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Updated: 13/06/2017

Slots, or slot machines, are entertainment automation that activates after entering a coin in a small hole and pulling the leverage, and in Internet slots — just pushing the key. Slots are easy to manage and it can be implemented a bit of strategy to them.

Online casino video slot

While participating in a slot amusement, you are given into the guidance of fate. Gaming models are the easiest clubhouse amusements and one of the most famous. 

Nevertheless, we suggest that you study this article and the game pattern ere you explore the large universe of Internet slots. Let us begin with the fundamentals, practices, usually accepted conditions and a short history.

Slot Features

The task in the entertainment is very simple — to get an award from the device. It can be achieved by controlling the engine and coordinating the pictures that emerge on the paylines on the display. The characters in various slots are different, commonly involving pictures of fruits, frames, jewels and figures such as 777. Winning sequences are shown on the devices and give you money or free games.

As will be clear from further instructions, the slots are very simple compared to other casino games. Thus, they are great for exploring the Internet establishment segment to study whereby to participate in amusements.

Managing a classic slot involves investing coins, money or, in some casinos, purchased in advance writing tickets with a barcode. In the Internet variants, you decide what amount you want to “enter”, even if the deposit of real currency does not occur. Amounts vary from 0.01 to 10 dollars or higher.

The device is activated by leverage, a switch (possibly a touch screen) or, in Internet versions, a mouse click.

It all is actions. The rest depends on luck.

Slot Controls and Conditions

Ere you start playing, sitting at the automaton, standing or lying on a comfortable sofa, we suggest you read a short list of practices and some conditions for playing slots. The entertainment and the controls are simplistic. But give consideration to them as well as closely monitor the screen and combinations.

It remains to clarify several things: what is the payline, what additional rewards can be obtained and what some terms mean.

What is a payline on which players place their bets? Payline is a vertical or diagonal line crossing the spindles including one character on each spindle to complete a winning sequence that is distinctive on each slot device. The gambler succeeds in this way. In a classic slot, there can be up to 9 winning combinations, while in more modernized video slots — even a whole hundred.

If a triumphant sequence or a certain symbol emerges on the display, the player can win another reward. In online slots, these features are called bonuses: an additional free round (spin), a premium entertainment or something else.

Pay Attention to...

The random number generator (RNG)

The random number generator (RNG) is the base engine according to which the slot runs. Latest slots are computer-aided and combinations are circumscribed haphazardly by the operating system, outwardly individual intervention. The RNG produces figures very quickly, and the moment the gambler pulls the leverage circumscribes the consequence. The modernized RNG is as irregular as possible and never repeats a progression of symbols. 

The slots have a payout rate — from 82 to 98%. The entertainment is a very profitable source of revenue for Internet institutions, and not just because they are so famous, but additionally because of the great interest for companies. The smallest rate of payouts is circumscribed by the competent authorities in an appropriate jurisdiction. 

Progressive slots are very attractive as long as they offer jackpots linking a joining of slots. Linked slots in an Internet establishment must be managed by the same software from the same manufacturer, and jackpots can reach eye-watering amounts — millions of dollars.

Based on the software, the slots are easy to program for displaying almost winning results when the player has not won but sees that was very close to it. In some countries, it is considered illegal, but this feature is available only in certain slots. 

Varieties of Slots

Slots are quite simple and differ in type. There are slots with reels, progressive and video slots.

  • In traditional slots with reels, from 3 to 5 reels are set, the first of them has one winning line, the second — several.
  • Video devices are the most complicated and modernized of all options, easily offering 40 paylines and audio-visual effects, just like in video games.
  • The third type is accumulative slots, which essentially just add progressive jackpots to the fundamental entertainment and the opportunity to gain huge amounts of money collected in different online games.

The Chronicle of Slots

An old slot machine

Slots appeared even before the first computers. The initial slot, the predecessor of the ones we play on the Internet today, was developed by engineer Charles Fay in the 1880s in San Francisco. The device with three rotating spindles and five characters (horseshoe, diamond, spades, hearts and the Liberty Bell) had incredible triumph in the establishments of the United States. 

Almost a centenary after it, in 1964, Bally invented the earliest electromechanical variant. It was named Money Honey. Slots have changed a lot since then, and nowadays there are thousands of them, including accumulative cyberspace slots, slots with numerous paylines and rotations, lines, etc. These are very easy to find in any casino on the World Wide Web.

Slot Competitions

Slot competitions are pretty funny and recognizable. Fighting versus different opponents arouses interest, similar to playing bingo or poker. Competitions set an initial entry charge for participation, and participants are aware of how much it costs. They can only waste the costs for registration, and that is a huge benefit. 

Competitions are very common. Maybe as long as gamblers do not need to have particular talents that everyone likes. When you register, you will be given a slot number and time for participating. When it is your turn, find the device and sit down. After the approved signal, the game starts. All players receive the same number of credits to play for some time (for example, 100 credits for 10 minutes).

When you have finished playing, your scores are registered and correlated with the points of the other opponents.

The most famous and attractive cyberspace slots competition is the record-breaking Grand Slam of Slots with a million dollar budget. But there are various other everyday, hebdomadal and periodically competitions.

Basic Tips

  • Slots can be of different configurations and colours. The most widespread are video slots with numerous lines.
  • Most cyberspace establishments offer slots with three spools and one payline, or five spindles with 20, 25 or more paylines.
  • You will find slots with accumulative jackpots, from the leading developers — Playtech and Microgaming.
  • It is important to pay attention to the percentage of winnings on different slots.
  • The eCOGRA organization usually publishes the winning percentages, it deserves looking for it.
  • The payouts in the slots do not depend on the results of the previous rotations, so it is better not to think about it.


  • The title “One Armed Bandit”, under which the slots are remembered from the very beginning of the 19th centenary, begins from the classical vision of engines and because of the point that they often left players without a penny.
  • In England, slots are oftentimes called fruit devices.  
  • Japanese slots originate of the classical Japanese pachinko amusement and are named “pachisuro”.
  • And in spite of the fact that nowadays not all the devices are automated, the name “slopes” still remains as a reminder of the times when they had switches that work tilt switch, and any failure was called tilt.
  • Microgaming proposes the most extensive selection of gaming models and rewards. 
  • There are various uncommon and trendy patterns and storylines for slots — for instance, from Marvel comics.
  • New Slots Machine Games Rollout crusade from Microgaming provides the possibility to enjoy new slots each month.

Microgaming Slots

1. Microgaming - Game Of Thrones

2. Microgaming - Playboy

3. Microgaming - Ariana 

4. Microgaming - Jurassic Park

5. Microgaming - Kitty Cabana

The unique offer from Microgaming — the possibility to participate with live dealers Playboy online! 


The gambling world is full of unpredictable and bright solutions but slot games are rightfully considered to be the most interesting ones. They offer gamblers to win easy money. The variety of games that can be found today can make you become confused but, oddly enough, the traditional fruit-themed versions continue to keep their lead.

It is the fruit-themed “one-armed bandits” who are recognised as the founders of the bright and changeable modern gambling industry.

The 2WinPower team is ready to offer you a whole range of bright and creative solutions that can distract players from the daily routine for a long time. We always have a series of colourful and exciting versions from the world’s leading suppliers and a huge selection of exclusive developments that have no analogues.

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