With the development of digital technologies, casino games moved to a completely new level. About 12 years ago, users only had access to the same type of “one-armed bandits”. Today, the range of gambling offers is wide and truly amazing:

Fairness of online casinos: safe play in 2021

Given the rapid growth and popularisation of online gambling platforms, many users began to wonder: how to choose an honest casino?

The 2WinPower team of specialists has prepared a review of the main tools and services that allow you to control the transparency of the gameplay.

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Honest Online Casinos: a Legal Aspect

To work legally, it is important to obtain a specialised licence. The number and validity period of the permit must be indicated on the main page of the website or in a separate section so that everyone can check the platform for compliance with legal regulations.

Top 5 jurisdictions that legalise online casinos in 2021


The local regulator issues the following types of permits:

  • to implement content with built-in RNG systems;
  • to accept bets on the Internet;
  • for the organisers of tournaments, poker rooms, and sweepstakes;
  • for the vendors of gambling software.

Licences are issued in 2 stages: for the first 6 months of work and the next 5 years. The price of the service and a tax rate depend on the type of permit


8 local authorities are involved in the issuance of gambling licences, including the agencies that control the sale of alcoholic beverages, organisers of auto racing, etc. All regulatory bodies are located in different places.

Regardless of the chosen commission, investors should prepare a standard package of documents


In 2021, the jurisdiction completely revised industry control standards and introduced a number of innovations, such as:

  • the creation of a new authority that will control the issuance of permits;
  • the introduction of enhanced operator control standards;
  • the mandatory registration of a company in the country’s territory


At the beginning of the year, several new amendments to the laws were made.

The government created an additional apparatus to control licensees and obliged entrepreneurs to declare income via a unified digital monitoring system


The Ukrainian market was legalised quite recently ― in the summer of 2020. The local authority has already issued 4 licences for online casinos and the first permission to accept virtual bets on sports events.

The country has cancelled the tax on winnings of less than 50 thousand hryvnias, and there are also some other benefits (for more details, please contact the 2WinPower manager)

The Independent Verification of Gaming Sites: MD5 Algorithms

Casino security: verification with MD5 algorithms

Modern instruments of control guarantee fair results and prevent any possibility of affecting the outcome of the game.

One of the most commonly used session control procedures is MD5 cryptographic algorithms. It is an automated 128-bit data hashing program.

Operating principles of this tool:

  1. Data fingerprint. The gaming system issues a sequence of prize values, and the MD5 program hashes it.
  2. Code generation. The encrypted outcome data takes the form of a random code of numbers and Latin letters.
  3. Transfer of the fingerprint. A code with encrypted values ​​of the original sequence is sent to users before the drawing starts.
  4. Checking the result. It is possible to decode the “fingerprint” on any independent resource. If the details of the document coincide with the outcome of the drawing, it means that there was no interference in the game on the part of the house.

Similar control programs:

  • MD2;
  • SHA256;
  • SHA-1, etc.

Cryptographic services can be used to assess the fairness of any kind of gambling ― from the distribution of cards and desktop emulators to roulette and bingo.

Advantages of Using Cryptographic Algorithms

Hashing technology has the following unique features and capabilities:

  1. Multilevel encryption. The system transfers closed data, which cannot be read or changed without a special access code. Moreover, in the game interface, there are control indicators that evaluate each subsequent drawing.
  2. Operation on a third-party basis. The program generates digital code on the servers of developers. Neither casino administrators nor end consumers have access to the system.
  3. Independent control. The verification of results takes place on third-party resources, excluding the possibility of fraud.

High-Quality Software as a Mandatory Indicator of Fairness of a Casino

Casino software: reliable manufacturers

One of the guarantees of the reliability of the gambling establishment is the availability of software from well-known vendors. The world’s leading providers care about their reputation and release only certified products that have been approved by independent agencies (for example, iTech Labs, eCOGRA, etc.).

The 2WinPower catalogue contains products from the most recognisable and reliable manufacturers:

The Main Things about Casino Fairness Control in 2021

With the growing popularity of digital gambling platforms, many users are wondering how to choose a reliable casino with transparent functionality.

The following resources are used to assess the quality and reliability of gambling services:

  • Licence verification. The number of a permit and its validity period are indicated on the official website of the provider.
  • Cryptographic algorithms. You can check the correspondence of drawings with the help of MD5 tools. The data is verified using independent resources and excludes the possibility of fraud or influence on the result on the part of the casino administration or third parties.
  • High-quality software. The 2WinPower catalogue contains content that has been certified by reliable independent laboratories.
Our studio offers turnkey casinos and separate services that can be used to scale an already existing business.

From us, you can order:

  • legal support and recommendations on choosing an offshore for the acquisition of a licence;
  • round-the-clock technical support;
  • interactive security systems;
  • multicurrency payment modules with built-in data protection programs;
  • gaming sites that work on the basis of blockchain technologies.

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