pounds. In addition, the percentage is charged on the annual revenue of the establishment in the amount of 0.1 to 1.5%.

The document is valid for 5 years.


The online casino license is an obligatory condition for the legalization of the gambling website: it is a confirmation of the reliability and transparency of the operator’s work, a way to increase the loyalty of the audience and reach the international level.

2WinPower specialists are ready to provide detailed information on any aspects of gambling business legalization. We have the most relevant data on the current political situation on offshore territories, a list of the most loyal jurisdictions and a rating of countries offering minimum taxation rates.

From us, it is possible not only to receive a detailed consultation but also to order a turnkey online casino with a license.

Become a part of the 2WinPower family — discover completely new horizons and the opportunity to enter the international gambling arena!

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