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Choosing Decent Gaming Software: Overview of Leading Online Casino Developers

The selection of the right casino software is a very responsible task. The success of a future project depends on this criterion directly. Some novice operators make a lot of mistakes at this stage of start-up development. Entering into a contract with little-known producers and suppliers can lead to significant financial losses.

The 2WinPower team has prepared an overview of the best online casino developers and several recommendations on how to choose a worthy manufacturer.

The Importance of Selecting a Proper Software Provider

Software provider: important factors

In addition to vivid website design, reliable protection systems and attractive bonuses, gaming content plays a crucial role in the creation of a successful gambling project. Many factors depend on the choice of the right manufacturer. Let us consider some of them:

  1. The loyalty of the audience. The availability of a wide range of gaming solutions from respected casino software developers will attract the attention of a broad audience. People will trust your website if you will work with reputable manufacturers and suppliers.
  2. The profitability of the project. This aspect follows from the first one. The higher the loyalty of the audience, the bigger the operator's profits. Constant replenishment of the game library will allow you to increase user traffic and retain your regular customers.
  3. Website stability. Games from time-tested software developers for casino platforms work smoothly. Even if you encounter any technical problems, they will be resolved by the technical support team of the manufacturer or distributor as fast as possible. 
  4. The security of data and financial resources. When purchasing certified products from the best casino software developers, you can be sure that the personal information and money of your clients are securely protected.

The Best Casino Software Developers in 2020

The world of gaming technologies is evolving rapidly. Experienced companies that have won the trust of players and operators from different countries are constantly improving their assortment, adding more up-to-date gaming solutions to their collections of entertainments. The most reliable casino software developers 2020 are time-tested companies. Here is the list of several worthy candidates.


This company is one of the first casino software developers in the global gaming market. The company was founded in Estonia. It has come a long way. Over the years, the brand has expanded its product line significantly and bought several successful companies (for example, Quickspin, PT Turnkey Services and others).

The main characteristics of this manufacturer are as follows:

  • the creation of high-quality poker, gaming, lottery and betting content;
  • the application of the latest game development technologies;
  • the collection of unique thematic slots Marvel;
  • the great demand for the brand's products among operators and gamers;
  • working in different regions of the world.


This is the first casino game developer in the world. Moreover, the company is the founder of the first online casino. This significant event happened back in 1994. Over time, the brand's management decided to focus on producing gaming content for other operators, abandoning the idea of developing their own online projects.

The brand has managed to achieve unprecedented success in the field of online gambling. The assortment of the company includes over 800 different games (and about 500 variations). 

In addition to active business activities, the representatives of the company are engaged in protecting the rights of gamblers and operators. The eCOGRA Foundation, created by the manufacturer together with several well-known casino software developers, promotes the principles of safe, responsible and fair play.

Besides, the company is marked by the following peculiarities:

  • a new game is released every month;
  • the collection of thematic games based on famous films and TV series (for example, Game of Thrones)
  • each game has an analogue adapted for mobile devices;
  • progressive jackpots.

Realtime Gaming

Casino software developers in 2020: Realtime Gaming

This brand is often included in the lists of the most successful and popular online casino developers. The main activities of this producer are the creation of vivid, cutting-edge video slots, interesting variations of poker, blackjack, roulette and other classic casino games.

The company is widely known due to:

  • its extensive work experience and good reputation;
  • excellent graphics and musical accompaniment;
  • exciting plots;
  • lots of bonus features.


This company has gained worldwide popularity due to well-thought-out plots and amazing quality of graphics. Games from this manufacturer allow gamers to immerse themselves in a fantasy world to the full. Impressive musical accompaniment complements this unforgettable atmosphere.

The list of the main benefits of the brand includes:

  • the application of advanced technologies (3D slots, VR and AR games, etc.);
  • many products created by this developer have won prestigious international awards;
  • revolutionary gameplay, which has no analogues from other online gambling developers.


Unlike the above online casino developers, this company does not have a huge range of games or a large number of international awards. At the same time, thousands of users from around the world appreciate this brand for its responsible approach to work.

Each project of this producer is created with great care. Developers take into account the latest gaming market trends to impress their customers. The company is widely known for creating colourful video slots and modern variations of famous table games (poker, roulette, baccarat, blackjack, etc.).

The main characteristics of the manufacturer are as follows:

  • the realism of the image;
  • mobile-friendly gaming solutions;
  • unique 3D slots;
  • a wide range of bonus options (gambles, free spins, multipliers and others).


This casino game developer is known to many operators and people interested in the development of the gambling industry, not only for creating decent gaming content but also for opening such large projects as Cryptologic, PokerStars and others. The brand is officially considered the most profitable company engaged in casino game development.

Operators and gamers trust Amaya for several reasons:

  • rich experience and good reputation;
  • world recognition;
  • a big selection of various products (poker, slots, betting solutions, etc.)


The products of this manufacturer are very popular among many entrepreneurs. Almost every major online casino has several solutions from this casino game developer in its arsenal.

Unlike the aforementioned producers, this brand has not received lots of awards. However, positive feedback from users and the high demand for the company's products are the best proof of the developer’s success.

It is noteworthy that the vendor works not only in the online industry. From the very beginning of its existence and nowadays, the company has been producing high-quality gaming products for land-based establishments in Las Vegas and large European casinos.

The advantages of the developer:

  • 30 years of experience;
  • demand in the land-based and online gambling sector;
  • compliance with the principles of fair and responsible gaming;
  • training of operators and staff of online casinos at IGT University.

How to Choose a Good Casino Game Developer

Online casino developers offer a lot of products for all tastes. It is essential to select manufacturers that meet all your requirements. To do this, you should complete a few simple tasks.

Studying the interests of your audience

Find out what games your customers like. Focus on the specifics of a particular market. 

For example, gamblers from Asia prefer classic card games. At the same time, Europeans like online slots

Exploring the assortment of online gambling developers

Make sure that the software developers for casino platforms are ready to present really cutting-edge solutions. 

Many online casino software developers propose to test their products absolutely free. Take this opportunity

Following the latest gambling market trends

Study information about new tendencies of the gaming business to stand out from your competitors and offer your audience only right gaming solutions

Learning information from alternative sources

The official websites of online casino software developers publish exclusively positive information about their projects. 

Explore reviews from users and operators about the products of the most popular casino software developers, as well as analytical articles of trusted experts

Searching for a reliable mediator

Reputable reseller companies such as 2WinPower have wide selections of popular games from different producers. 

Besides, mediators are ready to provide professional assistance in connecting and configuring gambling products

The Main Things about Casino Software Manufacturers

Casino software manufacturers in 2020

The choice of gaming content is an incredibly responsible decision that can affect the success and profitability of a new gambling platform.

Therefore, novice operators should always remember the following things:

  • cooperate only with time-tested manufacturers having an impeccable reputation (Microgaming, Playtech, Realtime Gaming, Amaya, BetSoft, etc.)
  • define your requirements based on the interests of your potential audience and current market trends;
  • find a reliable intermediator that can assist you in the purchase and connection of gaming software.

2WinPower has extensive experience in cooperating with gambling operators. We will help you choose trendy gaming content from the best casino software developers 2020. In addition, our company is engaged in the launch of turnkey casinos, the connection of payment models and security systems, technical support and other iGaming services.

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