Online Casino Traffic: The Best Ways to Attract It in 2021

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The development of virtual gambling platforms is one of the most popular business areas in recent years. The number of online casinos is growing rapidly, as well as the competition.

Online casino business: development

The profitability of such a startup almost does not depend on the investment volume. The key to success is effective traffic evaluation and high-quality retention of customers.

Specialists of 2WinPower will be glad to tell you what factors affect the traffic of a gaming site and how to make a turnkey online casino as profitable and competitive as possible.

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The Traffic of a Gambling Platform: Impact Factors

Today, you can buy an online casino in just a few hours. It is enough to find an intermediary company with a good reputation and order the optimal set of gambling solutions. Besides, there are attractive discount programs, payment by instalments, and the ability to rent turnkey casino software.

However, the project will not be successful if you do not invest in the right marketing program. It is necessary to take into account various factors that affect the level of loyalty of the audience and the volume of inbound traffic.

The main factors that affect the traffic of a gaming site are:

Visual Design

The website design forms the first impression of casino visitors.

Characteristics of the high-quality user interface:

  • simple navigation with search filters;
  • intuitive personal account with a full list of available settings;
  • logical structure of the website that includes several thematic sections;
  • adequate number of advertisements without pop-ups;
  • quick access to the support service;
  • widgets for identification via pages of social networks;
  • availability of the FAQ section.

The visual design should be laconic and appropriate, without bright colours and unreadable fonts. You should also be careful when using videos and other design tools that affect the website loading speed. Search engines do not rank slow loading platforms.

According to statistics, to form an opinion of the turnkey casino platform and make a decision to stay on it or visit another resource, users need about 3–5 seconds. If during this time the visual components have not been loaded, you will lose a potential customer with a probability of 98%.

Product Range

Some operators prefer to work only with one brand but we recommend you diversify the catalogue of solutions as much as possible. 2WinPower offers a turnkey casino website for sale with products from such well-known developers as:

A combination of games from several manufacturers will allow you to significantly expand the sales market and customise the catalogue in accordance with the changing preferences of your target audience.

Mobile Customer Support

Over 50.2% of the global network traffic is accounted for by the mobile segment. If operators want their turnkey casino business to bring maximum income, the platform should be available to mobile users.

There are 2 ways to start working in the mobile sector:

  1. Adaptive website. This is a browser version of the casino that can be loaded on any device and duplicates all the functionality of a desktop page.
  2. Downloadable application. A special program that can be installed on a personal device of customers. This product can both duplicate the main functions of the website and provide gamblers with such additional services as personal bonuses for using the application, priority access to new releases, the ability to participate in private events, etc.

Licences and Fair Play Guarantees

The possession of a gambling licence allows you to:

  • ensure the stable operation of the platform within the legal framework;
  • beef up the brand's image in the eyes of potential customers;
  • get an opportunity to enter the international market;
  • cooperate with the world’s leading vendors of gambling software;
  • get benefits and tax remissions for being able to work in local and foreign markets.

In addition to a casino licence, you can confirm the quality and security of your gambling establishment using the following tools:

  • SSL network security protocols;
  • certificates of conformity issued by international testing laboratories eCOGRA, iTechLabs, and others;
  • publication of the results of an independent audit;
  • multilevel user identification system.

Selection of Payment Systems

The more financial tools are presented in your turnkey casino solution, the wider is the market coverage.

The turnkey casino from 2WinPower studio can be configured so that it can accept any local and international currencies and work with electronic money. Customers are offered the best payment modules for online transactions:

  • WebMoney;
  • Skrill;
  • Visa and MasterCard;
  • PayPal;
  • Yandex.Money and others.

Support Service

The establishment of the best turnkey online business is not only about purchasing and connecting the game content, creating the design of the website, and setting administrative filters.

The success of such a project and the reputation of the brand also depend on the quality of the work of the customer service.

Communication with the staff of the gambling club should be round-the-clock and stable, regardless of the quality of the network connection. Moreover, operators can set several channels at once, including:

  • chat window;
  • dedicated telephone line;
  • feedback form on the gaming site;
  • e-mail messages;
  • personal communication channel for VIP users.

Free Play

This mode is a core component of a successful project.

Test versions of slots perform the following tasks:

  • building of brand awareness and the reputation of a casino;
  • familiarisation of the audience with new products;
  • increasing the level of interest of potential customers to the gaming site;
  • attraction of new users with minimal game experience to the platform;
  • retention of the statistically average audience that does not like to risk large sums of money.

Best Ways to Build Casino Traffic in 2021

Casino traffic in 2021: best ways to build it

The 2WinPower team has prepared a list of the most effective tools and techniques that will help entrepreneurs to build traffic and brand awareness:

SEO Promotion

This is a comprehensive program for optimising your website for search queries. The right strategy will bring your project to the first page of the search results and significantly increase the volume of traffic.

SEO promotion includes the following steps:

  • formation of a site map with the correct linking;
  • distribution of the link mass to external traffic sources;
  • setting up the indexation of the gambling project (accessibility of the website for search engines);
  • selection of keywords and text materials in accordance with the necessary topics.
It is important to remember that SEO promotion programs do not bring immediate results. The effectiveness of this tool can be noted only in 4–6 months after the launch of a campaign.

SMM Promotion

This is a package of measures for the promotion on social networks. The program allows you to gain the confidence of the audience and “warm-up” users before they start playing.

Among the advantages and capabilities of the tool, we can name:

  1. Market coverage. The client base of social networks is much bigger than the volume of any other information or entertainment resources. The Facebook platform alone has over 2.8 billion visits monthly.
  2. The cost of advertising. A set of free marketing tools is built into the largest social networks. You can create a promotion program based on the available functionality. Even if you hire specialists, marketing on social networks will cost several times less than the decision to launch a thematic information portal or forum.
  3. Interaction with users. Social networks allow you to maintain a dialogue with customers in the most comfortable and confidential form. This approach makes it possible for operators to quickly analyse changes in the preferences of users and create personalised gambling conditions for them.

Special Offers and Bonuses

One of the most effective ways to retain customers is to provide them with unique bonuses that cannot be found on the resources of other companies.

The most popular bonus options in online casinos in 2021

Welcome bonuses

This is a sum of money that is given to each new player. To receive such a bonus, users just need to register on the gaming site


A percentage of bets that burnt out for a certain period, which is returned to gamblers once a week or once a month

In-game prizes

Instead of monetary rewards, operators can provide users with tools and options to extend the game session:

  • free spins;
  • increased multipliers;
  • special symbols;
  • access to new levels, etc.


These are multiplayer events with a wide variety of settings. For example, it is possible to customise the filter for the participants by the size of bets, the time of the game, the number of levels that should be passed, etc.

Casino owners may not spend their reserve fund on the payment of winnings and form a prize pool from the bets made by gamblers

The bonus program can be developed on the basis of a CRM system that is built into online casino software solutions from 2WinPower.

The Main Things about the Casino Traffic and Ways to Increase Its Volume

Casino traffic and ways to increase its volume

To make a turnkey online casino generate income, entrepreneurs must think about the marketing strategy and find some ways to retain customers.

  • The key to a good reputation is working under a licence. It significantly increases the level of loyalty of casino visitors and allows operators to rely on the professional legal support of the regulator in case of any disputes.
  • Support for mobile users can help you to get broad audience coverage. The share of mobile users is over 50.2% of the total internet traffic. There are 2 ways to enter the mobile market: by launching a cross-platform version of the website or by using a downloadable application.
  • Bonus programs are one of the most effective customer retention tools in 2021. Among the most popular and in-demand options, there are welcome bonuses, cashbacks, free spins, and tournaments.
From the 2WinPower studio, you can buy ready-made turnkey business solutions or order the development of exclusive marketing programs.

We will not only tell you how to open an online casino with minimal risks but also offer the most effective ways to enter the international market in the first year of operation.

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