Slot games development is a hard and painstaking work, for which you will need wide knowledge in the field of standard, video and motion graphics. Also, the slot machine development requires knowledge of at least three programming languages ​​and RNG technologies. Only experienced team of specialists who follow the trends of an online gambling market can create a gaming platform. 

HTML5 online casino slots development

These professionals are among employees of 2winpower. They will enthusiastically take up the creation of casino slots for your gambling establishment. You can create your own gaming system, rent or buy ready-made software from 2WinPower.

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Casino Slots. What Does the Creation of Slot Machines Start From?

Such process as the slot games development begins with the concept formation and with the development of storylines for games. For a start it is possible to take classical themes: fruit slots, card games or jewels. The main thing is not to overdo it. Popular slots often have a simple storyline. Among the most famous casino slots on the Internet we can name a slot machine Book of Ra. This video slot was developed by Novomatic as an emulator of a slot machine in a land-based casino. The storyline of the game is built around the gold digger and the grave robber. All symbols in this slot are Egyptian signs familiar to everyone. But, despite the simple theme, the Book of Ra slot machine was and remains in the one of the most famous casino slots.

After the developer has decided on the theme, he needs to figure out graphics and pass through the technical part. The vendors of gambling software with which 2WinPower cooperates have their own platforms for creation of casino games. This is a ready-made system where you can implement new symbols and the number of paylines, customize the appearance of reels and animations.

You can often find out who is the manufacturer of a slot machine, if you look at the video slot’s interface.

Also it is necessary to choose the format of the slot from the very beginning between flash games or HTML5 casino games. If you want to add Android casino games or those for the iOS system, we recommend you to buy casino slots based on the HTML5 format.

The Difference Between Flash Games and HTML5 Slots

Despite the fact that Flash games become dated, they have advantages that can’t replace HTML5. Currently, the capabilities of HTML5-games in regard to graphics and animation are lagging behind the Flash format. Adobe Flash provides developers with vector tools needed for the creation of smooth graphics and animations. In this case, the slot games development takes place in one software environment. Video slots can be launched when there is a device with the Internet connection. But here we can also see one disadvantage of Flash: the need to install a plug-in. This is a serious block that can force players to leave the casino. 

In this case, the HTML5 slot games development is more profitable. Despite the fact that capabilities in this field of graphics have not reached a high level yet, HTML5 always works. Virtually, slots on HTML5 are a website that is launched when you connect to the Internet.

HTML5 slots: how they differ from the Flash games

The main advantages and possibilities of HTML5 slot machines:

  • a variety of slot games;
  • board options for social games;
  • cross-platform;
  • no need to install additional plug-ins;
  • high loading speed;
  • compatibility with mobile devices and various screens;
  • possibility of integration of casino slots into gambling halls;
  • reliability of video slots.

The choice of a gaming platform depends on the aim of your business. Besides, you can purchase or order the gambling platform development from 2WinPower.

Types of Slots and Slot Machines

Casino slots and their mechanics may seem the same to you, but it is far from true. The functionality of a video slot depends on the manufacturer or on the customer’s preferences.

The main characteristics of online casino games:

  • Number of lines 

The casino income depends on this parameter. Every slot has paylines — these are the rows which can form a winning combination. There can be minimum 5 lines in a slot machine, and the maximum amount of them depends only on your imagination and technical capabilities. For example, there are slots with 30 and 40 paylines. For each row players need to place a bet, and the more lines players choose, the more realistic are their winning chances. If you want your casino slots to attract experienced gamblers, experts from 2WinPower recommend you to add slots with different number of paylines.

  • Symbols

Each symbol in the slot has its own value and function. You can often see card symbols on the reels — they usually give a minimal price. Card symbols can replace special images on the theme of the game. But the most desirable symbols are wilds and scatters. Wild is an element that can create a winning combination, it can replace any symbol except the scatter. Scatter activates additional spins of reels. Players do not pay for these spins, but they can still get the cash prize. Also in slot games sometimes you can find bonus symbols and multipliers. They make a storyline of the game more interesting and provide players with additional winning opportunities.

  • Interface of a slot game

The game management system and its simplicity demonstrate how the software provider cares about his players. It is important to remember that not all developers make their software clear for Russian residents. It means that the interface must be available in any language.

The management functionality of a slot machine contains the following elements:

  • management of the size of bets (maximal and minimal);
  • management of paylines;
  • auto game;
  • scoreboard with the state of a balance sheet or the number of free credits;
  • turn on/off the sound;
  • paytable system;
  • examination of risks of the game, if any;
  • initiate button which starts spinning of the reels.

The easier and understandable the interface is, the easier it is for a beginner to figure out what's going on. 2WinPower will definitely consult you on this issue before drafting a requirements list.

  • Volatility

In this section the work connected with the design ends and the time for multi-valued logic, algebra and RNG (random number generator) starts. The level of volatility can be low, medium and high. At the low level winning chances are small, but the size of the prize can motivate players to choose such casino slots. Here, too, everything depends on wishes of clients, but it is better to have slots with different levels of volatility in your collection.

  • Jackpot

Which jackpot you need to add to your games, and is it any good doing it? You need to ponder this question. Jackpot is a great marketing tool that attracts many players. There are two main jackpots in online casino games — fixed and progressive. The last type of jackpot can provide you with a steady stream of customers. For example, in games of the Microgaming company, the jackpot is played every 2 days. The amount of this jackpot can rarely exceed 2000 dollars, but they are still hunted by players from all over the world. Accordingly, they form a huge stream of traffic in those casinos, which cooperate with Microgaming.

Before customers who want to buy casino slots from 2WinPower will launch their projects, the company's employees will hold consultations and help clients to come up with the content for their resource.

HTML5 slots development at the 2WinPower studio

With the help of a handpicked team you can create a casino gaming system that has no analogues. Unique slot machines, HTML5 casino games and HTML5 online casino mobile game development — all these ideas you can implement with 2WinPower. Moreover, after the launch of your casino experienced marketers and PR specialists of this company will be able to promote your gambling establishment — both on regional and international markets. And in the meantime you will deal with the control of the operator’s work.

Cooperation with 2WinPower will be very helpful to you, and your casino will work efficiently and successfully.

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Gambling is a multi-structured product, and each of its elements must be extremely well-thought-out. A slot or an application is not only a spectacular visual component but also a technological “filling” that provides functionality and the ease of use of basic gaming options.

Our advice is to pay attention to the offers of brands that have managed to earn a name and a good reputation when choosing the game content. Any attempts to save money may cast a shadow over your business.

Another interesting option is to order exclusive games. Leave an application to managers from 2WinPower, and our team of specialists will deal with the implementation of the most unusual and creative ideas. Each of our products is a true masterpiece!

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